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GWP Packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging expertise & innovation

GWP Protective

Widest range of protective cases with custom foam in the UK


UK leading independent Correx® packaging manufacturer

GWP Conductive

Providing cutting edge ESD safe packaging for 30+ years

GWP Coatings

Supplying sheet plants with coated corrugated material

Reduce packaging costs

A range of strategies and ideas to reduce your ongoing packaging costs

Protective packaging

Protection for your products and equipment to prevent costly damage in transit

Improve packaging efficiency

Streamline your operations, enhancing efficiency & productivity

Environmentally friendly packaging

Minimise the environmental impact of your packaging and business

Packaging design service

Custom packaging to your exact requirements, designed by an award winning team

Packaging guides and blog

A range of guides, tips and detailed articles to improve your packaging

Case studies

Examples of successful packaging, and how your business can benefit

Packaging markets

Specific industry knowledge & expertise relevant to your business

Quality standards

Accreditations / standards to ensure you get the highest packaging quality

Packaging news at GWP

The latest news, events and community projects happening at GWP Group

Our Products

Single Source

All your packaging, one supplier

Custom Design

Tailored to your requirements

Reduce Costs

Range of strategies & services

Packaging for any Application

Widest range of stock / bespoke protective packaging products from a single manufacturer

As well as providing the highest level of customer service, a key priority for GWP is of course the packaging products we can offer offer your business.

So with over 25 years of experience in the packaging industry, we feel we have developed one of the most comprehensive range of products available through a single supplier.

Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging & products

Please see below for the diverse range of corrugated cardboard packaging you can source from GWP.

Cardboard Point of Sale (POS)

Retail / POS

Bold & colourful consumer packaging, POS and FSDUs

Fulfilment packaging

Fulfilment / 3PL

Reduce your fulfilment times and improve efficiency

Ecommerce packaging boxes


Wide range of styles to protect in transit and impress customers

Industrial transit packaging

Transit Packaging

Corrugated packaging to protect your products in transit

Postal book wraps

Postal & Mailers

Designed to maximise protection & minimise shipping costs

Cardboard box dividers

Inserts / Dividers

Enhance protection and / or presentation of your packaging

Cardboard bottle packaging

Bottle Packaging

Specialist packaging and inserts for shipping bottles

Corrugated cardboard spools


Reels, bins, foam alternatives and other specialist items

Foam Conversion

Specialist foam packaging, products and fabrication

Please see below for the differing foam packaging / products you can source directly from GWP, including completely bespoke designs.

Foam case inserts

Foam Inserts

Bespoke foam inserts that offer exact levels of protection

Tool control foam

Tool Control

Never lose tools, equipment or high value items again

Presentation foam


Aesthetically striking foams for luxury packaging

Foam packaging end caps

Foam Packaging

Expert design & conversion of Sealed Air low density foam

Protective Cases

High performance protection for valuable tools and equipment

If you need the highest levels of protection for your items – as they are expensive, rare, delicate or simply important – then a protective case is the answer. Please see below for your options.


Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases to keep your tools and equipment safe & dry

Aluminium cases

Aluminium Cases

Lightweight yet durable aluminium transit cases and containers

Custom flight cases

Custom Cases

Custom built cases manufactured to your exact specifications

Sample cases

Sample Cases

High quality, attractive presentation cases to aid sales pitches

Storage / Handling

Multi trip, returnable packaging and Correx® handling products

For supply chain totes, line-side packaging, order picking and fulfilment and warehouse equipment, please use the links below.

Correx boxes

Correx® Products

Durable Correx® products for various applications

Rigid plastic containers

Rigid Plastics

Range of durable, moulded plastic bins, boxes & totes

Order picking bins

Order Picking

Stacking pick bins and shelf bins for order fulfilment

Multi trip packaging

Multi Trip

Line-side containers and returnable supply chain totes

Dividers and dunnage

Dunnage / Inserts

Tote and container inserts for improved manual handling

Plastic sheet material

Sheet Material

Stock holding of materials for low volume supply

Anti Static Packaging

Conductive and ESD safe packaging, storage and handling products

Suffering from static damage to your items? Then why not work with the undisputed market leading provider of anti static packaging handling and packaging products?

