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GWP Packaging achieve FSC® Chain of Custody Certification

Matt Dobson: Last Updated 17th February 2022
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GWP Group boosts environmental credentials

Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) “Chain of Custody” certification achieved

GWP have enhanced the sustainability of the packaging products we manufacture – and our business as a whole – having been recognised with certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®️ (FSC).

GWP have achieved FSC Chain of Custody certification (License number FSC – C161914), which provides verification of our corrugated packaging back to “Well Managed Forests”, certified in accordance with the strict rules of the organisation.

The award means that GWP customers can now benefit from fully FSC certified transit packaging, ecommerce boxes and point of sale displays.

GWP Packaging FSC certification

Increasing demand for sustainable packaging

Even with the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus pandemic and economic uncertainty (which can understandably divert focus to business survival at the expense of other projects / goals), there has been increasing clamour for ever more sustainable packaging.

Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging
There has been an increasing demand for sustainable packaging, with FSC certification a key way of offering this

This has been seen across the broad range of customers that GWP supply with corrugated (and other forms of) packaging – from large multi national companies to small scale startups – and everyone in between.

David Mason, Sales Director at GWP Packaging commented;

There has been an increasing demand amongst our customer base for packaging that is more environmentally sound, from companies both large and small alike.

He added;

By achieving the FSC certification it not only publicly demonstrates our commitment to environmental best practice – by sourcing all of our paper for our packaging from well managed forests – but also complements the wide range of other initiatives we have been implementing over the last 5 years.

Becoming FSC Certified

The way in which the FSC framework operates is that it allows the tracking of products derived from forests – in GWPs’ case the corrugated cardboard material used to manufacture our customers’ packaging – through an independently verified “Chain of Custody” certification.

Fortunately GWP had a head start in doing this, with the vast majority of material it uses coming from Corrboard; the manufacturer of corrugated cardboard that has itself been FSC certified since 2016.

However, in order to achieve the FSC standard, GWP still needed to establish stringent procedures and conduct a thorough audit of its’ supply chain, to ensure the criteria were met.

Ruth Cook, Managing Director at GWP, said;

As we knew the material we use is from FSC approved sources, and we already have the ISO 14001 environmental standard in place, the logical next step was to become FSC certified ourselves.

Achieving this at GWP shows that, once again, we recognise our responsibility as packaging manufacturers to minimise the environmental impact of the products we supply to our customers.

What packaging is / can be FSC certified?

Having become FSC certified, it allows GWP to offer virtually all of our corrugated cardboard packaging with certification to our customers.

Whilst this typically takes in transit packaging (such as FEFCO cartons, crash lock boxes etc.), it is becoming increasingly common – and important – on ecommerce packaging. This is particularly true for brands and businesses that position themselves as having minimal environmental impact.

Corrugated packaging FSC
GWP can manufacture the full range of corrugated transit, ecommerce and retail packaging from FSC certified materials

However, it is also possible to source FSC certified Point of Sale items (i.e. FSDUs, pallet displays etc.) as well as specialist items such as reels, picking bins and custom inserts, to be made from approved materials.

There is even the potential for the anti-static range of Corstat® packaging to be manufactured from FSC certified board.

Please contact a member of the GWP team if you would like to source FSC packaging for your business or organisation.

More About the FSC

Established in 1993, and supported by WWF, Greenpeace and The Woodland Trust (amongst others), the Forest Stewardship Council’s mission is to “promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”.

As a result, the organisation has set out a global strategy that consists of 5 main aims. These are:

  • Advancing globally responsible forest management
  • Ensure equitable access to the benefits of FSC systems
  • Ensure integrity, credibility and transparency of the FSC system
  • Create business value for products from FSC certified forests
  • Strengthen the global network to deliver on goals 1 through 4

To achieve this there are six program areas, consisting of forests, chain of custody, social policy, monitoring and evaluation, quality assurance and ecosystem services.

The ultimate aim, therefore, is to promote responsible management of the worlds forests.

The FSC has to date certified approximately 213 million hectares of forests worldwide (accounting for 11 percent of all productive forests globally). Around 40 percent of the UKs’ forests are also now certified by the FSC, and it has more than 1,000 members across 89 different countries.

FSC certified packaging
The FSC has to date certified approximately 213 million hectares of forests worldwide

Other environmental endeavours

The GWP Group – celebrating 30 years in business this year – has been fully committed to driving improvements to benefit the environment across both our product range and wider business.

This includes the design and manufacture of cardboard alternatives to products such as plastic reels and foam packaging, as well as a development team that specialises in innovative ways of reducing material usage.

Factory lighting comparison
A before and after shot, showing the difference in terms of light output following the upgrade to LED

GWP also has extensive waste collection and recycling procedures at our manufacturing sites in Swindon and Salisbury, and has even saved in excess of 100 tonnes of C02 emissions since installing LED lighting throughout our premises.

Besides this, two of the partners in Corrboard – Swanline and McLaren Packaging – have also invested £5.5m in the creation of a sustainable energy generation facility fuelled by organic waste. This anaerobic digester is the first of its’ type in the UK.

Find Out More

For further information on the FSC certified packaging that GWP can manufacture, or for details of any of the environmental initiatives we are undertaking at our business, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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