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EXOCase waterproof flight case

Waterproof Flight Case.

Enhanced protection and appearance

EXOCase is quite simply a revolution in flight case design. Providing your business with a wealth of benefits over traditional transit cases, including resistance to water, increased strength, durability, and improved appearance, they provide you with the protection of a moulded case with the size flexibility of a genuine waterproof flight case.

For further protection of your products, tools or equipment, any EXOCase you specify can also include a foam lining or custom foam inserts to provide exact levels of protection.

01: What is EXOCase™?

The worlds’ first IP rated, dust and waterproof flight case

Waterproof. Dustproof. Up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case. Manufacture to virtually any size. Easily repaired if damaged. Can be adapted to almost any requirement. For all this and more, you need EXOCase!

Offering you the waterproof properties and benefits of a moulded case, combined with the dimensional flexibility of a traditional flight case, this custom flight case system also provides improved appearance and up to 6 times the mechanical strength of traditional flight cases.

The unique exo-skeletal design – inspired by nature’s battle tank, the Stag Beetle – absorbs shock and impact to ensure maximum protection of your high value instrumentation & sensitive equipment during both storage and transportation.

This also helps to minimise scratches and scuffing from the exterior of the case, ensuring that your cases do not become tatty or tired looking after multiple uses (as traditional flight cases would).

Waterproof flightcase
EXOCase™ is the first genuine waterproof flight case, being tested to IP *6 under laboratory conditions.

EXOcases also have interchangeable components – meaning they can be repaired much more easily than a standard protective case should they become damaged. Alternatives, such as rotationally moulded cases, once damaged, would need to be discarded.

All this and it is the only IP certified flight case on the market.

This additional performance can, of course, be enhanced with case foam which is tailored precisely not only to your specified EXOcase, but also to your equipment that will be contained within. By using his integrated approach, any EXOcase your business uses will offer a truly exceptional level of protection and performance.

Get in touch for free advice, a no obligation quote, or continue reading below for further details.

What GWP Protective customers say

British designed and manufactured. 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case. Completely water and scratch resistant. IP*6 rated. Mil Spec 81-41 certified. Highly customisable. With so many features, EXOCase is truly the next generation of flight case.

02: Key Benefits of EXOCase™ Flight Cases.

A custom sized, waterproof flight case that also looks great?

EXOCase is unlike any other case currently on the market.

Being available in any size yet offering the performance of a moulded waterproof case, there are a wide range of benefits to your business of using this case.

In summary, these are as follows:

Features and benefits of Flightcases at a glance

  • Genuinely waterproof, dustproof and up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases
  • Can be manufactured to almost any dimensions
  • Unique exo-skeletal design to ensure maximum impact protection
  • Moulded polyurethane corners for shock absorption
  • Uses aluminium box section frame for lightness and strength
  • Replaceable components for maximum longevity in extreme environments
  • Wide range of colours and fixtures available(e.g. handles, latches etc)
  • Tested to military standards and IP rated
  • Designed and produced in the UK
  • Fully customisable through screen printing, foam inserts

For further details of how EXOCase can have a positive impact on your business, please continue reading below.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

03: How it Works.

Advanced flight case construction

EXOCases, besides their precision engineered construction, also offer a wide range of features that can benefit your operations.

The diagram below shows just a small selection of the advantages that it can offer your business over traditional flight cases, or even rotationally moulded cases.

EXOCase features

How EXOCase works

Replaceable PU Corner & ABS outer extrusions not only protect against shock and impact, but also help to minimise scratching and scuffing of the cases exterior. They are also modular, meaning they can be replaced easily if damaged (without having to discard the entire case)


Neoprene bead seal between lid & base ensures resistance to both water and dust ingress (being IP*6 rated). This keeps your important items dry and clean, protecting and prolonging their lifespan.


Aluminium internal box section extrusions provide both lightness & strength, ensuring the cases are rigid and durable even in larger sizes. These, along with the panel material, also allow for any sizes to be accommodated.


