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You may be relatively happy with your current packaging supply and processes. It may seem cost effective, reliable, is delivered on time and generally protects your products during transit.


So why change suppliers?


There are numerous reasons that your business can benefit from working with GWP Group, all of which can be seen here. But, there are a number of key differences between the way that GWP Group is set up and practically any other packaging supplier operating in the UK.


These differences present a unique opportunity for your business.

Unique benefits

From taking an engineering approach to evaluation of your packaging (rather than simple price tendering), you can achieve significant gains in efficiency whilst also reducing your overall spend.


By working alongside a packaging manufacturer (not re-seller) that also controls the quality of the raw materials used, guarantees standards which are not available elsewhere.


Being able to procure such disparate packaging types from a single source can streamline your supply chain and admin.


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Single source packaging supply

Simplify your packaging supply chain


The need to source varying packaging from different suppliers can add unnecessary strain to your supply chain. It can lead to increased admin costs and inventory that is difficult to manage. By sourcing all of your packaging from a single source, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency and minimise admin.

Packaging audits and evaluation

Free, no obligation review of your packaging


Do you know if your packaging is using the optimum material? Have a high volume of packaging wastage? Lots of returns? Know your packaging isn’t performing, but don’t know where to start fixing it? Maybe you just wish there was someone who could handle this for you?

Raw material control

Highest quality material for your packaging


Corrboard UK – a new venture involving GWP – has allowed a number of independent sheet plants to take ownership of their raw material supply chain. Whilst this has allowed significant improvements to quality, there are a wide range of benefits for your business too.

Corrboard alliance

A UK wide network of packaging products and services


Offering the widest range of packaging products across the UK, the aim of Corrboard Alliance is to create a packaging revolution. Breaking the cartel of the large integrated sheet plants, your business can benefit from the highest levels of service, product quality and availability.

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