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Nomar Anti Abrasion


Trade service to sheet plants

Low volumes

Coatings from 200 sq. metres


Sheet Plant Association members

Anti abrasion cardboard
Scuff resistant packaging
Nomar anti scuff cardboard
Anti scuff packaging
Anti scuff cardboard
Abrasion proof packaging

Scuff resistant cardboard / packaging

Protective surface coating to prevent scuffs & transit marking

Whilst corrugated cardboard packaging may feel smooth, it can prove surprisingly abrasive to high quality surface finishes. Nomar coating creates a scuff resistant cardboard, minimising items being rejected / returned due to damage (and the costs this incurs).

Perfect for glass, plastic, rubber or painted / printed products, scuff resistant packaging also reduces the requirement for secondary packaging such as foam, polystyrene, or bubble wrap.  This allows for reduced packing times and smaller outer packs. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
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More info on Nomar anti abrasion packaging

In increasingly competitive marketplaces, the aesthetics of products are more important than ever.

Scratched or marked items can discourage customers and have a detrimental effect on sales, not to mention the additional costs associated with damaged stock.

Nomar anti abrasion coating is used to protect packaged articles from scratching caused by rubbing against the inside of the corrugated shipping container, offering an excellent scuff resistant packaging solution.

This makes it ideal for protecting painted or highly polished surfaces, as well as printed packaging for luxury products, by minimising rejections and returns.

This can also help to minimise the requirement for secondary protective packaging (such as papers, plastic bags, foam, polystyrene etc.), reducing packing times and costs. This in turn can have a significant impact on productivity.

Benefits for sheet plants

By offering your customers corrugated packaging that is finished with Nomar anti-scuff coating, you provide them with an effective way of protecting their items whilst they are in transit.

Making use of Nomar coated board also allows your customers to eliminate their need for secondary packaging (e.g. plastic bags).

Besides noticeable improvements to their productivity – customers can easily reduce their packing times by up to forty per cent – it also reduces the size and cost of their packaging inventory, having a direct impact on their profitability.

Suitable for a huge range of consumer products and protecting materials including glass, highly polished metals, plastics, high quality printed retail packs and even gas packed products (it reduces pin-holing to minimise spoilage), a large proportion of your customer base is likely to benefit from its use.

Nomar is also suitable for use when manufacturing slip sheets, due to its’ durability and toughness.

It is also easily converted on standard equipment and glue-able with water-based adhesives, safe to handle (no need for PPE), fully recyclable and incurs minimal disposal costs. Nomar coated corrugated cardboard can also be easily overprinted.

Board coated in Nomar is available in high and low volumes, with runs from just 500 sq. m. and it is available on 48-hour lead times.

Key benefits of Nomar scuff-proof packaging at a glance

  • Reduces scuffs, scratches and transit marking caused by abrasion to surfaces
  • Damage protection minimises / prevents costs of rejections and returns
  • Eliminates the need for secondary packaging, reducing packing times to improve productivity
  • Elimination of secondary packaging also minimises inventory and lowers costs
  • Suitable for packaging a range of products such glass, plastic, and metals
  • Reduces pin-holing of gas-packed products to reduces spoilage, returns and written off stock
  • Also suitable for use as slip sheets due to durability and toughness
  • Runs from 500 sq. metres, enabling you to offer lower volumes to your customers
  • Offer a wider range of products to your customers, with the potential for up / cross selling
  • Further added value / improved margin through overprinting logos, graphics etc.
  • Manufactured to ISO standards, ensuring highest levels of quality & boosting repeat business


Performance Info / Data

Nomar is a water based synthetic emulsion that coats corrugated board and eradicates damage in transit caused by abrasion and rubbing, in turn protecting the packaged article. In many cases, the ‘packaged article’ is not only the product itself but its highly printed and varnished display pack.

This coating can also help to prevent ‘pin-holing’ of gas-packed products, thereby significantly reducing spoilage.

Nomar coatings can be glued with coldset (PVA) and hot-melt adhesives. Hot-melt adhesives must overcome the heat resistance of the coating.

Besides this, Nomar has limited flexo printability (as a minimum, use premium inks), and is available in various tints for identification purposes.

The coating utilises water-based synthetic emulsions, with typical coating weights of 2.0 – 3.0 wet pounds per MSF (10-15 GSM).

This also means that Nomar coatings are re-pulpable in both acid and alkaline systems, ensuring it does not incur disposal costs and can be safely handled without the need for protective equipment.

Nomar is available from 500 square metres of material.


Frequently Asked Questions about Nomar

If you have any questions regarding how Nomar anti scuff coating can help protect your items in transit, or how you can offer this to your own customers, please continue reading below.

Alternatively, if you cannot find the answer you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Is anti-scuff packaging necessary?

The inside of a corrugated container can be an extremely rough environment. While it may seem reasonably smooth to the touch, the jarring and impact which occurs during the shipping cycle can cause significant, observable damage. Nomar helps to protect items from the potentially abrasive nature of corrugated cardboard.

Will this protect my display packaging during transit?

Printed packaging can often become scuffed or damaged during transit to retail outlets, which can then reduce its appeal when on shelf (potentially harming sales). Nomar is ideal for protecting retail packaging, alongside products manufactured from glass, rubber, plastic etc.

What is pin-holing?

Pin holing is a term given to micro abrasions which can damage gas packed products (such as foods). Scuffing caused by the outer transit containers can then mean escape of some or all of the preservative gases, affecting freshness and shelf life (and potentially making products unfit for sale).

Is Nomar suitable for industrial parts such as automotive components?

Nomar can work well for protecting industrial parts during transit or lineside handling. It is particularly suited to protecting items such as dashboards, various trims, chrome parts and other elements that would be rejected is cuffed or marred.

What other specialist coatings are there?

There are a wide range of specialist coatings available from GWP. You can choose from a specialist finishes including anti-corrosion, pantone matching, anti-static and waterproof (to produce moisture resistant cardboard boxes), all of which enhance the protective nature of corrugated board and help to improve the performance of the packaging you manufacture.

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GWP Coatings can offer your sheet plant the widest range of corrugated board coatings available in the UK marketplace. All of these can be supplied on a confidential trade agreement.

With twenty-five years of experience in supplying coated board, and longstanding membership of the SPA, you can be completely confident that the products you specify, as well as any advice and guidance you receive, will be of the highest possible quality.

So why not get a no obligation quote for your specialist corrugated material today.

Alternative Coatings

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Anti corrosion cardboard coating

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