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Custom Foam Case Inserts

Equipment cases with foam for highest levels of protection

Choosing the right case foam can be the difference between satisfied customers and timely completion of projects, or damaged products or equipment leading to returns or delays.

With a wide range of foam densities, grades and colours, the latest CAD software and foam conversion equipment, plus the option to source both protective case and foam from a single supplier, by working with GWP your business can benefit from a level of protection that is precisely optimised for your specific application. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
White foam
Yellow foam
Lime foam
Olive foam
Light blue foam
Blue foam
Purple foam
Pink foam
Red foam
Orange foam
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More info on Case Foam

Your business can source equipment / flight case foam that offers optimum levels of protection for your tools, equipment, specialist items or any products that you supply to customers (including tool rental schemes).

Your foam case inserts will be designed and manufactured in order that they are a perfect fit for the items you need to transport, following every contour of the tools / equipment. This minimises movement within the case to prevent transit damage.

In fact, specialist software can be employed to calculate the exact amount and the required density of foam to provide the optimum level of protection for your specific items.

Different densities and colours can also be used to create an appearance that matches your branding too, whilst you can even choose to have logos, instructions, part numbers and other text / graphics etched onto the foams surface using laser cutting.

Besides this, your foam inserts can be manufactured to be a perfect fit for your protective cases (whether using waterproof, aluminium or flight case options). And if you haven’t already purchased your equipment cases, sourcing these alongside your foam inserts from GWP can further improve compatibility and lower costs too.

And finally, GWP can also supply specialist foams such as conductive / anti-static and fire-retardant grades.

Why does using case foam matter?

Using the correct case foam can offer your business a wide range of benefits.

Perhaps most important of these is the elimination of damage caused during transit to delicate, specialist or expensive tools or equipment. This in turn minimises costs in a number of ways.

Firstly, well-engineered case foam obviously prevents the need for sourcing or manufacturing what can be potentially very expensive replacements (plus the admin cost of returns and replacements). Secondly, it can prevent costly delays to projects – whereby engineers or staff turn up on site but cannot do their job due to broken equipment.

And thirdly, the hidden cost is the damage to the reputation of your business. Constantly supplying products that are damaged to customers, or missing deadlines on projects, can harm your business’ prospects of securing repeat business and sales.

Key benefits of case foam inserts at a glance

  • Wide choice of foam densities, grades and colours
  • Latest CAD and specialist software provide precise calculations of foam type / quantity required
  • Perfect fit between your foam, products and case
  • Source external case and foam together for improved compatibility and lower costs
  • Suitable for aluminium, waterproof, lightweight plastic and flight case options
  • Minimise costs (and reputational damage) of returns / replacements by eliminating transit damage
  • Avoid costly delays to projects caused by equipment arriving damaged on site
  • Experienced design team, with more than 25 years’ experience of Plastazote® conversion


Common questions about case inserts

Have questions regarding your foam inserts? We’ll be happy to help!

Simply use the section below – which answers the common FAQs on this topic – or get in touch with any specific question you may have.

What are case inserts made from?

Case inserts are almost always manufactured from Plastazote® polyethylene foam. Plastazote® is not only excellent for machining and converting, but can also be used to provide reliable and predictable levels of protection during transit. This means it can be designed and manufactured to provide a foam insert that is tailored to your specific requirements.

How is case foam manufactured?

Case foam can be manufactured in a number of ways. This includes CNC routing, die cutting and waterjet cutting, as well as laminating and even laser cutting. GWP Protective will utilise some or all of these during the foam conversion process to produce the highest quality case foam.

What external cases do these work with?

Foam case inserts can be used in virtually any external case. This includes waterproof options such as Peli and Storm cases (replacing the standard pick and pluck foam), aluminium cases such as Zarges, plastic sample cases and even foam for custom-built flight cases and EXOCase. All of these cases can be sourced at the same time as your foam from GWP Protective (improving compatibility and reducing costs).

Can foam inserts really prevent transit damage?

Foam inserts can vastly reduce and in many cases completely eradicate transit damage – even for the most fragile of items. With the case inserts tailored to the contour of your items, the contents of the case are securely held in place, preventing collision with other contents and the walls of the outer container. The nature of the foam also protects from absorbs shocks and vibration too.

How can software help with protection levels?

GWP Protective use revolutionary software in designing your foam case inserts. This software accurately predicts cushioning performance of the foam case inserts, based on extensive test data, across a wide range of expanded polyethylene materials. This, in turn, can be applied to your protective case foam inserts to gain a truly tailored level of cushioning protection for your products.

Can I have coloured foam to match my branding?

Plastazote® foam comes in a number of different colours, meaning you can choose a colour to match your corporate colours from an extensive standard range. You can also layer different coloured foams to create some visually striking effects, as well as add branding and logos through laser etching.

Can someone design my case foam for me?

GWP have a team of experienced designers that will be able to provide advice on the optimum layout, foam density, grade and even the most suitable exterior case for your application. Being independent means you can benefit from truly impartial advice, alongside competitive, no obligation quotes on any requirement.

Free Quotes / Advice

Find the perfect case foam for your application

Specifying case inserts can be daunting. There are so many foam grades, densities, and options that it can seem bewildering when faced with the choice. And that is even before working out where tools / parts will sit in the case, and how the foam will work with the external case (and even which external case to use).

GWP Protective can help with all this and more. Having been supplying businesses and organisations with high density flight case foam, aluminium case inserts, foam lining and various other equipment cases with foam for more than 25 years, your business can rely on free, genuinely impartial advice on the best foam inserts for your specific application.

And because everything is tailored to your exact requirement, you can benefit from completely bespoke pricing too (with all quotes absolutely no obligation).

Alternative Foam Options

Other foam / case inserts available

GWP Protective supply much more than just foam inserts. being UK leading foam converters, it means your business can source the widest range of foam packaging from a single supplier.

Peli case foam inserts

Peli™ Case Foam

Foam inserts for Peli and all waterproof equipment cases

Foam lined case

Lined Cases

Simple lining of cases for cost effective protection

Flightcase foam

Flightcase Foam

Source flight cases and foam together for highest quality

Tool control shadowboards

Tool Control

Never lose tools or kit again with foam shadow boards

Foam case inserts

All Foam Inserts

See all options for enhancing protective cases

Ethafoam packaging inserts

All Foam Options

Over 25 years experience in foam conversion

External case Options

Wide range of protective cases for any application

Custom flight cases

Flight Cases

Flight cases custom built to your exact specification

Sample case with presentation foam and products inside

Plastic Cases

Perfect for presentation in sales meetings / pitches

Waterproof cases

Waterproof Cases

Widest range of waterproof cases from a UK supplier

Aluminium cases

Aluminium Cases

UK distributors of Zarges aluminium cases range

Correx totes

Tote Containers

Handling solutions for supply chain / manufacturing

All protective cases

Protective Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

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