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Composite packaging
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If your business ships specialist products, parts or equipment, composite packaging provides the highest levels of protection in transit.

Composite packaging is that which combines various materials. Industrial composite packs are typically manufactured from a combination of corrugated cardboard, timber, and low-density foams (including Plastazote, Stratocell and Ethafoam). Composite packaging provides precise levels of protection for heavy, bulky, delicate or expensive items during transit. Read more


Reusable packaging product
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Recyclable packaging
Packaging manufactured in the UK
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Size optimised packaging
Reusable packaging product
Packaging manufactured in the UK
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About composite packaging

Typically created from a range of materials, including cardboard, plywood, plastics, barrier bags and foams, composite packaging is arguably most successful when using a combination of durable corrugated cardboard, timber and engineered foam inserts.

GWP can provide your business with custom-sized, fully tailored composite packs using these materials – as well as Correx® plastic instead of traditional corrugated cardboard outers – that provide the optimum level of protection for your specific parts or products.

Using composite packaging to prevent damage not only reduces your business’ ongoing costs but also has a range of other benefits.

It reduces the need for sending costly replacements and the burden of processing customer returns. It also leads to improved customer satisfaction – through reliable supply – and aids the potential for repeat business.

It also minimises the cost of damaged or written-off stock to your business.

As a result, composite packaging is hugely successful for safely transporting heavy, bulky, expensive, delicate and specialist products and equipment.

GWP select a suitable form of outer transit packaging and foam material based on complex calculations to ensure that any items you are shipping will have a truly bespoke level of protection.

But there are more options for your composite packs.

Besides the material choices, if you use corrugated packaging for your outer box, it is possible to enhance this further with several coatings. Additional properties this provides include moisture resistance, anti-static, anti-scuff surfaces and even the ability to inhibit corrosion (VCI).

These coatings are in addition to exterior printing for branding, logos, instructions, part numbers, etc.

GWP can also engineer the foam element to improve the efficiency of your packing operation, reducing labour costs into the bargain. You can also add pallets to larger composite packs and unique features such as ramps for unloading heavy items at their destination.

Finally, composite packaging can either be supplied in component form (for erection at your site) or fully assembled to improve your productivity further.

Key benefits of composite packs

The key benefits of composite packaging includes the following:

  • Exceptional levels of transit protection.
  • Optimised for your specific product/requirements.
  • Cost reduction through minimised returns, plus improved customer satisfaction.
  • Can also aid packing efficiency.
  • Various outer material grades and strengths.
  • Can be produced using Correx® plastic material.
  • Can include pallets for ease of movement.
  • Various printing options.
  • Can be supplied fully assembled.
Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of composite packaging means it is typically reusable over multiple trips.

Size optimised packaging

Size optimised

Composite packaging is manufactured to custom sizes, minimising transit emissions and CO2.

Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

The corrugated cardboard element of composite packaging contains between 50 to 70% recycled material.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

The various elements of composite packaging are generally recyclable (but may require specialist recycling centres).

Packaging printed with water-based inks

Water based inks

GWP use water based inks when printing your heavy duty packaging.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your composite packaging in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

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