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Waterproof cardboard coating

Environmentally Friendly.

Water resistant corrugated packaging

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating offers resistance to oil, grease and moisture. This makes it perfect for packaging greasy industrial components as well as wet and oily food such as fish (being FSA approved for food contact).

Liquiguard can eliminate the need for secondary packaging – improving packing times – and being recyclable also helps to minimise disposal costs. It is easily converted on standard equipment, can be safely handled with no PPE, can be overprinted and is available in runs from 200 sq m.

01: What is Liquiguard?

Offer your customers eco friendly, FSA approved water resistant corrugated packaging

Liquiguard coating allows you to offer high quality, moisture and oil resistant corrugated packaging to your customers. Approved for direct contact with food and allowing the elimination of secondary packaging, Liquiguard is completely recyclable / bio-degradeable.

Runs start from as low as 200sq. metres, with lead times between 24 and 48 hours. This allows you to be more responsive to urgent requirements, as well as the flexibility to offer your customers lower volumes too (ultimately boosting sales figures).

Besides this you can either supply the board to be coated or source coated board directly, reducing transit costs. Plus, all of GWP’s coatings – including Liquiguard – can be supplied as part of a confidential, trade agreement.

Happy customers of GWP Coatings

Liquiguard is the highest quality waterproof cardboard coating available today, manufactured in an ISO accredited environment from 17kg of coating per 1,000sq. m of board, compared with just 7kg from other manufacturers. Offer your customers the highest quality, even at low volumes.

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02: Advantages of Liquigard.

Benefits for your sheet plant when using Liquiguard waterproof coating

Liquiguard (and indeed all of the coatings available at GWP Coatings) provide your business with a key advantage – the ability to offer your customers a wider range of products and options.

Not only can this be the difference in winning new business, but it can also allow for upselling to existing customers. Ultimately, it can increase your sales and have a direct, positive impact on your bottom line.

This increase in your product range does not come at the expense of your operational efficiency either.

This waterproof cardboard coating can be safely handled without protective clothing (PPE), and is easily converted on the vast majority of standard equipment.

It can be overprinted, glued and due to being completely inert, any waste materials can simply be recycled in the same manner as normal corrugated (unlike film coated alternatives).

Water resistant cardboard packaging
Liquguard treated waterproof cardboard is FSA approved for direct contact with food products.

Being available in runs from as low 200 square meters and with lead times of forty-eight hours, it allows your business to be responsive to both smaller volumes and urgent enquiries, effectively helping you convert more business.

Finally, with Liquiguard being undoubtedly the highest quality water resistant coating available (evidenced in the high sheen finish), your sheet plant can also expect an increase in repeat business thanks to ongoing supply of reliable, high quality products.

Enhance your business performance and sales:

  • Runs from as low as 200 sq. metres, allowing you to offer lower volumes to your customers
  • Provide a broader product range to your customers (upselling / cross selling potential)
  • High quality manufacture in an ISO accredited environment, enhancing your company perception
  • Repeat business through reliable supply of high quality products

03: End User Benefits.

Advantages of using waterproof cardboard packaging

Through the use of Liquiguard, you can offer your customers a wide range of additional packaging products for specific applications, as well as a range of additional benefits.

The obvious, but key benefit of utilising Liquiguard, is that it allows the creation of corrugated packaging with resistance to moisture, oil and grease.

This can then eliminate secondary packaging (bags / films) for items such as greasy automotive components or various food products (e.g. fish), which can reduce packing times and improve productivity.

Liquiguard coated packaging also boasts enhanced durability and lifespan, allowing it to be re-used multiple times.

Waterproof cardboard packaging
Example of Liquguard water resistant board being combined with intelligent packaging design to create a cardboard tray that can hold water.

As well as this lowering the lifetime costs, packaging of this type is still considerably cheaper than the plastic alternatives.

It also offers improved performance over standard corrugated cartons, offering a higher  level of protection to the packaged contents (helping to minimise the costs of damage during transit or storage).

Unlike many other forms of water resistant corrugated packaging, which usually relies on the use of films, Liquiguard is completely biodegradeable and recyclable.

This means that disposal costs for the end user are also vastly reduced.

Offer your customers a wider range of products and benefits

  • Corrugated packaging products with resistance to moisture, oil and grease
  • Fully biodegradable, ensuring recyclability and minimising disposal costs for the end user
  • Food Standards Authority (FSA) approved for direct food contact
  • Eliminate the need for secondary packaging, reducing packing times and boosting productivity
  • Increased lifespan over uncoated corrugated, leading to lower lifetime costs

04: Conversion Information.

Technical details for sheet plants / packaging manufacturers

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating is a blended waterbourne acrylic lattice, which creates a totally non-hazardous inert translucent film when coated and dried onto paper or corrugated cardboard, whilst containing only water as the carrier system with no halogenated compounds or hydrocarbon co-solvents.