Custom foam inserts can be manufactured by GWP Protective to perfectly fit not only the exterior EXOCase, but also your products, tools & equipment. This can be taken a step further, using software to precisely calculate the specific level of cushioning protection in the foam that your items require.


Internal stainless bracing for provides additional strength, whilst also ensuring corrosion resistance for cases used in extreme environments.


A range of fittings are available to suit the application are available, including various catches, hinges, handles, feet, wheels, straps and more.


A unique double brace system increases strength of corner joint by 6 times, ensuring rigidity even on large case sizes.

04: Options & Customisation.

A flight case tailored to your exact requirements.

Every EXOcase manufactured is tailored to the specifications and requirements of the end user. Not only can the protection offered by the case be tailored to fit your needs using a variety of different materials and inserts, but there are also a wide range of aesthetic and branding options available too.

Please see below for the different options available to you when specifying your EXOCase.

Panel Materials (Strength)

You can select from a range of panel materials. This includes light-weight polypropylene honeycomb if weight is an important consideration, or phenol faced marine grade case panels for heavier duty applications.

Panel Materials (Colours)

The exterior panels of your EXOCases can also be matched to your brand or corporate colours.

Please see below for the standard options (white, green, blue, red, yellow or black panels), or contact us should you have a specific requirement.

Foam Inserts / Dividers

Your EXOCases can have their protection levels enhanced with a number of different inserts and dividers.

This can include plastic or fabric / foam covered adjustable division sets, vacuum formed trays, foam divisions or fully engineered custom foam inserts (tailored precisely to your tools / equipment).

Please see below for the range of options.

Foam Types / Colours

If using foam inserts to provide the optimum level of protection for your items, these can also be tailored to improve the aesthetics of your case.

This can be as simple as choosing a specific colour of foam, or using different effects such as layering different colours or laser etching branding or instructions. Please see below for standard colours and examples.

ESD Foam

As well as traditional foam inserts, you can also choose to add conductive foam to any EXOCase.

This includes conductive, pink anti static and static dissipative options, all of which are manufactured using the same cutting edge equipment and processes as standard Plastazote® polyethylene foam inserts.

Printed Flight Cases

To further enhance the exterior appearance of your EXOCases, you can also choose to add durable screen-printed designs and full colour UV printed images.

A state of the art design and print department can apply your logo, branding and images directly onto EXOCase panels to complete personalise your cases.

The UV printing technology in particular allows for individual labelling and marking of cases with part numbers etc. without the added cost related to the creation of traditional screens for bulk However, in many cases standard screen printed designs will provide a visually striking, durable and low cost option.

Labelling & Vinyl Graphics

There is also a variety of labelling to suit, including domed, engraved laser edge and bespoke options, as well as applying vinyl lettering or graphics to the cases exterior too (please note these are lower cost options, but also less durable / long lasting).

05: Ten Reasons to Use EXOCase™

Why should you use a waterproof flight case?

So although there are clearly a wide range of features and benefits for using an EXOCase waterproof flight case, why exactly should you use them instead of a traditional options such as moulded waterproof cases (such as Peli cases)?

Custom sized flight cases

EXOCase is a totally flexible alternative to existing rotationally moulded transit and flight cases, as they can be supplied in virtually any size (and quantity).

This allows for greater protection, properly engineered solutions (rather than simply selecting the closest sized stock case) and cost savings through reduced shipping charges and minimised breakages in transit

Flight case strength

The immensely strong Exo-skeletal design, plus exclusive box section extrusion adds strength and durability to the finished item, giving maximum protection to your items.

This is coupled with panel material specially selected based on the use of the case, along with a choice high quality fixtures and finishings. In fact, the EXOCase is up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case and comparable to roto mould cases.

EXOCase™ Aesthetics

EXOCase is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing thanks to rubber shock absorbing corners, ABS plastic coated aluminium frame, stainless steel fittings and a choice of panel materials with alternative surface finishes.

