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Cardboard FSDU
Printed cardboard FSDU
Printed FSDU
Supermarket FSDU
Dump bin FSDU
Floor Standing Display Unit

Free Standing Display Units

High impact way to maximise sales, awareness, and floor-space

Cardboard FSDU (free standing display units) can be critical to your success. Shoppers only engage with – in fact only see – a tiny percentage of products available in any given retail space.

Perfect for areas of high traffic, or prominent aisle end locations, cardboard display units designed by GWP are tailored to your specific product(s) and retail environment. They can be enhanced with bold, on brand print, and are being durable / long lasting. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Cardboard FSDUs

Cardboard FSDUs can help drive retail sales in a number of ways.

Firstly, being free standing means that they can be positioned in high traffic areas of stores, or in prominent locations such as aisle ends where they are most likely to catch consumer attention. This flexibility also means that they can be moved to different areas as required.

With virtually limitless printing and structural options, your custom cardboard display stands can also create a strong visual stimulus to shoppers that may have previously overlooked your products. Of course, any printing on your FSDUs can also exactly match your brand identity.

And, with the structural design allowing for different numbers of shelves, trays, hangers (for hang tab boxes) and even mini “dump bins”, it provides the flexibility to include as much stock of individual products as required. It also allows for different products within the same ranges to be housed together.

But use of FSDUs can also help with adoption by large retailers as well.

With shelf space limited, and many retailers unwilling to take risks on new products, by providing FSDUs (and other point of sale collateral) it can help persuade inclusion in a retailer’s inventory.

All of this also means that cardboard FSDUs are a great option for product launches, seasonal campaigns (e.g. Christmas, Black Friday) and even to help sell slower moving lines.

Why use Custom FSDUs?

Manufactured from a durable corrugated material (chosen based on the length of the promotion – or to last indefinitely if required), cardboard FSDUs provide a durable in store display that will maintain a strong appearance for a considerable period of time.

Supplied flat for low cost distribution to retail stores and outlets, they are also easy to assemble by shop staff. This also means that the FSDUs look pristine upon setup.

And whilst it is possible to purchase “off the shelf” FSDUs from various sources – and these are often a very cheap solution – they are usually a false economy.

Are they tailored to the size of your product packaging? Will they provide maximum visual impact? Will they fit in the available floorspace (or will you have to pick a smaller option than hoped to ensure it fits)?

Ultimately, will they help your sales?

This is why it makes sense in the long term to work with a cardboard FSDU manufacturer who can design and produce a bespoke unit that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Key Benefits of custom FSDU at a glance

  • Tailored to your product range, maximising stock availability
  • Create a striking visual impact to attract shoppers
  • Can be located in prominent or high traffic areas
  • Perfect for new product launches or seasonal promotions
  • Consistent colours and printing matched to your brand identity
  • Supplied flat for low cost distribution
  • Easily assembled in store by shop staff
  • Can help with product adoption by large retailers
  • Material options suitable for desired lifespan of the display unit


Commonly questions on cardboard FSDUs

Getting your products presence in store right is critical to your business and brands’ success. Which is why there is often many questions when looking at creating cardboard FSDUs.

Whilst the below looks to answer as many of these questions as possible, if you cannot find the answers you need, please get in touch on 01793 754 444 or email

What does FSDU stand for?

FSDU is acronym for “Free Standing Display Unit”, although some people will refer to these as floor standing display units (these terms are pretty much interchangeable and mean the same thing). In effect, they are retail display stands to be placed on floors in retail environments

What are FSDUs used for?

Cardboard FSDUs can be successfully utilised in a number of ways. They can allow for new product launches to be promoted at high traffic or prominent areas of stores. They can be used for seasonal promotions, or to help move slow selling lines. They can also enable to products to be stocked in stores where limited shelf space is available (helping with adoption into a retailer’s inventory), and even cross selling (for example positioning paint brushes next to tins of paint).

Where can these be placed in store?

FSDUs can be placed virtually anywhere in a retail environment. This could be in prominent areas such as entrances to stores or by checkouts, or high traffic areas such as the end s of aisles. They can also be successfully used to position related products next to each other (e.g. a new range of baby milk formula next to bottles, sterilisers etc.).

How are FSDUs shipped to stores?

Typically, being manufactured from corrugated cardboard, free standing display units (and other POS such as CTUs and dump bins) can be designed so that are supplied flat. This allows for low cost shipping to stores, where they can be assembled on site.

Are FSDUs easy to assemble?

Obviously how easy a cardboard FSDU is to assemble depends on the complexity of its design. However, it is usually straight forward for shop staff to be able to erect the FSDU themselves in a short space of time. It is also possible to include printed instructions on assembly (and how to stock / merchandise) with the cardboard FSDU itself.

Is cardboard a suitable material for FSDUs?

Cardboard is a great choice for free standing display units for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is relatively low cost certainly compared to plastics, wood etc.) making it ideal for short lived promotions. It is also surprisingly durable and long lasting, meaning that they can be used as semi-permanent fixture. The final benefit is that cardboard offers the ability for easy branding, with full colour print options. This means cardboard is also used for everything from shelf ready packaging (SRPs) through to pallet displays.

Can these printed exactly as I want them?

Cardboard FSDUs can be printed in a number of ways. This includes low cost one or two colour printing (perfect for bold blocks of colour to grab attention), or even full colour photographic imagery. Pantone and specific spot colours can be easily matched, ensuring a consistent, memorable brand appearance.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Working with a Cardboard FSDU specialist

GWP Packaging can take your brief – no matter how demanding – and an in-house team of experienced designers will create a corrugated, free standing display unit (or indeed any cardboard POS) that exceed your expectations. This can include not only appearance, but function too (e.g. making it easy to assemble in store).

Once happy with a design, it will be manufactured and printed in house (using the same techniques as your printed packaging / boxes) to ensure the optimum quality is achieved.

And throughout the whole process you will have a dedicated account manager, can receive impartial advice, free quotes – which are no obligation – and will be provided with the highest levels of customer support.

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    Cardboard FSDU (free standing display units) are a proven way to improve the visibility and sales of your products...