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Anti-Static Packaging

Stock or bespoke anti-static packaging products

Reliable anti-static packaging is vital if you work in the electronics industry or with any products that ESD (electrostatic discharge) can damage.

Anti-static packaging protects static-sensitive items from ESD (electrostatic discharge) damage. ESD-safe packaging creates a Faraday Cage that channels static around the outside of the anti-static bag or box. Specialist manufacturers use anti-static packaging, including bags, bins, boxes and containers, to protect PCBs, semiconductors, and other static-sensitive items.

As the UK market leader, with an 85% market share, we provide your business with the broadest choice of anti-static packaging. Our extensive range ensures there is an option to suit every conceivable ESD requirement.

A person putting products into anti-static packaging

Corstat® anti-static packaging

Blue-chip and multi-national electronics manufacturers typically use Corstat® due to its performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Corstat® packaging is also an environmentally friendly anti-static bag alternative.

Corstat bin boxes

Corstat® Bin Boxes

19 sizes
4 designs

Corstat chip box containing a small PCB

Corstat® Chip Boxes

6 sizes
Optional foam

Corstat component box with printed logo

Component Boxes

8 sizes
Optional foam

Corstat inplant handler showing multiple cell compartments

Corstat® Inplant Handlers

27 options
Multiple configurations

Corstat layer pads

Corstat® Layer Pads

2 sizes
Custom options

Corstat reel rack containing 7 inch reels

Corstat® Reel Storage

12 options
For 7″ and 15″ reels

Two Corstat stacking totes (stacked) containing a large PCB

Corstat® Stacking Tote

7 sizes
Custom options

A set of assembled Corstat tote dividers

Corstat® Tote Divisions

6 sizes
Modular layouts

Corstat transit packs, showing pick foam interior

Corstat® Transit Packs

22 sizes
Custom options

A custom anti static packaging box and internal fitting

Custom Corstat® Packs

Fully bespoke
Expert design team

Corriplast® ESD packaging

At GWP, we use Corriplast® (a conductive Correx®) to manufacture a range of plastic totes, dividers, and layer pads. The majority of Corstat® products are also available in this material.

An assembled Corriplast collapsible tote

Collapsible Tote

6 sizes
Custom Options

Assembled and individual slotted tote dividers

Slotted Tote Divisions

6 sizes
Modular layouts

A Q Grip conductive tote

Q Grip Custom Size Totes

Bespoke sizes
Various options

Conductive divider sets

Corriplast® Tote Divisions

6 sizes
Modular layouts

Corriplast layer pads

Corriplast® Layer Pads

2 sizes
Custom options

SSI Schaefer

GWP is the exclusive UK distributor of SSI Schaefer conductive bins, tote boxes and handling products.

An SSI Schaefer EF Series tote with clip on lid

SSI Schaefer EF Series Containers

18 sizes
Various inserts

SSI Schaefer EF Series insert boxes inside a larger outer container

SSI Schaefer EF Series Inserts

4 x sizes
Modular layouts

SSI Schaefer LF Series bin

SSI Schaefer LF Series Bins

7 x sizes

A small, plastic, CPC box with printed logo and foam insert

CPC component boxes

6 sizes
Optional foam

Anti-static foam packaging

It is possible to enhance most Corstat®, Corriplast® and SSI Schaefer products using a range of anti-static foam inserts.

ESD grade Ethafoam with custom profile cut-outs

Anti-static grade Ethafoam

Custom sizes/profiles
Enquire for details

Pink anti static foam pads

Pink anti-static foam inserts

Custom sizes/profiles
Enquire for details

Standard conductive foam pads

Standard conductive foam

Custom sizes/profiles
Enquire for details

A conductive Plastazote tray with custom cut-out sections

Conductive Plastazote®

Custom sizes/profiles
Enquire for details

More info on anti-static packaging

Industry-standard anti-static packaging available through GWP is carefully designed to complement each other and work seamlessly with most standard racking and shelving systems. The range of designs and sizes are all compatible with setups typically found within ESD-controlled workspaces.

As such, they are perfect for handling and storage applications where ESD performance is paramount. Corstat® and Corriplast® also offer additional benefits, including durability, strength, longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

The range of stock products also offers potential cost savings compared to custom-designed items. Eliminating the need for design time and tooling means standard ESD packs are often significantly cheaper than bespoke options.

Custom anti-static packaging

If the standard anti-static packaging products are not 100% perfect for your specific application, you can specify a completely bespoke solution tailored precisely to your business requirements.

Bespoke ESD packaging can significantly reduce physical damage in transit, reduce packaging times, allow for more efficient transit, and provide long-term cost savings.

Anti-static packaging FAQs

What does anti-static mean?

Anti-static is a generic term for any material that allows the flow of electrons. As such, it applies to both dissipative and conductive items. Other phrases applicable when discussing anti-static- packaging include dissipative, conductive, and insulative.

Is conductive packaging the same as anti-static packaging?

Conductive materials provide low electrical resistance. These materials allow electrons to flow across or through them to ground. They would typically have a surface resistivity of less than 1 x 10⁵ Ω/sq. or a volume resistivity of less than 1 x 104 Ω-cm. The manufacture of anti-static packaging uses various conductive materials to create a Faraday cage effect.

What is static dissipative?

Static dissipative materials allow the charges to ground more slowly. This type of material also does so in a more controlled manner than conductive materials. Dissipative materials have a surface resistivity equal to or greater than 1 x 10⁵ Ω/sq. but less than 1 x 1012 Ω/sq.

Can insulative materials be used for ESD-safe packaging?

Insulative materials prevent or limit the flow of electrons across or through them. They have electrical resistance and are difficult to ground. Unlike anti-static material, charges remain on them for a considerable time. Insulative materials have a surface resistivity of at least 1 x 1012 Ω/sq. Alternatively, insulative material should have a volume resistivity of at least 1 x 1011 Ω-cm.

Can I source custom anti-static packaging from GWP?

Many other packaging suppliers offer custom-designed anti-static packaging. However, these are nearly always created by designers with little or no experience in producing successful ESD-safe solutions. At GWP, however, we have over 30 years of experience and a dedicated anti-static design team. Therefore, you can be confident that any custom item we create for you provides performance and protection that exceeds your expectations.

What anti-static packaging is available from GWP?

GWP is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of conductive, ESD-safe, and anti-static packaging. And, being the market leader, we can offer you products that are unavailable elsewhere in the UK. These products include those manufactured in-house, such as Corstat®. You can also source leading branded ranges, such as the SSI Schaefer collection of ESD-safe totes, bins, and boxes.

Buy anti-static packaging

At GWP, we manufacture and stock an extensive range of industry-standard anti-static boxes, layer pads, dividers, totes, cases, foam inserts, and other material handling products. Our extensive stock holdings allow for next-day delivery in most cases.

However, GWP is one of the few UK companies offering a genuinely bespoke design service. Our dedicated design team, with more than 30 years of experience, enable you to specify custom-designed products to suit virtually any application.

If you require assistance selecting the best anti-static packaging for your specific project or items, please get in touch. We can also help if you want to know your nearest distributor or have questions about any of the anti-static packaging products available.

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