This makes it ideal for corporate identification and promotion as it can easily be enhanced by logo incorporation (something which is nearly impossible with rotationally moulded cases ribbed sides).

EXO case can also be supplied in a selection of standard hues or special order colours (minimum quantities apply), both for the panels and frame members. This ensures stand-out and differentiation, helping to enhance your  brands and create visual impact when in use.

EXO Flight cases manufactured by Protechnic
EXOCase™ can be custom manufactured to meet your performance criteria, and / or perfectly match your brand identity

Transit Protection

EXO case offers full protection from whatever you can throw at it. It is waterproof, dustproof, hard-wearing, shock and impact resistant and the exterior skeleton and polyurethane corner joints mean it is up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case.

It can also be supplied with heavy duty or lightweight panels (depending on application), UV resistance, or even ESD Anti-Static protection through dissipative foam inserts. All this makes it much more adaptable than rotationally moulded cases.

Testing & Certification

Like the majority of moulded waterproof cases, EXOCase has been rigorously tested to Military standards (Ministry of Defence level J). It is also IP*6 rated, being the only protective flight case on the market that can offer this level of certification. Please see the Testing section below for more information.

Cost effective

EXOCase is very good value for money when compared with both traditional flight case and roto moulded case designs. Being able to specify exact sizes also ensures additional cost savings with regards to storage and transportation (i.e. minimising space / weight used for this) when compared with rotationally moulded cases.

The additional strength ensures fewer breakages in transit. The additional strength and build quality also ensures a longer lifespan than traditional flight cases – meaning it will not need to be replaced as often – with the cost this incurs.

19” Rack Cases

EXOCases also offer an inherent 19” rack unit option with a flexible ‘new look’ frame design to give a totally bespoke range of cases for the most fragile rack mounted equipment.

The strength of the extrusions and corner joints ensures that this is a much stronger solution than standard rack units, where the equipment stored often lends a large degree of dimensional strength to the overall unit.


Designed and produced in the UK, you can be certain that the quality of workmanship, attention to detail and level of care is second to none.

This is in stark contrast to the many cheap imports that promise much, but end up being a “false economy” due to the high level of breakages prevalent with inferior designs and mass produced solutions.

Protechnic case distributors
EXOCases™ are designed and manufactured in the UK, allowing for quality of workmanship that isn't always present in imported cases.

Repairable Flight Case

Unlike nearly all other rotationally moulded and protective cases, the exterior “skeleton” allows for corner joints, panels and components to be easily replaced if they become damaged.

This can offer huge cost savings (it is obviously much cheaper to replace a corner joint than a buy an entirely new case) and extend the life of the case almost indefinitely, whilst still offering the highest level of protection.


As detailed above, GWP Protective’s expertise in the engineering of foam inserts ensures that even the most delicate and expensive items arrive exactly how they were sent.

You can take advantage of a revolutionary piece of software used at GWP to ensure that specific levels of protection against shock and vibration in transit are engineered into each EXOcase. You can also select protective foams for ESD devices, and various forms of dividers, layer pads and inserts.

06: Applications / Images.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for EXOcases™

GWP Protective are proud to be the UK’s only distributor of EXOcase – the world’s first waterproof flight case. Please see below for typical examples and applications of EXOcases. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

07: Certification & Testing.

Extensive testing to military standards

EXOCase has been subjected to a number of tests, carried out in laboratory conditions.

This ensures you can be certain that any EXOCase you source can withstand extremes of temperature, impact and heavy loads, all without loss of performance – something that traditional flight cases simply cannot offer.

The tests were carries out to military standards by TÜV SÜD. With over 50 years’ experience, TÜV SÜD Product Service is a leading international expert in providing testing, certification, qualification, training and consultancy services to a range of industries covering the Aerospace, Defence, Medical & Health, Radio & Telecoms, Rail, Trade, Electronics & Consumer sectors.

This made their testing perfect for EXOCase.

