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Waterproof flight case
EXOCase construction
Waterproof EXOCases
Custom size waterproof cases
EXO Case

Waterproof Flight Case

Enhanced protection and appearance

EXOCase™ is quite simply a revolution in flight case design. Providing your business with a wealth of benefits over traditional transit cases, including resistance to water, increased strength, durability, and improved appearance, they offer the protection of a moulded case with the size flexibility of a genuine waterproof flight case.

For further protection of your products, tools or equipment, any EXOCase™ you specify can also include a foam lining or custom foam inserts to provide exact levels of protection. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
Grey foam
Yellow foam
Lime foam
Light blue foam
Blue foam
Red foam
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More info on EXOCase™ waterproof flight cases

Waterproof. Dustproof. Up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case. Manufactured to virtually any size. Easily repaired if damaged. Can be adapted to almost any requirement. For all this and more, you need EXOCase™!

Offering you the waterproof properties and benefits of a moulded case, combined with the dimensional flexibility of a traditional flight case, this custom flight case system also provides improved appearance and up to 6 times the mechanical strength of traditional flight cases.

The unique exo-skeletal design – inspired by nature’s battle tank, the Stag Beetle – absorbs shock and impact to ensure maximum protection of your high value instrumentation and / or sensitive equipment during both storage and transportation.

This also helps to minimise scratches and scuffing from the exterior of the case, ensuring that your cases do not become tatty or tired looking after multiple uses (as traditional flight cases would).

EXOcases™ also have interchangeable components – meaning they can be repaired much more easily than a standard protective case should they become damaged. Alternatives, such as rotationally moulded cases, once damaged, would need to be discarded.

And, besides all of this, it is the only IP certified flight case currently on the market.

Custom EXOCase™ options

Every EXOcase™ manufactured is tailored to your specifications and requirements. Not only can the protection offered by the case be tailored to fit your needs using a variety of different materials and inserts, but there is also a wide range of aesthetic and branding options available too.

This includes the colours, types and strength of the panel materials, various hardware and fixture options (i.e. catches, handles etc.), and adding print and branding to the external surfaces of the case

The already excellent performance of EXOCase™ can, of course, be enhanced with foam inserts that are tailored precisely not only to your specified EXOcase™, but also to your equipment that will be contained within.

Your foam can also be specified in different colours, feature laser etched branding, and can even provide calculated levels of cushioning protection.

Extensive testing to military standards

EXOCase™ has been subjected to a number of tests, carried out in laboratory conditions.

The tests were carries out to military standards by TÜV SÜD. With over 50 years’ experience, TÜV SÜD Product Service is a leading international expert in providing testing, certification, qualification, training and consultancy services to a range of industries.

This ensures you can be certain that any EXOCase™ you source can withstand extremes of temperature, impact and heavy loads, all without loss of performance – something that traditional flight cases simply cannot offer.

Please click here for more details of this testing.

Key benefits of EXOCase™ waterproof flight cases at a glance

  • Genuinely waterproof, dust-proof and up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases
  • Can be manufactured to almost any dimensions
  • Unique exo-skeletal design to ensure maximum impact protection
  • Moulded polyurethane corners for shock absorption
  • Uses aluminium box section frame for lightness and strength
  • Replaceable components for maximum longevity in extreme environments
  • Wide range of colours and fixtures available (e.g. handles, latches etc)
  • Tested to military standards and IP rated
  • Designed and produced in the UK
  • Fully customisable through screen printing, foam inserts

Key Features

Advanced flight case construction

The diagram below shows just a small selection of the advantages that EXOCase can offer your business.

How EXOCase Works

Replaceable PU Corner & ABS outer extrusions


Neoprene bead seal between lid & base


Aluminium internal box section extrusions


Custom foam inserts


Internal stainless bracing


Range of fittings available


Unique double brace system


Frequently asked questions about EXOCase™

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding EXOCase™.

What is EXOCase™?

EXOCase™ is a new type of flight case. Inspired by the stag beetle, it has a unique exo-skeletal design that means it is up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases, plus water and dust resistant too. However, it retains the size flexibility of a standard flight case.