Corriplast conductive packaging


Durable, long lasting conductive Correx® packaging

SSI Schaefer

SSI Schaefer

UK exclusive SSI Schaefer conductive handling products

Corstat conductive packaging


The market leading conductive coated fibreboard packaging

Anti static foam

Anti-Static Foam

Conductive Plastazote and a wide range of anti static foams

Coated Cardboard

Board coating service for UK sheet plants

Enhance the corrugated packaging you use or manufacture with a range of specialist coatings…

Pantone cardboard coating

Pantone Colours

Pantone matched colours flood coated onto corrugated

Waterproof cardboard packaging

Water Resistant

Water resistant cardboard coating approved for food use

Anti abrasion cardboard coating

Anti Scuff

Protect painted & polished surfaces with Nomar anti scuff

VCI Packaging

VCI Packaging

Eliminate the need for VCI papers with Corrust anti corrosion

Single Source Packaging Supplier

Get all of your packaging requirements from a single supplier

One of the key benefits that GWP can offer to your business is the ability to provide practically every form of packaging from a single source.

As well as simplifying your operations and streamlining admin, reducing paperwork and so on, the expertise GWP can demonstrate in each of the distinct areas of packaging covered, means you can source products and solutions simply not available anywhere else.

The close working relationship between the 5 divisions of GWP ensures that where projects cross the boundaries between disciplines, your business can specify and benefit from a completely bespoke solutions to perfectly suit your application.

So whether you require corrugated cardboard packaging, protective cases with customised foam inserts, Correx® handling solutions, anti static protection for sensitive electronics and devices, corrugated board with specialist coatings applied or even a combination of any of these, we can help.

GWP Group Products

Key details in 3 minutes

If you’d like to know a little bit more about GWP Group manufacture this wide selection of packaging products, please watch the brief video below.

Packaging Product FAQs

Common questions regarding GWP Group products

Have questions regarding the range of packaging supplied by GWP Group? If so, please see below for a selection of FAQs.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? No problem! Please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email [email protected], who will be happy to help.

How can GWP sell so many different products?

The unique way in which the GWP Group is structured allows your business to source the widest range of packaging from a single supplier. By splitting the business into 5 specialist divisions, it allows for much greater depth of knowledge across a huge range of products, applications and industries.

What are the advantages of single source supply?

Sourcing all of your packaging from a single supplier has a number of benefits. Firstly, fit and compatibility is much improved than when sourcing items separately. You have a wider choice, Lead times are reduced. There is less paperwork and admin. You have a single account manager assigned to your business. The list goes on and on…

Why are all products manufactured bespoke?

GWP Group manufactures all of your packaging to bespoke specifications in order to ensure it is fully optimised for your specific application. This not only ensures your packaging is the correct size and offers an appropriate level of protection, but means it can reduce your ongoing costs too.

Where is GWP Group based?

GWP group have 2 offices, both in Wiltshire in the UK (Salisbury and Swindon). This allows any UK based businesses to source their industrial, transit, retail or product packaging with the minimum of hassle.

My products are getting damaged in transit – can you help?

GWP have a team of designers that can solve any packaging problem you are facing. Whether that is a lack of space, bloated inventory, poor presentation, inefficient packing processes and of course preventing damage in transit.

Which type of packaging should I choose for my business?

Whilst this will depend on the specific application, a team of product advisers, engineers and designers will be happy to offer genuinely free advice on the best solution for your business. And by offering such a wide range of products, it allows GWP to offer you truly impartial guidance.

Can you ship my packaging overseas?

Whilst much of the packaging GWP supply is suitable for export applications, we are currently unable to supply businesses outside of the UK with their packaging. This is due to the transit costs of shipping the packaging making it uneconomical (and not being environmentally friendly either).

Why I can’t I see prices on this page?

As GWP will tailor your packaging to your specific requirements, it means every product we supply is unique. Whilst this means we are unable to list prices on this site, it does mean that any prices GWP supply to your business will also be bespoke, ensuring you only pay for exactly what you need.

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