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The widest range of protective case options from an independent UK supplier.

Market leading ESD safe packaging for any static sensitive products and components.

Huge range of options and impartial advice on genuinely sustainable packaging for your business.

GWP Packaging

Award-winning corrugated packaging manufacturers, helping you reduce your costs, prevent product damage, and become more sustainable.

GWP Packaging

Award-winning corrugated packaging manufacturers, helping you reduce your costs, prevent product damage, and become more sustainable.

Intricate corrugated packaging with printing and inserts

Corrugated packaging design and manufacture

Regardless of the type of corrugated packaging your business uses, GWP can design and manufacture a bespoke solution tailored to your specific products, market and application.

A person on a sofa opening an eCommerce packaging box

eCommerce packaging that protects your products and delights your customers.

A person in a warehouse stacking transit packaging on a wooden pallet

Custom-designed transit packaging that improves your efficiency and eliminates damage.

A person looking at printed retail packaging in a supermarket

Bold printed packaging that captures attention and grows your sales in retail environments.

A person taping shut a cardboard postal box

Cardboard postal packaging that is quick and easy to pack whilst reducing shipping costs.

Heavy duty packaging in a warehouse

Durable industrial packaging suited to the most demanding applications.

Cardboard dividers in a box

A range of custom packaging inserts that enhance product protection and staff productivity.

Cardboard packaging experts

By working with GWP, you can expect a number of significant, tangible benefits.

Reduce your packaging costs

Strategies that reduce the costs associated with your packaging across your supply chain.

Protect your products

Custom, expertly designed packaging that prevents costly damage during transit.

Sustainable packaging

Take advantage of eco-friendly materials, transport efficiency, CO2 reduction and more.

Improve efficiency

Benefit from packaging that is easy to handle, assemble, pack and seal, helping your staff get more done.

Grow sales

Grow your sales

Bold print, branding, custom designs, and supporting POS help you gain market share.


Let our team of experienced, UK-based experts take care of every aspect of your packaging.

Popular packaging products

Corrugated cardboard packaging designed and manufactured just for you.

Manufactured responsibly

FSC certified packaging

FSC® certified

All the corrugated packaging we manufacture for your business is FSC-certified as standard.

plastic free packaging


We take pride in being able to offer fully plastic-free solutions for any packaging application.

UK manufactured

UK manufacture

Your corrugated packaging is produced in the UK, minimising carbon emissions from transport.

Recycled packaging

Recycled material

We produce your packaging using recycled (and recyclable) materials wherever possible.

Specialist packaging

Specialist corrugated packaging tailored to your specific application and requirements.

Trusted by 100s of businesses

A small selection of the businesses that trust us with their packaging.

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A printed guide on how to reduce packaging costs

Free Guide

17 ways to reduce long-term packaging costs

Get your free guide highlighting the 17 ideas, tips and strategies that can drive down the ongoing costs of your packaging. Start saving money today!

Packaging guides and advice

Gain insight, tips and strategies for improving your packaging, written by our team of experienced experts.

Why GWP Packaging?

GWP Packaging designs and manufactures corrugated packaging tailored to your specific application.

We believe that your packaging should provide your business with a tangible competitive advantage. As such, we can help whether you are undertaking a cost reduction project, need to reduce transit damage or simply require efficient, high performance and easy-to-use packaging. And if you need to boost sales and enhance your brand, we can help with that as well.

Experienced designers and our UK-based support team provide free, impartial advice on the optimum solution for your business from conceptualisation to delivery. Get in touch to see just how much better your packaging could be.

Why should I work with GWP Packaging?

Simply put, GWP Packaging has more than 30 years of experience in providing award-winning, commercially successful packaging to both large and small businesses. Regardless of the challenges you face – from rising costs to falling sales, transit damage or even a lack of storage space – we can assess your requirements and provide packaging that makes a tangible difference to your business’ success.

Where is GWP Packaging based?

GWP Packaging is located in North Wiltshire, working closely with businesses throughout the Southwest of the UK. GWP became part of Macfarlane Packaging in 2021, meaning many of our packaging products are now available through a UK-wide network of packaging distribution hubs.

Can I source all of my packaging from GWP?

GWP Packaging can design and manufacture any type of corrugated packaging. However, the wider GWP Group allows you to source virtually all the packaging your business uses from a single source. Whether you need foam, cases, Correx®, returnable packaging, ESD safe boxes or even warehouse picking bins, GWP can help.

How long has GWP been established?

GWP was originally founded in 1990. Initially called the Great Western Packaging Co, the business has grown to become one of the most well-known and respected packaging manufacturers in the UK. With more than 30 years of experience producing commercially successful packaging, you can be confident that by working with GWP, your packaging will be of the highest quality.

Can GWP help me reduce my packaging costs?

Your packaging provides genuine opportunities to improve your overall business performance, including cost-saving strategies to balance quality and price. A thorough analysis and audit of your entire packaging process also considers the often hidden costs of your packaging. Intelligent use of materials, reduction in warehouse space and minimising packing times can all have a significant, positive impact on your profitability.

Why should I use custom-designed packaging?

GWP can engineer custom-designed packaging to offer specific levels of protection during transit, reduce shipping and storage costs, and even reduce packing times. An experienced design team provides free, impartial advice on the optimum solution for your business from conceptualisation to delivery whilst focusing on reducing costs and enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Can GWP provide a stock-holding service for my packaging?

If your business encounters high storage costs for your packaging supplies, difficulty with forecasting, or excessive admin of continual re-ordering, then a fully managed inventory with Just In Time (JIT) supply could help. An agreed stock level of your packaging will be held at GWP, meaning you can order on exceptionally short lead times, free up storage space and ensure your business will not run out of stock.

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