Is EXOCase™ stronger than standard flight cases?

EXOCase™ is up to 6 times stronger than traditional flight cases. This is due to the unique exo-skeletal design, interior stainless-steel bracing and aluminium box section frame. It has also been extensively tested (by TÜV SÜD), including crush and drop tests.

Are flight cases waterproof?

Traditional flight cases are not waterproof, as moisture and water can leak in around seals and joints. The panels are also often made of plywood, which can also swell during prolonged contact or repeated exposure to moisture. The only (current) waterproof flight case available is EXOCase™, which has an IP Rating of IP*6.

How are EXOCases™ made?

EXOCases™ are manufactured by a skilled team of operatives in the UK. Following a design process, manufacture includes panel and frame cutting, assembly of the frame components and panels, as well as adding furniture such as hinges, catches, and handles.

Where are EXOCases made?

EXOCases™ have been designed – and are manufactured – in the UK. This ensures a higher level of quality and workmanship than many imported flight cases and / or other types of protective case, which are often manufactured in the Far East.

Do I need foam inserts?

If you are transporting high value, sensitive, delicate or important items – such as tools, equipment, components or products – the foam inserts will provide the highest levels of protection. If you need to ensure that your items do not become damaged in transit, yes, you need foam inserts.

Has EXOCase™ been tested?

EXOCase™ has undergone extensive testing (carried out by TÜV SÜD). This includes both dry heat and low temperature tests to ensure suitability for extreme environments, drop and load testing to determine strength, as well as being IP Rated (protection against water / dust ingress).

How much do EXOCases™ cost?

The cost of EXOCase™ will depend on a number of factors. This includes the volume ordered, the size of the case(s), what panel materials are used, and if additional features such as handles, foam inserts and exterior printing of the case is required. However, EXOCase™ is very competitively priced compared with flight cases and waterproof cases.

What materials are used to make EXOCases™?

EXOCases™ use moulded PU corners and ABS outer extrusions, aluminium box frame, stainless steel bracing and fixtures and a range of different panel materials depending on the application (including light-weight polypropylene honeycomb or phenol faced marine grade panels for heavier duty applications).

Can I add company logos to my cases?

It is possible to add company logos, branding and graphics to the exterior surfaces of your cases. This can include UV printing technology for full colour designs and individually labelled cases, or traditional screen printed graphics for a low cost yet durable and striking appearance.

Buy EXOCases

GWP Protective - more than a flight case manufacturer

Whilst GWP Protective have long manufactured traditional flight cases (for more than 25 years in fact), being able to supply the EXOCase™ system has revolutionised what is possible with this type of case. Saying that, it is only one of a huge number of protective case types you can source from GWP.

Being completely independent not only means GWP can provide your business with the widest range of cases available from a single source, but also means you can be sure the advice you are being given is completely unbiased.

Besides getting the case that is most suitable for your application, you can also enhance them in a number of ways.

A dedicated in-house team of case and foam designers can take you through a full design process, the result of which will be a protective transit solution tailored to your exact brief and performing with a very specific level of performance.

Taking this approach, alongside focusing on customer service, also means you will end up with a case that fits your budget as well.

This is why so many businesses – many just like yours – trust GWP to protect their most important, valuable, and fragile items during transit and handling.

Customisation Options

Printing, foam inserts and more...

Even though EXOCase provides a wide range of features and options as standard, it is possible to enhance them still further. Please see below for a number of customisation options…

EXOcase foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Engineered protection for high value tools / equipment

EXOcase colour options

Panel Colours

Choose panel colours to match your company branding

Printed EXOCases

Printed Logos

Add logos, branding, instructions and other graphics

EXOCase rack mount units

19" Rack

Can be specified as a rack mount unit for electronics

Alternative Case Options

Wide range of protective cases for any application

Custom flight cases

Flight Cases

The worlds first IP rated (waterproof) flight case

Hardigg rota mould

Roto Mould Cases

Heavy duty, rotationally moulded transit cases


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