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Plastazote, Ethafoam & Stratocell Conversion.

Cost effective, performance packaging from the UK’s leading independent foam converters

Regardless of the industry or market sector you operate in, or the products, tools and equipment you need to protect, as experienced foam converters, GWP Protective can help. Source foam inserts and packaging that you can rely on.

Please select from the categories below to see all specific options available from GWP Protective, or if you cannot see exactly what you require please contact a member of our team who will be happy to advise on the best solution for your requirement.

01: Engineered Foam Inserts

Precision foam inserts with customised protection levels

Please see below for the range of Plastazote foam inserts and products that GWP can design and manufacture for your business.

Foam inserts

Case Foam

Foam inserts that offer highest levels of product protection

Tool control foam

Tool Control

Never lose tools, equipment or high value items again

Foam dividers / dunnage

Foam Dividers

Ideal handling solution for items with delicate surfaces

Presentation foam


Applications for retail display, packaging & sales presentations

Foam laser etching

Laser Etching

Add branding, logos, part numbers, instructions and more

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Download: 15 Crucial Considerations...

…when protecting your high value, fragile or business critical tools, products or equipment. Find out how you can eliminate transit damage and reduce costs too

02: Foam Packaging.

High volume, single trip foam packaging for shipping and ecommerce

Low density foams such as Stratocell and Ethafoam end caps are ideal for minimising shipping damage. Please see your options below.

Foam end caps

Foam End Caps

Cost effective solution for high volume shipping of fragile / expensive items



Protective foam suitable for a wide range of applications



Low density foam allowing unique, engineered solutions

Anti static foam

Anti Static Foam

Protect your electronics and static sensitive items with ESD safe foam

03: Exterior Case Options.

Flight cases, rack units and the revolutionary EXOcase built to your exact specifications

The widest range of bespoke and branded cases available from a single supplier in the UK today.

Waterproof cases

Waterproof Cases

Toughest moulded cases available, including Peli, Explorer & SKB

Aluminium cases

Aluminium Cases

Lightweight yet durable metal cases for air freight & easy handling

Custom cases

Custom Built

Cases tailored to exact sizes, product or application

Sample cases

Sample Cases

Wow your potential clients in your next important sales pitch

04: Alternative Outer Packaging.

Additional exterior packaging options for your foam inserts

Besides protective cases, you can also source your corrugated cardboard, plastic and anti static packaging from a single source, enhancing the compatibility with your foam.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated Packaging

The perfect outer for low density foams / high volumes

Correx products


Ideal for, lineside, in-plant handling, supply chain and foam dividers

Anti static packaging

Anti Static

Protect from electro static discharge (ESD) in storage / transit

05: About GWP Protective.

Foam converters you can trust

With over 25 years’ experience in foam conversion, your company can see tangible benefits from working alongside GWP Protective.

This is true whether you have an existing foam supplier, or are starting a completely new project. Whether you are looking for high volumes or a one off design. If you are looking for a precisely engineered level of cushioning protection for high value item, or need to ship large numbers of consumer goods.

If you are looking for successful, experienced foam converters, GWP Protective can help.

How your business can benefit:

  • Cost effective options for high and low volumes
  • Precisely calculated levels of cushioning protection
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with the outer case / packaging
  • Source your exterior packaging and foam from a single supplier to minimise costs / admin
  • High quality finishes for retail and consumer applications
  • Free quotes and impartial advice on the best solution for your specific requirements

06: Choosing a Foam Converter.

Identifying the services and quality you require

There are many companies offering foam fabrication and conversion services. For many, this is simply a way to sell more exterior cases or boxes, with little thought as to how the foam insert can impact the longevity and success of the packaging.

GWP Protective take a different approach to foam conversion, ensuring we make a direct, positive impact on your business.

With a depth of understanding and knowledge as polyethylene foam converters, we can offer you a wealth of experience in converting Plastazote, Stratocell and Ethafoam materials (amongst others).

A team of expert advisers will be happy to guide you through the entire foam design and manufacturing process, ensuring your foam packaging is produced to your exact requirements.

Unlike many other foam converters, this covers everything from transit protection to luxury consumer goods, and everything in between.

Innovative packaging design
GWP Protective design foam inserts using cutting edge technology that can calculate the specific cushioning performance required

This level of knowledge and support – your business will be allocated a dedicated advisor and designer – is enhanced further using the latest technology.

This includes state of the art of CAD design software, used by a dedicated, highly skilled foam design team.