Find out more about TÜV SÜD by visiting their website at, or continue reading below for further information about the specific tests conducted.

Dry Heat Test

In this test, the EXOCase was first acclimatised to ambient laboratory conditions, for a period of over 16 hours. The temperature was then increased to +55 degrees Celsius, at no more than 1 degree per minute. The temperature was then maintained at 55◦C for 48 hours, before the temperature was allowed to drop back to ambient conditions at no more than 1◦C/minute and held for 1 hour.

EXOCase heat testing
An EXOCase™ undergoing heat / low temperature testing, proving it's suitability for use in extreme environments

Upon completion of the test, the EXOCase was inspected both internally and externally. The top lid of the protective case was removed and re-located without problem, and the operation of the latch mechanisms also raised no issues. There was no noticeable binding of the latches either, and no overall degradation or damage was observed on any part of the item tested.

This test suggests that EXOCase would be perfect for use in hot climates and industries exposed to high temperatures (e.g. certain manufacturing processes), and would provide a much greater level of protection than a traditional flight case.

Low Temperature Test

For this, the EXOCase tested was first acclimatised to ambient laboratory conditions. The temperature was then dropped to -13◦C, at no more than 1 degree per minute. The temperature was then allowed to stabilise, before being maintained for 16 hours. The temperature was then increased to original ambient conditions, again at no more than 1◦C/minute, and maintained at this for 1 hour.

Following this, the tested EXOCase was found to display no damage or degradation to any of its parts, including latch mechanisms (there was also no binding of these moving parts observed). The lid was also removed and relocated with no problem, as had been done before the temperature change.

A visual inspection both inside and out highlighted no problems.

This test indicates EXOCases’ suitability for use in cold climates, or in areas where it would be subjected to a drop in temperature overnight. This makes it a great competitor for similar aluminium cases, and is also the perfect flight case alternative.

Static Load Test (1,000mm)

This test involved the use of load spreader with weights on a concrete floor, and saw a (top) load of 63kg applied to the EXOCase for a period of 24 hours. After 5 minutes of the test the height of the 4 corner load spreader edges (to the ground) was taken, and then again at the completion of the test.

Both internally and externally, there was no visual indication of any damage or degradation to the case tested. There was 1mm of displacement on 3 of the 4 corners, but none measured on the fourth. This however did not affect the moving parts (i.e. the latches functioned as desired) and the lid was removed and re-attached with no problem.

EXOCase load testing
AN EXOCase™ undergoing load / drop testing to determine it's durability.

This test indicates the inherent strength of the EXOCase, provided by the high level of engineering and unique design.

It also indicates its suitability, particularly when compared to standard flight and protective cases, for use in protecting products and/or equipment of a high weight.

Vertical Impact Test (1,000mm)

Another test to ascertain the strength and impact resistance of the EXOCase, this time using a Lansmont PDT-56E precision drop tester onto a steel plate floated over concrete.

The case was tested from 1,000mm and dropped 6 times. These were to face 3/bottom, face 4/left, face 2/right, face 5/front, face 6/back and face 1/top.

Despite these 6 drops, there was no visual sign of damage or degradation to any aspect of the EXOCase. It was still possible to remove the top lid and re-attach it with no problems, and the latch mechanisms still worked perfectly.

The passing of this test indicates the robustness of the EXOCase, proving that it is suitable for repeat uses and can withstand continual handling and transportation with ease.


As well as the above tests, the EXOCase is also IP55 rated – meaning you can be confident of its water and dust proofing abilities.

The IP Code (or Ingress Protection Rating consists of the letters IP followed by two digits or one digit and one letter and an optional letter. As defined in international standard IEC 60529, IP Code classifies and rates the degrees of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (including body parts like hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water in mechanical casings.

EXOCase IP testing
An EXOCase™ undergoing IP (ingress protection) testing. EXOCases are certified to IP*6, making them a true waterproof flight case.

With this degree of time and investment spent on testing, we are confident that EXOCase will out-perform by far any standard flight case solution.

