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Peli™ Micro Cases

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Peli Micro Cases

"Peli Micro Cases, whilst being among the smallest waterproof cases available, still boast all of the features and performance that you would expect from Peli. They are ultra tough, durable, water resistant, and come with a lifetime guarantee"

Sometimes the larger waterproof case options are simply too big for specific tools, equipment or kit – which is where the Peli Micro range comes in.

Being the smallest Peli cases available, they are available in a range of 7 sizes and 5 colours (including clear). And, despite their smaller dimensions, Peli Micro cases offer all the protection, usability and even the lifetime guarantee of the larger Peli case options (such as ProtectorAir and Storm case). They can also be enhanced with foam inserts too.

Please see below for the range of Peli Micro cases GWP Protective can supply to UK businesses / trade customers.


What Are Peli Micro Cases?

Smallest Peli case option that doesn’t compromise performance

Up until as recently as 2005, there was a clear gap in the waterproof case market – a suitable protective case for very small items. Whilst this was partly driven by consumer demand – with iPhones, MP3 players and other personal devices becoming more sophisticated, smaller and expensive – many forms of specialist equipment had followed this path too.

The answer came in the form of the Peli Micro case range.

Becoming the smallest Peli cases available by some margin, the Micro range maintained the range of benefits offered by the larger Peli options.

For example, Micro cases are fully waterproof (IP67) and dust tight. The rubber liner of the cases doubles up as an O ring seal when closed, whilst also offering cushioning protection for the contents. The cases also include an automatic pressure relief valve, as well being exceptionally tough and completely crushproof. In fact, they are provided with the same lifetime guarantee as other Peli case ranges.

In a departure from larger cases, all Peli Micro feature a carabiner for easy attachment, and are also available in unique colours (including a bold red, bright blue and transparent).

Peli Micro Case Features

Smaller sizes, but still packed with useful features

Peli micro pressure purge valve

Pressure Purge Valve

The pressure purge valve included on Peli Micro cases operates automatically. This not only makes the cases more versatile, but also prevents loss (as per manual valves)

Peli micro rubber liner

Rubber Liner

The rubber liner within the cases not only provides a level of basic cushioning performance, but also doubles as an O ring seal to make the cases waterproof

Peli micro latch

Easy Open Latch

The strong, easy to use single latches on Peli Micro cases provide a “quick lock” that can used over many thousands of uses, and will keep items secured

Attachment clip

Attachment Clips

Separate plastic “attachment clips” are moulded into the side of each case, again allowing for them to be attached to different equipment in a number of ways

Peli micro lanyard


The Peli Micro 0965 cases (also referred to as a memory card case) is supplied with a lanyard rather than the carabina offered with the other cases

Peli micro carabiner


All of the Peli Micro cases are supplied with a carabina clip, allowing them to be easily attached to belts, equipment and or larger cases.

Peli micro hinge

Durable Hinges

The hinges are both durable and long lasting, being manufactured from the same, extra tough material as the outer shell of the cases

Clear peli micro

Outer Shell

The outer shell – available in clear or a range of colours – not only enables the cases to be fully water tight, but also crush proof and incredibly durable too

Custom Peli Micro Cases

A range of both standard and bespoke options (including custom foam)

Engineered Foam Inserts

foam for cases

Available for All Cases

Any Peli Micro case (or alternative) you need can be expertly enhanced with high quality foam inserts

expert design

Expert Foam Design

Work alongside an experienced, knowledgeable design team to create tailored Peli case inserts

branded foam

Aesthetic Appeal

Huge range of colour and branding options (including laser etched logos) to ensure a striking visual appearance

UK manufactured

UK Manufactured

All foam inserts / packaging manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality

All Peli Micro Case Models

View every Peli Micro case size / option available

Peli micro 1010 case

Peli Micro 1010

Peli Micro Case Colours

108 x 69 x 41 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1015 case

Peli Micro 1015

Peli Micro Case Colours

131 x 67 x 35 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1020 case

Peli Micro 1020

Peli Micro Case Colours

131 x 86 x 41 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1030 case

Peli Micro 1030

Peli Micro Case Colours

161 x 64 x 49 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1040 case

Peli Micro 1040

Peli Micro Case Colours

161 x 95 x 44 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1050 case

Peli Micro 1050

Peli Micro Case Colours

161 x 95 x 67 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli micro 1060 case

Peli Micro 1060

Peli Micro Case Colours

209 x 106 x 54 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Peli Micro Case Performance

Protection and performance that Peli is renowned for

Peli Micro cases have been through much of the same stringent testing as the larger Peli Protecter, Storm and Air ranges. As a result, the cases have been certified to IP67. This means they can be submerged under 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Besides water and dust resistance, the extra tough exterior material used on the Peli Micro cases are crush proof too. This also means that the cases provide an operating temperature between -23 ⁰C and 93 ⁰C, plus buoyancy of 0.45 kg.