This is also coupled with advanced foam conversion machinery,  including CNC Routing, Waterjet, die cutting and laser cutting equipment. This is located in a clean, modern production facility ideally located to serve the entire UK market.

Ultimately, GWP Protective will help you to select, source and engineer the optimum foam product for your business, regardless of your application, industry sector or budget.

Free Guide: GWP Protective 15 considerations for protection

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high value tools, products or equipment.

07: Methods of Foam Conversion.

Ways in which foam packaging manufacture takes places

With foam conversion being the largest part of our business, GWP Protective takes pride in the precision and level of protection which our converted foam products will offer your business.

We always aim to ensure that whatever your product, tool, equipment or components, they will arrive at their destination in exactly the same condition in which you sent them.

Foam converters
GWP employ highly skilled, dedicated staff and utilise the latest equipment to ensure your foam inserts will be better than if sourced from other foam converters

Primarily utilising Plastazote (for high protection applications), Stratocell and Ethafoam (for high volume requirements) plus a range of other specialist foams, GWP fabricate foam inserts and packaging using a wide range of techniques. Many of these utilise cutting edge processes and CAD CAM technologies.

This variety of techniques employed ensures that your case inserts and / or foam packaging is tailored to your exact requirements, whilst maintaining the performance levels demanded by the your specific market, application or product.

This approach, combined with over 25 years experience, ensures that GWP Protective are trusted foam converters to a wide range of businesses, both large and small.

Please continue reading below for further information on the specific types of foam conversion GWP Protective offers.

Foam Die Cutting

In essence, Die Cutting is the process of using a tool (die) to remove or shear material from the foam we use to create our case inserts.

The process was originally used for cutting leather in the shoe industry, but its versatility now sees it being used in a wide range of industries.

It is in fact now so advanced, that it can be used to cut through single layers of material (for example where different coloured foams have been bonded together in layers), to create visually attractive results and precise finishes. This is known as “Kiss Cutting”, and is widely used by foam converters.

Foam insert manufacture
Plastazote foam inserts being added to a Peli Storm protective case at GWP Protective's manufacturing facility

The process of foam conversion can be carried out either on a flatbed or rotary press, although both of these require additional tooling for each new job. This means that it is widely used for larger runs, where the cost of this tooling is more easily absorbed.

As expert foam converters, GWP Protective use the latest Die Cutting equipment at our production facility in Salisbury. This ensures your finished die cut foam products are produced to exceptionally high standards.

CNC Routed Foam

One of the main foam conversion processes used for the creation of case inserts at GWP Protective (and indeed many other foam converters) is CNC routing.

This is a computer controlled piece of equipment that is linked directly to our designers’ CAD software.

By uploading the 3 dimensional profiles to the machine, the router head is then able to systematically cut away foam material to create exceptionally intricate shapes within our fabricated foam products, to exacting tolerances.

By first digitising the product to be placed within the routed foam insert, this also ensures that the match between the item and the case insert is as close as possible.

Eliminate transit damage
Once the protection levels have been calculated, precision manufacturing techniques are used to create your foam inserts

CNC routing produces consistent, high quality engineered foam products. Also, due to the elimination of tooling costs (as with Die-Cutting), the process can create one-off routed foam inserts as effectively and cost efficiently as repeated identical output.

GWP Protective constantly invest in the latest technology, and this is the case with the CNC Routers in use at our Wiltshire based production facility. This includes a dual head model, allowing for increased productivity and output, whilst maintaining the accuracy of your foam insert / packaging.

Waterjet / Laser Cut Foam

As an alternative to CNC routing and Die Cutting, GWP Protective can also offer you engineered foam items that have been created by Water Jet cutting.

This equipment effectively uses a jet of water at high velocity and pressure to remove foam material from the foam in a controlled manner.

Water Jet cutting has a number of advantages over traditional die cut foam and routed foam inserts. For example, it leaves no radius in corners, is exceptionally precise and does not cause heat build up which can affect the properties of the foam.

Besides this, it can also create narrow slots to much greater depths than other methods, and provides a very clean, smooth finish with no dust residues either. It can also boast accuracy of up to 0.005″ (0.13 mm), and repeatability of 0.001″ (0.025 mm).

Performance packaging
GWP are one of very few foam converters that can offer a genuinely tailored level of performance in your foam packaging

Besides this, fabrication of foam in this manner produces no hazardous waste, eliminates airborne dust particles and fumes, and uses very little water due to its’ “closed loop” setup.

This range of benefits ensures that if you are looking for engineered foam at the top end of the market, GWP Protective can utilise the latest Water Jet technology to ensure a foam case insert that looks and performs superbly.

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