The materials used to manufacture Liquiguard coating are acrylic emulsions which are fully biodegradable and recyclable on normal paper materials.

Liquiguard is FDA approved for direct contact with food but care should be taken when it is applied to test liners as the make-up of the test liner can not be guaranteed.

It is readily accepted at paper mills who prefer it over polylined or wax impregnated board, both of which are environmentally unfriendly.

The minimum run is normally 200 sq. metres onto any fluted board grade, with a maximum board size of 1500 x 3000 mm.

Water resistant cardboard retail packaging
Water resistant cardboard has numerous applications besides food products, including flowers and other retail packs

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating requires special pva adhesive for cold gluing or a hot melt adhesive which can be advised on.

Liquiguard is excellent for storing frozen foods and will not separate from the liner and can also be used for ‘cook in the box’ products.

Best results are obtained on pure kraft or white top kraft liners. Test liners can be used, however these are not certificated.

Liquiguard can be applied to either one or both sides of corrugated board and gives a clear finish but tends to darken the underlying paper.

It can normally be overprinted with water based Flexographic inks or, alternatively, can be used over the top of Spectrumcoat coloured or other pre-printed board to give an enhanced visual appearance.

Improve the efficiency of your sheet plants’ operations

  • Completely inert (no halogenated compounds / solvents) and recyclable, reducing disposal costs
  • Safe to handle, eliminating the need for PPE and improving workforce efficiency
  • Easily converted on standard machinery, including over-printing
  • Short lead times (usually within 48 hours) enabling you to respond to urgent requirements

05: Applications / Images.

View typical applications for Liquiguard coated products

View a selection of packaging products created using Liquiguard waterproof cardboard, along with typical applications, Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Technical Specifications.

Summary of technical details / test results

For performance details of the Liquiguard waterproof coating, please continue reading below.

Alternatively, for full technical specifications, benefits, applications and conversion information, please download the datasheet using the link below.

Cobb Test

The endurance of water and oil resistant board is normally measured by the Cobb and 3M tests.

This determines water absorption. There are three exposure times used: 1 minute, 3 minutes and 30 minutes.

The test involves a known volume of water (100 ml) being poured onto a specific area of the board’s surface (100 cm2). The board is weighed before and after the exposure and the difference between the two can then be expressed as the weight per unit area of water absorbed in that given time, so the lower the Cobb value the better the result.

Typical test results obtained on our Liquiguard material are below:

Cobb: 3 minutes = 2.0 30 minutes = 10.0

3M Kit Test

This involves putting five separate drops of various solvents onto the boards surface and inspecting it after 15 seconds to see if any pinholes appear (visible as dark specks).

The solutions range from a thick vegetable oil to thinner substances like white spirit. Each solution is numbered up to a maximum of 12 and the higher the number achieved the more resilient the surface.

Typical test results obtained on our Liquiguard material are below:

3M Kit Test: = >12

Liquiguard datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and conversion processes for Liquiguard coating, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

07: GWP Coatings.

Your confidential, reliable trade partner

GWP Coatings is the only independent UK coater of corrugated cardboard, offering the widest choice of specialist finishes from a single supplier.

This independence not only means that we can offer such a wide product range – everything from water resistance to Pantone colours and much more – it also means we can offer genuinely impartial advice on the best solution for your specific requirement.

Our experienced team will always ensure that you select a coating suitable for your intended application.

As official members of the Sheet Plant Association (SPA), GWP Coatings has supplied sheet plants across the UK with the highest quality board for more than 20 years.

You can be assured that all coated board we supply is done so on a completely confidential trade service. This effectively allows you to offer your customer base a much wider range of products than you could have otherwise.

Low and high volume corrugated cardboard coatings
A member of the GWP Coatings team manually feeding corrugated sheets into a coating machine, for a low volume requirement.

The way GWP Coatings has been set up also allows for an unrivalled level of flexibility. Our coating equipment ensures you can specify runs from as low as 200 sq. metres, allowing you to competitively supply smaller orders to your customers.

An in house ink kitchen means we can accurately match Pantone colours.

With a stock holding of various board grades and efficient processes, you can also benefit from lead times that are typically within forty-eight hours. We are happy to coat any board supplied to us as well.

Finally, you can also benefit from a dedicated customer support team, who will be happy to not only provide free, no obligation quotes, but offer you friendly and helpful advice too.


Find out more about how you can benefit from Liquguard waterproof cardboard

Please get in touch using the details below if you would like any further information on Liquiguard. Whether it is technical information, advice on conversion or a quote on any run size, a friendly and knowledgeable product advisor will be happy to help.

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can boost sales by using Liquiguard waterproof cardboard...

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