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Foam With High Visual Impact

Perfect for retail, consumer and sample presentation applications

Presentation foam is a little known, secret weapon for your packaging.

Whilst traditional foam packaging is well known for the high levels of protection it can offer, what is often overlooked is that it can also be used to create presentation or retail packs too. These not only offer a striking visual impact, but can also help differentiate your brand too.

From luxury retail packaging, enhancing gift boxes or ecommerce packaging, and even allowing for enhanced presentation of samples within sales pitches and presentations, presentation foam packaging can help to win new customers and drive sales.

Retail foam packaging

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Additional Foam Packaging

Alternative foam packaging / inserts

Besides luxury, gift pack and foams for retail applications, GWP Protective can also offer all the traditional foam packaging options that your business may require.

This incorporates everything from shipping protection, high performance case inserts for specialist equipment, and even foam dunnage as part of assembly lines / supply chain containers.

Peli case foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts and linings for a range of protective cases

Ethafoam packaging inserts

Foam Packaging

End caps and custom single trip foam packaging

Foam Divisions

Foam Dunnage

Dividers trays and inserts for protecting parts / components

Pink anti static foam pads

Anti Static Foam

Protect static sensitive devices susceptible to shock

More info on Presentation Foam

The role foam can play in presentation

From differentiating your luxury retail goods through high quality foam packaging, to sample cases that provide a striking, professional image in sales pitches, presentation foam provides a number of strategies you can employ.

These can not only boost the awareness and perception of your products, but provide tangible results too.

Regardless of your goals, you can boost sales and improve your business reputation through custom designed foam inserts and packaging that can both protect and present in equal measure.

Manufacturing presentation foam

Using Plastazote® polyethylene foam and a range other high quality materials (dependent on the specific requirements of the project), your foam will be manufactured using the latest in CNC routing technology.

Ultimately, this allows you to benefit from foam packaging and inserts of exceptionally high quality.

Clean and well-defined edges are possible for even the most intricate of profiles. Very tight tolerances are also achieved in order to ensure a perfect fit between product, foam and the outer retail packaging, whilst also offering a high level of protection.

You can also choose from a range of different coloured foams and laser etching that can create a range of visual effects that look stunning in any retail environment.

When combined with the foam’s consistency, durability and lightness, it ensures suitability for a huge range of presentation and retail applications.

Presentation Foam FAQs

Frequently asked questions about foam for presentation / retail

The below section covers the most frequently asked questions on the topic of presentation and luxury foam packaging.

However, please contact a member of the GWP team on 01722 416 440 or if you still require assistance.

Can presentation foam be used for luxury packaging?

High quality foams, such as Plastazote®, are increasingly being used in luxury packaging applications. In fact, this encompasses everything from fragrances, jewellery, high end technology and even vehicle presentation packs (e.g. gift boxes – with foam – containing keys and documents for new cars). Saying that, the use of foams is still rare enough to provide real brand differentiation and an exclusive feel.

What foams are used for retail applications?

Due to its ease of fabrication, the range of colours and the high-quality finishes that can be achieved after machining, Plastazote® is the most widely used foam for luxury and presentation applications.

How is presentation foam different from foam packaging?

Foam packaging tends to be the term given to foam used within transit packaging – for example the end caps and blocks used for the safe transit of items such as TV’s and other goods that could potentially be damaged in transit. Consumer and / or luxury foam is that which would be used in retail applications to improve presentation (i.e. added value packaging).

How is luxury foam packaging produced?

Luxury foam packaging can be produced in a number of ways. This includes die cutting, CNC routing, waterjet and even laser etching. The specific method (or methods) of manufacture will depend on the volume, budget, material and quality of finish required. As experienced foam converters, GWP Protective will be happy advise on this.

Can I source gift boxes / outer packaging alongside my foam?

The larger GWP Group manufacture a wide range of packaging products – everything from corrugated cardboard packaging for retail all the way through to returnable supply chain totes. This usually means that you can source your entire pack from a single supplier. And on the rare occasions where GWP do not manufacture a specific box or outer pack, we will be able to source this from an extensive network of specialist suppliers.

Can the foam colour match my branding?

Plastazote® foam comes in a range of more than 20 colours, ensuring there is likely to be a close match to your brand. Whilst this means that specific Pantone references or shades cannot be matched exactly (except on very high order volumes) you can still ensure that your brand is instantly recognisable to potential customers.

Is it possible to add logos or print to the foam?

There are a number of ways that logos can be added to your presentation foam. The most common of these is to laser etch logos onto the surface, or to layer different colours of foam so that the underlying layer shows through (creating the artwork / text / etc.). GWP Protective can offer both of these methods.

Buy Presentation Foam

A single source for all your foam packaging requirements

For over 25 years, the main focus of GWP Protectives’ business has been the creation of fabricated foam products. Over this time, the skills, knowledge and expertise developed ensures that virtually any foam product you need can be expertly designed and manufactured for practically any application.

Operating a clean, well equipped production facility equipped with the latest CAD software ensures the perfect environment for creating foam for retail and consumer applications. Applications where appearance is paramount.

By working with GWP Protective, you will be allocated a dedicated advisor and designer that will be able to offer impartial guidance and advice at every stage of the process. From concept through to prototype and finished product, your expectations will be exceeded while a commercial focus is maintained to ensure the maximum possible impact for your business.

So, if you and your business believe you could benefit from improved presentation during sales pitches, brand differentiation in retail spaces, or simply wish to improve the aesthetics of your foam packaging, please speak with us at GWP.

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