  • IP67 Rated
  • -23 ⁰C to 93 ⁰C operating temperature
  • 0.45 kg buoyancy

PDF Datasheet

All of the Peli Micro sizes, colours, technical data and more in a single downloadable document

For a summarised overview of all the key information regarding the Peli Micro case range – including colours, sizes, configurations and so on – please download your copy of the free PDF datasheet

Peli Micro datasheet

FAQs / Additional Info

A selection frequently asked questions when sourcing Peli Micro cases

What is the smallest Peli Case?

Peli Micro cases are the smallest Peli cases available. The smallest in this range – and thus the smallest Peli case overall – is the Peli Micro 1010 case (at 108 x 69 x 41 mm internal dimensions).

Are Peli Micro cases waterproof?

Peli Micro cases are water resistant (as well as dust and crushproof). The cases can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes in accordance with the IP67 testing the cases have undergone.

Do Pelican Micro cases float?

Whilst Peli Micro cases are not designed with flotation as an intended feature, their O ring seal means that air is held within the case. This can provide buoyancy, allowing the case to float (although this does also depend on the weight of the contents).

What are Peli Micro cases made from?

Peli Micro cases are made from an extremely tough Copolymer (as per the Protector cases) which makes them incredibly tough and durable. The cases also contain rubber (for the lining / o ring seal) and metal (i.e. for the carabiner)

What colour Peli Micro cases are available?

Peli Micro cases are available in red, blue, yellow and black. The cases can also be specified in solid (i.e. all single colour) or with a clear lid and colour liner (base).

Do these cases have a lifetime guarantee?

As per the larger Peli cases (such as Protecter, Air and Storm Case ranges), Peli Micro are sold with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee.

Are these cheap Peli cases due to their size?

The cost of Peli Micro cases is obviously lower than the larger case options due to the amount of materials used, reduced shipping costs etc. However, there are alternatives that are lower priced and provide similar sizes / functionality, most notably the SKB S Series.

Why should I source my business' Peli Micro Cases from GWP?

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A huge selection of similar waterproof cases and alternative protective case options

Why source your Peli Micro Cases from GWP?

Official UK Peli Case distributors

Custom packaging design

Foam Design Expertise

As the UK’s leading foam converters, any Peli case you source from GWP can have custom foam already included – allowing for better quality, compatibility and pricing

Peli Micro case official UK seller

Widest Range

Besides being official distributors of the full range of Peli cases, GWP also allows your business to select from the widest range of other waterproof and protective case brands within the UK

sample case advice

Genuinely Impartial Advice

As an independent supplier with 30 plus years experience, you can benefit from expert and genuinely impartial advice on the best case for your specific application


Custom Peli Micro Cases

A key benefit of sourcing your business’ Peli Micro cases from GWP is the level of customisation you can specify.

However, the size of the Peli Micro case does limit the number of bespoke options available somewhat. Nevertheless, these cases can still be enhanced with foam inserts, using the standard Peli PICK N PLUCK cubed inserts, or a fully bespoke Plastazote option.

If considering the latter, your foam inserts can be created in various colours, have laser etched branding and / or instructions, pert numbers etc., and will be perfectly tailored for your specific items.

Combined with the inherent performance of these small plastic cases, it makes the Peli Micro range perfect for protecting your kit from impact, water, UV, atmospheric changes and general mishandling (e.g. knocks, being dropped etc.).

They are also frequently used within larger cases as part of engineer or service “kits”.

All this means that, if you need an especially small case, Peli Micro cases are the ideal solution.

Buy Peli Micro Cases

Although Peli Micro cases are perhaps aimed more at the consumer or B2C markets, there are still applications where these cases will be a great fit for business or industrial use too.

This is where GWP come in. As a supplier of cases to UK businesses and trade customers for more than 25 years, you can source any cases you need for your company from us.

This includes not only the Peli Micro range, but all of the other Peli case options too. And those from similarly well-known brands including ExplorerNanukSKB and many others. And you are not limited to waterproof cases either, as you can find aluminium, plastic and even custom built options too.

Whatever case you need at your business (and you can ask for impartial advice on this, if required), you can also customise these with bespoke foam inserts, branding options and more.

So why not get in touch today and ask for a free, competitive and no obligation quote on the protective cases you require.

Please note: All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of Peli Products, S.L.U., its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates

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