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The widest range of protective case options from an independent UK supplier.

Market leading ESD safe packaging for any static sensitive products and components.

Huge range of options and impartial advice on genuinely sustainable packaging for your business.

GWP Group

UK packaging manufacturers, using award-winning design expertise to protect your products, lower your costs, improve efficiency and be truly sustainable.

GWP Group

UK packaging manufacturers, using award-winning design expertise to protect your products, lower your costs, improve efficiency and be truly sustainable.

A selection of GWP Group packaging products

Innovators in protective packaging

GWP Group is a UK-based designer and manufacturer of virtually all types of retail and protective transit packaging, alongside a range of handling, storage and supply chain solutions.

A man in a warehouse holding a corrugated packaging box

Custom-designed corrugated packaging for transit, postal and industrial applications

A person on a sofa opening an eCommerce packaging box

Capture attention and delight your customers with printed eCommerce and retail packaging.

Heavy duty packaging in a warehouse

Heavy-duty corrugated and timber packaging tailored to industrial markets and ideal for export.

A breeze-block falling on a yellow protective case

A vast range of branded and bespoke protective cases to protect any tools, products or equipment.

Black and orange engineered foam insert

High-performance foam inserts designed to provide your items with the optimum level of protection.

Stacked wooden shipping crates in a warehouse

A variety of wooden shipping crates, cases and boxes manufactured to your exact specifications.

A person in a warehouse stood by a wall of picking bins

Significantly improve warehouse storage and your fulfilment times using custom picking bins.

A blue Correx tote box on a pallet in a warehouse

Returnable transit packaging solutions that can reduce your costs and environmental impact.

An anti-static packaging logo printed in yellow on a black cardboard box

Market leaders in specialist ESD packaging that protects sensitive electronics from damage.

The packaging experts

You can expect several significant and tangible benefits from working with GWP as your packaging partner.

Reduce your packaging costs

Strategies that reduce the costs associated with your packaging across your supply chain.

Protect your products

Custom, expertly designed packaging that prevents costly damage during transit.

Sustainable packaging

Take advantage of eco-friendly materials, transport efficiency, CO2 reduction and more.

Improve efficiency

Benefit from packaging that is easy to handle, assemble, pack and seal, helping your staff get more done.

Single source

Everything you need

Source all your packaging from GWP, improving performance whilst reducing costs, admin and hassle.


Let our team of experienced, UK-based experts take care of every aspect of your packaging.

Popular packaging products

Source everything from corrugated cardboard boxes, foam inserts and packaging, high-performance protective cases, storage and handling products, Correx® and even specialist anti-static packaging.

Environmentally friendly by design

FSC certified packaging

FSC® certified

All the corrugated packaging we manufacture for your business is FSC-certified as standard.

plastic free packaging


We take pride in being able to offer fully plastic-free solutions for any packaging application.

UK manufactured

Returnable options

We can help you reduce your environmental impact by implementing returnable packaging.

Recycled packaging

Recycled material

We produce your packaging using recycled (and recyclable) materials wherever possible.

Specialist packaging companies

GWP Group consists of five distinct specialist divisions. This unique approach means that regardless of how challenging a request is, you can source a solution established via high levels of engineering, technical finesse, industry-specific knowledge and over 25 years of experience.

GWP Packaging
GWP Protective
GWP Correx
GWP Conductive
GWP Coatings

Trusted by 1,000s of businesses

A small selection of the businesses that trust us with their packaging.

Aston Martin
BAE Systems
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Rolls Royce
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Packaging guides and advice

Insight, strategies, tips, guides, opinions, and more are all written by a team of experienced packaging experts.

Why GWP Group?

At GWP, we believe your packaging supplier should play an integral role in your supply chain, offering the complete spectrum of protective packaging products as a cost-effective manufacturer and cost-focused design partner.

As such, GWP Group offers you a unique opportunity. That is, to combine all your packaging requirements into a genuine single-source contract with a company that is 100% focused on delivering you a genuine competitive advantage. If you value expertise in reducing packaging costs, warehousing requirements, damage in transit, and packing and fulfilment times, GWP has the expertise to make it happen.

So, whether you require corrugated cardboard packaging, protective cases with engineered foam inserts, ESD-safe conductive packaging, Pantone colour-matched print, re-usable Correx® or material handling products or even a completely bespoke design solution using a combination of all of these, we can help.

When was GWP Group established?

The Great Western Packaging Co. was originally established in August 1990. Initially focusing only on corrugated packaging, the business acquired Corstat Containers in 2003 (later becoming GWP Conductive) and Eastman Packaging (GWP Protective) in 2006. The company was rebranded in 2009 to GWP Group to reflect the diverse nature of the packaging the business could now supply, with the GWP Correx® division also added in 2013. GWP became part of Macfarlane Packaging – the UK’s largest packaging distributor – in 2021.

Where is GWP based?

GWP has two sites in the Southwest of the UK. The head office and corrugated manufacturing facility are based in Cricklade, Wiltshire, while the GWP Protective foam conversion site is in Salisbury. These locations allow GWP to supply customers throughout the UK.

What do I do if I need products from multiple divisions of GWP?

If your needs cross the boundaries between packaging disciplines, our framework and in-house teamwork allow us to work with you as an individual organisation. This fundamentally enables you to acquire all aspects of your packaging from one source, lowering expenditure, paperwork and administration.

Can GWP help me improve my packing processes?

Whilst you could analyse many aspects of your business to identify efficiency gains, the largest opportunity lies with your packaging. And with packaging being involved in many production and fulfilment operations processes, the improvements can be quick and significant. GWP can improve how you handle orders and deliveries. Improve (and reduce) the way you store and retrieve stock. And even minimise the admin of ordering and stock management.

Why does GWP not list stock sizes and prices?

Many packaging suppliers would rather sell the nearest “off the shelf” carton than provide custom designs. Or use a library of standard options. Whilst this may be relatively low cost, it can cause issues. GWP believes intelligent design and material use are paramount to your packaging and wider business. By working with experienced designers, your packaging can resolve any problems you’re facing, perform to its’ full potential, and be genuinely cost-effective.

Can GWP help prevent products from being damaged in transit?

Regardless of the value of the products you manufacture or distribute, working with GWP Group, you can benefit from strategies to improve product protection and reduce transit damage. These are strategies that we fully tailor to your business. This approach, in turn, can lower the cost associated with returns, replacements and written-off stock, enhance your brand perception and even drive repeat sales through end-user satisfaction.

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