Please click here for further information on IP Ratings.

EXOcase datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

08: FAQs.

Frequently asked questions about EXOCase™

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding EXOCase.

Can’t see the information you are looking for? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the GWP team who will be happy to help with an queries you may have.

What is EXOCase™?

EXOCase is a new type of flight case. Inspired by the stag beetle, it has a unique exo-skeletal design that means it is up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases, plus water and dust resistant too. However, it retains the size flexibility of a standard flight case.

Is EXOCase™ stronger than standard flight cases?

EXOCase is up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases. This is due to the unique exo-skeletal design, interior stainless steel bracing and aluminium box section frame. It has also been extensively tested (by TÜV SÜD) , including crush and drop tests.

Are flight cases waterproof?

Traditional flight cases are not waterproof, as moisture and water can leak in around seals and joints. The panels are also often made of plywood, which can swell during prolonged contact or repeated exposure to moisture. The only (current) waterproof flight case available is EXOCase, which has an IP Rating of IP*6.

Tough flightcase
Besides its resistance to water and dust, EXOCase™ are also one of the toughest flight cases available today.

How are EXOCases™ made?

EXOCase are manufactured by a skilled team of operatives in the UK. Following a design process, manufacture includes panel and frame cutting, assembly the frame components and panels, as well as adding furniture such as hinges, catches and handles.

Where are EXOCases made?

EXOCases have been designed – and are manufactured – in the UK. This ensures a higher level of quality and workmanship than many imported flight cases and / or other types of protective case, which are often manufactured in the Far East.

Do I need foam inserts?

If you are transporting high value, sensitive, delicate or important items – such as tools, equipment, components or products – the foam inserts will provide the highest levels of protection. If you need to ensure that your items do not become damaged in transit, yes, you need foam inserts.

Has EXOCase™ been tested?

EXOCase has undergone extensive testing (carried out by TÜV SÜD). This includes both dry heat and low temperature tests to ensure suitability for extreme environments, drop and load testing to determine strength, as well as being IP Rated (protection against water / dust ingress).

How much do EXOCases™ cost?

The cost of EXOCase will depend on a number of factors. This includes the volume ordered, the size of the case(s), what panel materials are used, and if additional features such as handles, foam inserts and exterior printing of the case is required. However, EXOCase is very competitively priced compared with flight cases and waterproof cases.

What materials are used to make EXOCases™?

EXOCases use moulded PU corners and ABS outer extrusions, aluminium box frame, stainless steel bracing and fixtures and a range of different panel materials depending on the application (including light-weight polypropylene honeycomb or phenol faced marine grade panels for heavier duty applications).

Can I add company logos to my cases?

It is possible to add company logos, branding and graphics to the exterior surfaces of your cases. This can include UV printing technology for full colour designs and individually labelled cases, or traditional screen printed graphics for a low cost yet durable and striking appearance.

09: GWP Protective.

More than a flight case manufacturer

Whilst GWP Protective have long manufactured traditional flight cases (for more than 25 years in fact), being able to supply the EXOCase system has revolutionised what is possible with this type of case.

Saying that, it is only one of a huge number of case types you can source from GWP Protective.

Being completely independent not only means GWP can provide your business with the widest range of cases available from a single source, it also means you can be sure the advice you are being given is completely unbiased.

Foam converters
GWP employ highly skilled, dedicated staff and utilise the latest equipment to ensure your foam inserts will be better than if sourced from other foam converters

Besides getting the case that is most suitable for your application, you can also have any case you choose enhanced in a number of  ways.

A dedicated in house team of case and foam designers can take you through a full design process, the result of which will be a protective transit solution tailored to your exact brief, and performing with a very specific level of performance.

Taking this approach, alongside focusing on customer service, also means you will end up with a case that fits your budget as well.

This is why so many businesses – many just like yours – trust GWP to protect their most important, valuable and fragile items during transit and handling.

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