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If your retail products or eCommerce business needs to drive sales, gain consumer attention in-store, increase awareness, or simply promote your brand, custom-printed boxes can help.

Custom-printed boxes can range from simple, one-colour logos to full-colour retail packs. Besides logos and graphics, however, packaging is increasingly printed with symbols and instructions to aid handling and recycling. Cardboard box printing methods include flexographic, litho and digital options.

Sourcing your printed boxes from GWP allows you to select an appropriate, cost-effective print method for your specific application. All inks used are water-based, environmentally friendly, and do not affect the recyclability of your packaging.

Printed retail packaging

Branded retail / consumer packaging

Full colour product packaging

Custom sizes
Full colour print

Branded boxes

Branded boxes (1 - 3 colours)

Custom sizes
Up to 3 colour print

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging (SRP)

Custom sizes
Various print options

Printed Sleeves

Printed cardboard sleeves

Custom sizes
Various print options

Retail packaging with cut-out

Cut-out window product packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Hanging tab boxes

Retail Euro hanging tab boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

FSC cardboard bottle carrier

Retail bottle packaging boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

Printed mailer boxes

FSC Unboxing packaging ecommerce

Printed eCommerce packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Subscription box packaging

Subscription box packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Custom mailing boxes

Custom printed mailing boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

PIP Boxes

Printed Royal Mail PIP boxes

Custom sizes
Various print options

Retail display and POS

Cardboard counter display units

Counter display units (CDU)

Custom sizes
Various print options

A freestanding, printed point of sale display stand

Free standing display units (FSDU)

Custom sizes
Various print options

Cardboard dump bins

Printed cardboard dump bins

Custom sizes
Various print options

Branded transit packaging

Printed 0201 cardboard box

Printed taped cases (0201s)

Custom sizes
Taped closure

Open die cut transit packaging box with single colour print

Printed die cut boxes and packaging

Custom sizes
Various print options

Crash lock boxes

Branded crash-lock boxes

Custom sizes
Self locking base

Correx gable box

Printed Correx® boxes (plastic)

Custom sizes
Polypropylene material

Cardboard produce tray with print

Cardboard handling trays

Custom sizes
Various print options

What are the benefits of custom-printed boxes?

Packaging with custom print can help capture consumer attention in retail environments. It can aid brand recognition. Carry important information, instructions and health and safety details. Even feature promotional info. At the very least, printed boxes offer your business an opportunity for free advertising and promotion.

Are different print types suited to specific applications?

Product packaging, such as hanging tab boxes, cardboard window boxes or even outer sleeves, benefit massively from full-colour graphics to catch consumers’ attention. eCommerce packaging and subscription boxes may require simpler designs, but that does not make the print less crucial. Bold colours, logos, and a memorable “unboxing” experience significantly improve brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Is printing really necessary for postal or industrial transit packaging?

For relatively little additional costs, simple branding can make your postal mailers or transit and industrial packaging work harder for your business. Your print could be as simple as logos displaying your company name and branding as they pass through your transport network’s supply chains and various touch points.

Does printing on boxes affect their recyclability?

Printing your corrugated packaging does not affect recyclability at the end of its life. The recycling process leaches inks from the pulp created before being disposed of safely.

Can brand colours be accurately matched?

Most printing methods allow your brand colours – including Pantone, CMYK references or other spot colours – to be accurately reproduced. This colour matching is essential for the consistency of your packaging’s appearance, which can help foster brand recognition and loyalty.

Can both the inside and outside of packaging be printed?

It is possible to have both the interior and exterior surfaces of your packaging printed. Combining inside and outside print is now common with many eCommerce packs. For this, the external surfaces feature simple, functional designs, whilst the inside is often bright, fully branded, and includes a raft of information and graphics.

What is flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing uses flexible plates to transfer ink to a substrate (i.e. material). Companies use this method for designs featuring 1, 2 and 3 colour logos and simple graphics, producing bold, high-resolution finishes. Flexo-printed boxes can be accurately colour matched – including Pantones – and use white inks.

What is litho-printed packaging?

Litho-printed packaging – also known as lithographic or litho-laminated – involves printing a full-colour design on paper. The printers then laminate the paper onto the corrugated material. This process enables a very high print quality as the fluting of the corrugated material does not affect the application of the ink onto the surface. Photographic quality images are easily achievable.

Is digital printing an option for cardboard packaging?

Digitally printed packaging can achieve a similar result to litho printing but in much lower volumes. Digital printing also requires no printing plates, making it cost-effective for lower volumes. However, the printing speed means that it is a relatively slow process (compared with litho) and would not be suitable or cost-effective for higher volumes. Digitally printed boxes are also perfect for limited product launches.

Buy custom-printed boxes for your business

Custom-printed boxes provide a wide range of benefits for your business.

For example, carefully selected print on your retail packaging can grab consumer attention and highlight your brand in competitive retail spaces. You can create a memorable unboxing experience for your eCommerce customers. Even transit packaging can feature simple logos and branding, advertising your business throughout the supply chain.

Printed packaging enables you to add essential handling instructions, enhancing protection too.

You can even add recycling symbols, helping your customers correctly dispose of any packaging. And you can highlight your sustainability credentials, such as using FSC packaging.

UK-based box printing experts

GWP Packaging has a long history of working with diverse businesses, including some of the biggest retailers in the UK, large-scale manufacturers and small independent companies.

An in-house team of designers creates any custom-printed boxes you source from GWP to your exact requirements. Your packaging is then manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and consistently supplied on short lead times.

So, if you need branded or printed boxes of any kind, let GWP show you just how much of a positive impact it could have on your business. Ask for a free, no-obligation quote today.

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