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Anti-Static Packaging & ESD Safe conductive handling solutions for a wide range of applications / markets

GWP Conductive offer your business a range of anti-static packaging and conductive handling products to suit every conceivable ESD requirement. This includes the manufacture and stock holding of a wide range of boxes, layer pads, dividers, totes, cases, foam inserts and other materials handling products.


Please use the links below to discover specific details of each of the anti static packaging products available, and how they can benefit your business or operations.

Corstat bin boxes

Closed, open front and fully open bins for a versatile solution

Corstat chip boxes

Cost effective method of shipping micro-chips and devices

Corstat component boxes

ESD safe to offer convenient storage and transportation

Corstat transit packs

Faraday cage protection enhanced with anti static foam

Corstat stacking totes

Flexible solution for in plant component handling and storage

Corstat divisions

Create a network of cells to suit your particular application

Corstat inplant handlers

Flexible & adjustable anti-static in plant handler system

Corstat reel storage

Bench mount storage system, catering for 7″ and 15″ reels

Corstat layer pads

Competitive solution where rigid layer separation is required

Corriplast collapsible tote

Winner of the National Packaging Councils “Gold Award”

Collapsible tote divisions

Robust, ESD safe & suitable for clean room environments

Slotted tote divisions

Divisions that can be arranged to create a network of cells

Corriplast layer pads

Ideal for rigid layer separation requirements

SSI Schaefer LF Series Bins

Only UK stockholders of the SSI Schaefer LF Series bins

SSI Schaefer EF Series Boxes

Ideal container for manual & automatic handling

SSI Schaefer EF Series inserts

Insert boxes designed to work specifically with EF boxes

Pink anti static foam

Enhance protection through the use of pink anti-static foam inserts

Conductive foam

Minimise the effects of electro static discharge on ESD sensitive items

Static dissipative foam

Providing a slower but more controlled transfer of static charges

Conductive Plastazote

Widely regarded as the leading foam for  high performance applications

Conductive Ethafoam

Protect sensitive devices which may also be susceptible to shock

CPC Component boxes

Component boxes available with or without a variety of ESD safe foam inserts

How your business can benefit

Besides the wide range of stock products listed above, you can also specify completely bespoke solutions for even the most unique applications.


If you cannot see what you need from the list of stock items, then please use the links to the right to discover more about GWP Conductives’ design service, or get in touch so we can discuss your specific ESD safe packaging requirement.


  • Exclusive stock holding of SSI Schaefer conductive products
  • Only UK fabricators of Corstat
  • Manufacture of Corstat fibreboard in house for highest quality
  • Extensive stock holding to allow for next day despatch
  • Custom design service also available
  • Widest choice of conductive handling, storage and transit solutions anywhere in the UK
  • Available nationwide through our extensive distributor network

Benefits of a large stock range

All of GWP’s stock products have been designed to complement each other while working seamlessly with the majority of standard racking and shelving systems which are typically found within ESD controlled work spaces.


They are therefore perfect for a huge range of handling and storage applications where ESD performance is of paramount importance. This is in addition to the range of benefits provided by Corstat and Corriplast, such as durability and strength.

Large stock range

The range of stock products also offers potential cost savings in comparison with custom designed products. By eliminating the need for both design time and tooling, the cost of the standard ranges is often significantly cheaper than bespoke options.


Of course, if one of the standard Conductive product is not 100 percent perfect for your specific application, GWP Conductive can create a bespoke solution tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

UK Exclusive Products

Being the UK leaders in the manufacture and supply of conductive and ESD safe packaging and materials handling products, GWP are also able to offer you products which are exclusive to us in the UK market.


This includes products manufacture in house by GWP (such as Corstat) as well as leading branded ranges such as the SSI Schaefer collection of ESD safe totes, bins and boxes.

SSI Schaefer exclusive UK products

Besides keeping an extensive stock holding of these products – which allows for next day delivery in the vast majority of cases – GWP take pride in being one of the very few companies in the UK to offer a genuinely bespoke design service.


Whilst many other packaging suppliers will offer custom designs, these are nearly always created by designers with little or no experience of creating successful ESD safe / conductive packaging. With over 25 years’ experience and a dedicated anti-static design team, you can be certain that any custom item GWP create for you will exceed your expectations.

Conductive packaging design

GWP Conductive are also proud to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with SSI Schaefer for its EF and LF (formerly 14/7) Series conductive products as well as the supporting inserts and reel rack ranges.


These products provide the perfect ESD safe solutions for many applications including logistics, storage and conveying, materials handling, waste management and many others where anti-static consideration is priority.


Being robust, tough, easy to stack and compatible with the vast majority of standard racking and shelving found in ESD sensitive workspaces, the SSI range offers your business a wealth of benefits.

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