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Vial Trays and Racks

Correx vial tray
Vial holder box
Pharmaceutical freezer storage trays
Vial boxes
Ampoule tray
Vial storage box

Vial storage boxes

Custom manufactured, reusable Correx® vial trays

Correx® is the perfect material for manufacturing vial trays, vial racks, and ampoule storage boxes. It is easy to clean, non-shedding (i.e. no fibres as per corrugated cardboard or some foam options) and is usable across a wide temperature range.

However, perhaps most importantly, using Correx® plastic vial holders allows you to specify completely bespoke sizes and configurations. You can tailor your pharmaceutical trays to any specific requirement – ampoule size, number of vials, layout etc., and even select options including lids, colours, handles and more. Read More

Available colours

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
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More info on Correx® vial trays

Whilst specific applications may require moulded plastic and even metal vial trays, the use of Correx® to manufacture these provides several benefits.

Key amongst these is that it is possible to specify custom vial racks that you can tailor to your requirements (in relatively low volumes).

You can choose the compartment (i.e. vial/ampoule) size, the configuration (e.g. 3 x 4 rows), the overall size and whether the dividers are integral, removable and adjustable. You can also select from many additional options, including lids, hand holes and even colours. It is also possible to add print to your plastic vial holders to allow for the inclusion of batch numbers or instructions.

Not only does this mean that your vial racks and pharma trays are easy to handle and perfectly tailored to your manufacturing or testing environment, but they minimise space requirements too.

GWP can even design and manufacture your vial trays to withstand any automated handling in your lab or production facility.

Additional advantages of using Correx® vial racks

There are several other reasons why Correx® vial trays are growing in popularity, primarily due to the inherent properties and benefits of the corrugated plastic material.

Firstly, Correx® is non-shedding, which means that plastic vial holders will not release potentially contaminating fibres, unlike corrugated cardboard trays.

Correx® can also be easily cleaned and sterilised and operates at a wide temperature range (which can make these vial racks suitable as freezer boxes).

The strength of the material also helps to prevent accidental damage, whilst if a liquid is spilt, the “waterproof” nature of the material means any leaks will not contaminate neighbouring trays. Correx® is also resistant to the majority of chemicals, oils and grease.

And finally, the durable nature of Correx® also means that the vial trays are long-lasting, offering a similar lifespan to metal and moulded plastic trays (including vac formed).

Benefits of Correx® pharmaceutical vial trays

  • Custom layouts, vial sizes and integral or removal dividers (plus other dunnage).
  • Custom sizes allow for space savings.
  • Can also be tailored to specific packaging processes and line specifications.
  • Sterile and non-shedding.
  • Wide operational temperature range.
  • Lightweight for easy handling and transportation.
  • Safe stacking (may require additional stacking corners and features).
  • Lid options for safer transit and storage.
  • Durable and long-lasting, minimising lifetime costs.
  • Can withstand the majority of automated handling processes.


Performance data for Correx® material

Please see below for the specific performance and properties of Correx® material. Alternatively, you can download the product datasheet for further technical info.


  • Softening temperature (BS2782: 102D ISO 1306) 85°C
  • Crystalline melting point 160 – 175°C
  • Flash ignition temperature c a 350°C
  • Self-ignition temperature ca 380°C
  • Calorific value 11000
  • Specific heat 0.46 cal/gm°C
  • Limiting oxygen index (ASTM D 2863) 0.174 – 0.180
  • Burn rate (FMVSS 302) 5.3 – 8.2 cm/min


Common questions regarding plastic vial holders

Many pharmaceutical and medical businesses now use Correx® vial racks, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t a wide range of questions before switching to them.

The below section answers some of the more commonly asked queries, but if you can’t see the info you need, a member of the GWP team will be happy to help.

What size vials can these vial racks take?

As Correx® vial trays are manufactured bespoke to your specific requirements, they can hold whichever size vials or ampoules your business uses (including 7ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 22ml, 27ml, 40ml etc.).

I have unusually sized vials/ ampoules – can I get a tray for handling these?

As your vial racks are manufactured to your specific requirements, you can have whatever size compartments you require. This size flexibility makes Correx® trays suitable for a wide range of other handling activities too (including manufacturing, food production etc.).

Can I specify these vial trays in specific configurations?

You can specify Correx® vial boxes in any layout, format, or configuration you require (e.g. 4 x 3 rows, 10 x 5 etc.). As they are fully configurable, custom Correx® trays allow you to make much better use of your available space (either in storage or on production lines) rather than selecting the closest moulded plastic or metal vial tray option.

Can I have vial trays in a specific colour?

Correx® material comes in a wide range of colours (up to 7 as standard – depending on material thickness). This colour choice means you can select a vial tray that matches your company branding or differentiate between various batches, products or samples using different coloured trays.

Is it possible to print on these vial trays?

The smooth surfaces of Correx® – as well as making them easy to clean – also means you can easily add print to them. As such, your plastic vial holders can include necessary handling and safety information, instructions and even your organisation’s logo and branding.

Free quotes and advice

Buy Correx® vial storage boxes

GWP Correx® are the market leader in the fabrication of corrugated plastic packaging and handling products.

As a result, GWP has manufactured a wide range of vial trays, racks and pharma packaging for companies ranging from small independent laboratories to large-scale PLCs.

With in-house designers, and a dedicated production team using the latest equipment, your business can benefit from vial boxes and other forms of Correx® packaging that meet your exact requirements.

Besides this, you can also take advantage of a pre-production sampling service, expert yet impartial advice on the best option for your specific application, and free, no-obligation quotes, whatever your plastic packaging or handling requirement.

If this sounds like it could benefit your business or organisation, please use the details below to get in touch.

Insert options

Enhance your Correx® pharma trays

It is possible to customise your plastic vial trays. Custom options include bespoke sizes and configurations, but you can also select from several additional features.

Printed Q Grip

Exterior print and branding

Printed Q Grip colours

Various Options
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Correx inserts / layer pads

Correx® inserts and layer pads

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Foam divisions

Foam dunnage and dividers

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Sizes
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Correx dividers

Adjustable or fixed dividers

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Alternative trays and containers

Various options to suit any handling or returnable packaging application

Correx Stacking Trays

Correx® stacking trays

Plastic trays with integral stacking corners and handles

Correx kitting tray

Line-side kitting trays

Improve your business’ efficiency and productivity

Kitting Tray

Vacuum formed trays

Durable and lightweight vac formed trays

Correx totes

Correx® tote containers

Materials handling solution designed to your specifiaction

Cardboard produce tray with print

Cardboard handling trays

Custom designed single trip corrugated transit trays

Multi trip packaging

All returnable packaging

Largest range available from a single supplier

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