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Royal Mail large letter and small parcel size boxes for businesses

In 2013, the Royal Mail changed its pricing structure and introduced a requirement for what are now known as PIP Boxes (standing for “pricing in proportion”).

Whilst this may sound simple – effectively creating a box that will fit within certain dimensional restrictions – in practice there are still a wide number of varying designs, sizes and options. These should all be considered before deciding on which PIP Packaging to use (or even if it is right for your company).

As such, GWP Packaging will design and manufacture bespoke PIP boxes for your business. This ensures that not only do you get a perfectly sized carton (that can also reduce your costs), but that it provides the perfect level of protection during transit as well.

Please see below for the PIP boxes that can be purchased – and fully customised – through GWP Packaging.

Large letter boxes

Large Letter Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

353 x 250 x 25 mm
Max Size (L x W x D)

Small parcel boxes (PIP)

Small Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

450 x 350 x 160 mm
Max Size (L x W x D)

Medium parcel boxes

Medium Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

550 x 350 x 310 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Custom mailing boxes

Custom Mailing Boxes

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Bespoke sizes, styles and features

Large parcel boxes

Large Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

>610 x 460 x 460 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Packaging for any business selling online

More Info on PIP Boxes

Cost effective shipping of ecommerce orders

PIP boxes are a great solution of you are looking to minimise the costs your business incurs from shipping products / orders. By adhering to specific sizes, it allows your business to take advantage of lower shipping costs (please see table here for full details of the specific sizes / weights).

Manufactured from either a single or double wall material (depending on the size and weight of the intended contents), pricing in proportion boxes will protect your items from any shock, impact or mishandling that may occur whilst within the Royal Mail delivery network.

PIP boxes can be designed and manufactured in a number of ways, including tuck in flaps (a FEFCO 0427 style) or 5 panel wraps. Each option allows for the boxes to be supplied flat – saving on storage – and are easily assembled as well.

All PIP packaging can be enhanced with printed logos and branding, either on the outer surfaces for promoting your brand during transit, or on the inside panels to allow for a unique “unboxing experience” (and being more discrete during delivery).

You can also specify bespoke sizes that are tailored to your specific products or items that still fit within the prescribed guidelines. This allows your business to both benefit from the lower pricing, but also to minimise any void fill requirements as well.

A team of designers and engineers will be able to advise you on the best design, sizing, material grade and customisation options for your specific application. You can also receive a free, no obligation quotation tailored to your specific requirements.

PIP Packaging FAQs

Common questions about "Pricing in Proportion" boxes

See below for a number of common questions regarding the range of PIP boxes your business could take advantage of.

Can’t see the answer to your specific question? Please get in touch with a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444, or email for assistance.

What does PIP stand for?

PIP stands for “pricing in proportion”. This relates to the defined sizes as set out by Royal Mail in 2013, which determine the maximum sizes / weights letters and parcels can be to benefit from specific pricing bands. These are split into what have become known as small letter, large letter, small parcel, medium parcel and, finally, large parcel.

What material is typically used for PIP boxes?

In order to maximise the available space within the box or packaging, and to minimise weight, a single flute corrugated (cardboard) material is typically used. However, the specific grade (E flute / B flute / etc.) will depend on how heavy the item within is, and what levels of protection are required. GWP will be able to advise the most suitable material for your specific application.

What is the maximum size of large letter box?

The maximum dimensions of a large letter box are 353 x 250 x 25mm (length x width x depth). There is also a maximum weight of 750g (0.75Kg). It is obviously possible to reduce any of these dimensions to ensure a good fit with your specific product or item being shipped however.

What is the maximum size of small parcel box?

The overall size that a small parcel box must not exceed is 450 x 350 x 160mm (length x width x depth). The maximum weight limit as set by the Royal Mail for this category is 2Kg. The dimensions of these boxes can be altered within these limits to avoid the unnecessary use of void fill (such as foam pellets).

What is the maximum size of a medium parcel box?

Medium parcel boxes can be up to 610 x 460 x 460mm (length x width x depth), and can hold weights of up to 20Kg. Due to the weight of the products that could potentially be shipped in this category, it may be the case that double walled cardboard material is sometimes used.

What happens for boxes larger than medium parcel?

For any boxes that exceed any of the 610, 460 or 460 mm (length x width x depth) dimensions, this will be categorised as a large parcel. Please note however that there is a weight limit in this category of 30Kg. If you are frequently shipping larger / heavier parcels than this, you may find using a courier with bespoke sized boxes (tailored to your items) would be more cost effective.

Should I use PIP boxes if my business doesn’t ship using Royal Mail?

If you are not using Royal Mail delivery services, then you may find that tailoring your packaging boxes to the sizes of your products (rather than Royal Mails arbitrary sizes) will prove more cost effective. This is because many couriers will use volumetric pricing, whereby you will be charged for shipping any wasted space within the boxes too. Custom sized boxes can also help you minimise the amount of void fill and cushioning material required.

Should I use stock or bespoke sizes?

If you are a start-up or only process very low volumes of orders, stock sized products (such as those found from merchants and online shops) will likely be more cost effective. However, if your business sends mid – high volumes of parcels / orders, then using bespoke packaging could reduce your costs significantly.

Can PIP boxes be customised?

As GWP Packaging will design and manufacture all PIP boxes to your specific requirements, it is possible to customise them in a number of ways. This includes material type (i.e. white or kraft finish) and wide range of one, two or full colour printing types.

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GWP Packaging has supplied businesses and trade customers with all types of corrugated packaging for almost 30 years.

As solely B2B suppliers, GWP focus on designing and manufacturing bespoke boxes and packaging that is tailored to your exact requirements. This means better performance, better appearance and is frequently more cost effective than using “off the shelf” cardboard boxes.

Besides this you can also choose from a wide range of customisation options, including material grades, various print finishes, internal dividers and inserts, plus a range of designs and products proven to protect your products in transit.

And if you are not sure exactly what packaging you require for your business or specific application, you can call on free, impartial advice on the best solution for you.

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