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Coated Cardboard


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Coatings from 200 sq. metres


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Coated corrugated cardboard for UK Sheet Plants

Your business / sheet plant can source a wide range of specialist board coatings – effectively coated cardboard – for almost any application or requirement.

Being the leading independent coaters of corrugated material in the UK, you can source ready coated board, supply your own material to be coated, or even choose from a range of prefabricated packaging products manufactured with these specialist properties. All of which can be supplied as part of a confidential trade agreement if required.

Please use the links below to view the full range specialist corrugated cardboard coatings you can source for use at your sheet plant / conversion facility.

Corstat conductive ESD cardboard sheets

Corstat® ESD Cardboard

From 200 sq. m
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Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating applied to corrugated material

Liquiguard Water Proof Cardboard

From 200 sq. m
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Spectrumcoat pantone colour flood coating

Spectrumcoat Pantone Colours

From 200 sq. m
Enquire for details

Cardboard packaging inserts coated with Anti abrasion coating

Nomar Anti Scuff / Abrasion

From 200 sq. m
Enquire for details

Anti corrosion cardboard coating

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor

From 500 sq. m
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Additional Products

Source a range of products for resell under a trade agreement

Besides the range of coated cardboard sheets you can source from GWP, there are a number of other products you can take advantage of.

This makes GWP’s offering more readily accessible to end users / businesses, whilst also being available to UK sheet plants for resale.

A gable style Correx box in red material with white printed logo

Correx® Products

Correx packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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Corrugated Boxes

Transit packaging colour options

Custom Sizes
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Corriplast conductive packaging


Anti static packaging colours

1000+ Products
Custom Options

Tool control foam

Foam Inserts

Foam insert colours

Fully Bespoke
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protective cases

Protective Cases

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard POS

POS Display

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
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Further Information

Lead times, manufacturing processes and supporting services

Besides the range of coated material that GWP can supply direct to UK sheet plants, the levels of service that you can benefit from can make a tangible difference to your business.

For starters, whilst holding large stocks of specialist coatings, inks and corrugated board allows you to source low volumes competitively, it also allows you to take delivery of coated cardboard on exceptionally short lead times.

Whether coating the wide selection of corrugated cardboard available / held in stock by GWP, or supplied to us by you (the method favoured by a large number of sheet plants), efficient manufacturing techniques and highly trained staff ensure that both high and low volumes can be completed and supplied on exceptionally short lead times.

Another benefit of using in house coating machines, operated by skilled technicians with vast experience, is that you are guaranteed both exceptional quality, performance, and consistency of colour (where applicable).

Operating more than a single coating machine allows further reductions in lead times too. It also means you can source material with multiple coatings – for example a flood colour overlaid with a waterproof coating – just as effectively.

Corstat® / ESD Coating

GWP Coatings also have a dedicated coater used only for Corstat® ESD cardboard – ensuring that critical performance levels are never compromised on the finished conductive material.

Low & high-volume coating

As the UK leaders in applying specialist coatings to corrugated cardboard, you may think that GWP can only help with large orders and high volumes.

However, you are able to specify all of the specialist coatings available from runs starting as low as just 200 square metres. This makes it an exceptionally cost-effective service for practically any sheet plant or converter.

And, as GWP Coatings keep an extensive stock holding of all coatings / inks, it allows for flexibility in providing both short runs – or indeed very large volumes – whilst maintaining very competitive prices.

Material supply

GWP are also pleased to be able to provide the corrugated material for coating or are happy to coat material provided by yourself (although please note that not all coatings are compatible / recommended with all board grades / liners).

Should you wish to source the corrugated cardboard material from GWP, you are guaranteed quality, short lead times and very competitive pricing across a wide range of board grades / options.

Coated Cardboard Video

Key details in under 2 minutes

Please watch the brief video below for an overview of the coating processes, equipment used, and products manufactured at GWP Coatings.

Coated Cardboard FAQs

Common questions regarding specialist finishes for corrugated

Please see below for a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the application of specialist finishes to corrugated cardboard.

Can’t find the answer to your specific question? Don’t worry – please contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 457 or email, who will be happy to help.

What benefits does coated cardboard offer?

Coated cardboard can offer varying benefits, depending on the coating chosen. Specialist finishes such as water resistance can make cardboard suitable for a range of applications (by creating waterproof cardboard sheets), whereas anti scuff or corrosion inhibiting coatings can help protect items during shipping storage. At the other end of the scale, Pantone colours can be used for visually striking retail applications.

What is the maximum / minimum sized boards you can coat?

GWP Coatings can offer a wide variety of board sizes depending on your specific application or requirement. However, the minimum board size is 250 x 600 mm, and the absolute maximum is 1500 x 4000 mm.

Can you coat material I supply myself?

GWP Coatings will be happy to coat material that you supply yourself (although please note that some coatings may only work with specific board liners / grades). Alternatively, GWP can cost effectively supply suitable corrugated cardboard material to be coated – effectively a one stop shop.

Can I buy the coatings on their own?

The coatings that GWP use are designed to work with specialist equipment (such as GWP’s bespoke coating machines). The coatings therefore would not work well with more common application methods such as sprayers etc. However, if you are still interested in just the coatings themselves, please get in touch to see how we can help.

Can you provide high volumes of coated board to my sheet plant / box factory?

By holding material, coatings and inks in stock, your sheet plant can specify both high and low volumes (often on lead times as low as 48 hours). The majority of coated cardboard materials have a minimum run of 200 square metres of material, with no maximum.

Can you provide conversion information on your coatings?

All of the coated board GWP supplies can typically be converted with ease on standard box making equipment. However, GWP will be happy to advise of any specialist considerations that must be adhered to when converting the coated material.

Source Coated Cardboard

Free quotes, impartial advice, and completely confidential trade service to UK sheet plants

If you need any further information on the coated cardboard available through GWP Coatings, require technical assistance, or have any general questions, please do not hesitate to speak with a member of the team.

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