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Manufacturers of Custom Ecommerce Boxes

Cardboard packaging that both protects and presents your products

What many companies selling online neglect to consider is that their ecommerce packaging is the first “physical” interaction that their customers will have with their business. Getting this first impression right is crucial.

As such, GWP Packaging will manufacture your ecommerce boxes, inserts, shippers and promotional packs bespoke to your requirements. By choosing custom ecommerce packaging, it not only allows for improved protection during transit, but can provide an unforgettable unboxing experience too. Plus you can select from a huge range of cost effective styles, designs, print and more.

Please see below for the range of ecommerce packaging your business can source and customise through GWP Packaging.

Pizza style boxes

Pizza Style Boxes

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Postal book wraps

Postal / Book Wraps

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Telescopic boxes

Telescopic Boxes

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Unboxing packaging (ecommerce)

Unboxing Packaging

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Subscription box packaging

Subscription Box Packaging

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Custom ecommerce boxes

Custom Ecommerce Boxes

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Bespoke sizes, styles and features

Tamper proof packaging

Tamper Proof Packaging

Postal packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Long cardboard boxes

Long Cardboard Boxes

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Korrvu suspension packaging

Korrvu® Packaging

Postal packaging colour options

3 x Styles
Custom sizes

PIP Boxes

PIP Boxes

PiP Box colours

4 x Sizes
Enquire for details

Postal packaging boxes and mailers

Postal / Mailers

Postal packaging colour options

Various Styles
Custom / stock sizes

Cardboard bottle carriers

Bottle Packs

Bottle carrier colour options

Various Styles
Custom sizes

Integral fittings

Custom Fittings

Ecommerce packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Cardboard box dividers

Dividers / Inserts

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Custom Sizes
Fixed or adjustable

Foam end caps

Foam End Caps

Foam end cap colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

More Info on Ecommerce Packaging

Why getting your shipping boxes for online fulfilment right is crucial

Packaging can be critical to your ecommerce business.

Its key job is of course to allow your products to reach your online customers in the same condition that it left your business. And whilst this may seem obvious, according to various studies the number of customer complaints relating to items arriving damaged is increasing (two thirds of consumers now suffer from packages arriving late, damaged or not at all).

This can prove hugely damaging to your business’ efforts to build brand reputation and loyalty.

Fortunately, well designed corrugated packaging can provide the quality of packaging that your brand deserves.

Bespoke Ecommerce packaging

The benefits of this are two-fold. Firstly, by minimising customer returns, the associated costs of this (written off stock, cost of return postage, replacement product, admin etc.) is vastly reduced, minimising the costs to your business.

Secondly, the increased customer satisfaction can help to drive brand loyalty, word of mouth referrals and aid repeat sales. In essence, it enhances your brand reputation and perception.

However, the reliable supply of your online orders is not the only way you can enhance your brand perception and loyalty. In fact, ecommerce packaging can be a key way of promoting your brand and communicate your key messages to your customers.

Printed ecommerce packs and "unboxing"

There is an increasing importance on the experience buyers have when opening their products – some even take to social media to share the experience. It is therefore increasingly important then for the opening experience to be a positive one your customers.

As such, Your ecommerce packaging can be printed using a variety of techniques that ensure a high quality, professional finish.

From simple single colour printing of logos to the external surfaces, to high quality digital and lithographic print that is only visible once the pack is opened, there is an option to suit your brand positioning, budget and target customers.

This is in addition to a range of fittings and inserts which, besides protecting your products during transit, can also act to help improve product presentation upon opening the outer ecommerce packaging.

Ecommerce Packaging FAQs

Common questions regarding ecommerce boxes

Please see below for a list of the most commonly asked questions on the topic of ecommerce packaging.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? No problem! Please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email [email protected], who will be happy to help.

Should my business use custom ecommerce packaging?

It is possible to use “off the shelf” ecommerce packaging, but this is a missed opportunity. Custom ecommerce boxes will provide greater levels of protection in transit, minimise costs through less material / void fill usage, provide an opportunity for branding and even give the wow factor for your customers too.

What is ecommerce packaging manufactured from?

Ecommerce packaging is typically manufactured from corrugated cardboard. However, the specific grade or strength (for example single or double wall) be selected based on your products / application. You can also choose from a premium white or natural / eco-friendly brown / kraft finish.

Can ecommerce packaging be printed?

You ecommerce packaging can (and really should) be printed in a number of ways. This ranges from simple, one colour logos, to full photographic quality images. It can incorporate branding, handling instructions and even useful info on care / returns etc.

Are there other ways to customise ecommerce boxes?

The range of styles available when selecting your ecommerce packaging means you can create a very unique appearance for your packs. However, beyond this and printing, you can also include fittings, inserts, tamper proof features and even specialist coatings (such as water resistance).

What is “unboxing”?

Unboxing is the term given to the experience provided by your packaging when your customer opens the box upon delivery. Many individuals now take to social media and even YouTube to document this, and it is a great way of impressing consumers and driving loyalty.

Does my product need additional protection in transit?

Certain products – those which are especially delicate, expensive or specialist – may require additional transit protection. This can take the form of dividers, bespoke designed inserts / fittings or even foam end caps and linings.

Is corrugated ecommerce packaging environmentally friendly?

Any ecommerce packaging manufactured from corrugated cardboard is fully recyclable and biodegradable. This is a huge positive for a large number of consumers who care about the environment and, from a more practical view, also allows them to easily recycle the packaging in normal kerb side recycling schemes.

Can I order a single ecommerce box?

As manufacturers, geared towards supplying businesses and trade customers, GWP Packaging have MOQs (minimum order quantities) on the products we supply. If you only need a one off or very low amount of boxes, your most cost effective option may be to find an online shop. However, if any doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch – a member of the team will be happy to advise.

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GWP Packaging has been manufacturing successful corrugated cardboard packaging for over twenty five years.

However, the last 5 – 10 years has seen an explosion in the volume of ecommerce packaging produced, allowing us to partner with an ever more diverse range of businesses.

As a result, your business has an opportunity to work with a dedicated packaging design department, that as well as creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs will always consider the commercial implications to your business.

You can also take advantage of expert help and advice from a knowledgeable, experienced team, a free sampling service and completely no obligation (and no pressure) quotes on your specific requirements.

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