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Lithium battery case.

Zarges K470 battery box

If you need to ship lithium-ion batteries—and with their use in vehicles, tools, and consumer devices becoming increasingly prevalent—it is important you use correctly specified, UN-approved lithium battery packaging or cases.

Lithium battery packaging is used to safely store or transport lithium-ion batteries in accordance with UN3480 regulations. It includes UN-approved fibreboard boxes or, for industrial applications, heavy-duty aluminium cases. Aluminium lithium battery cases can absorb and prevent the spread of fires caused by faulty batteries.

At GWP, we can supply fireproof battery boxes and custom lithium battery packaging. The Zarges 40582 lithium battery shipping box, with specialist flame-resistant Plastazote® polyethylene foam, meets regulatory requirements and keeps your batteries safe and secure.

Lithium battery packaging.

Zarges battery box advantages

The Zarges K470 battery box, the primary type of lithium battery packaging we supply, has numerous features and benefits.

A person loading battery packaging.
A construction worker taking a tool out of a Zarges battery box.
A person carrying a lithium battery shipping box.
A lithium battery box with Class 9 hazardous goods label.
A cut-away view of a fireproof battery box with flames in one compartment.
A person placing batteries into a lithium battery box.

Dimensions and technical info

All dimensions, technical information and details of these lithium battery cases.

Internal Sizes

550 mm
550 mm
220 mm

External Sizes

600 mm
600 mm
250 mm

Weight / Capacity

Weight (empty)
11.5 kg
67 l
Min Temp.
Max Temp.


UN3480 / 3481
ADR P908
SV 376

Zarges battery case video

Custom lithium battery cases

There are two insert options for your lithium battery packaging that are essential to maximise performance.

Engineered foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

High-quality foam inserts can enhance any protective case or packaging your business uses.

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced design team to create custom-made protective case inserts.

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) enable a striking visual appearance.

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality.

Buy lithium battery packaging

GWP Protective has over 30 years of experience providing specialist protective cases with foam inserts for a wide range of industries. And while the requirement for safely shipping lithium-ion batteries has only become more widespread in recent years, we have experience producing successful cases for various hazardous materials.

We also work closely with several leading case brands, including Zarges (manufacturers of UN3481 shipping containers), Peli, Hardigg, and SKB, to offer various exterior cases covering virtually every application and requirement.

Besides our extensive product range, hundreds of companies like yours trust us to provide customised foam inserts designed to offer the optimum level of protection.

Operating from a modern, well-equipped production facility in Salisbury, Wiltshire, a friendly, knowledgeable team of designers, engineers, and support staff ensures your brief is exceeded regardless of your requirements. Get a free quote or no-obligation advice today.

What products typically include lithium batteries?

Due to their efficiency, cost, and low weight, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in consumer items such as smartphones and power tools. They are also vital to the drive towards electric vehicles.

Why do lithium batteries require specialist packaging for transportation?

Shipping damaged lithium-ion batteries is arguably manufacturers’ most complex challenge, alongside lithium battery disposal and recycling. Defective or malfunctioning batteries can lead to overheating or thermal runaways. The worst-case scenario is this resulting in fires, explosions, or gas leaks. Lithium batteries can also go into thermal runaway when coming into contact with external heat sources, such as fire. As such, lithium batteries and many products containing them are considered hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

What are UN3480 regulations?

UN3480 comprises the United Nations regulations covering lithium-ion batteries when shipped by themselves. This regulation is closely related to UN 3481, which covers lithium-ion batteries contained in equipment or packed separately with a piece of equipment.

Do Zarges battery boxes meet UN regulations?

Any lithium battery packaging requires an in-depth design, testing and approval process. However, Zarges cases with customised interiors have passed performance tests related to the package integrity, have UN approval, and feature the mandatory UN certification labelling.

Should I use Cirrux or foam inserts in my Zarges cases?

Both the Cirrux inserts and flame retardant Plastazote® can provide a safe solution for shipping lithium-ion batteries. Cirrux tends to be used for lower volumes and when the size and shape of the batteries being shipped may vary, whereas Plastazote® lends itself to higher volumes of a specific item. Foam inserts also provide additional protection from impact and mishandling.

What are fully excepted shipments?

Lithium-ion batteries rated at 100-watt hours or less and lithium metal batteries with two (2) grams or below of lithium are often classed as fully excepted items. Any “fully-excepted” items only need the appropriate lithium battery mark, displaying the UN number(s), plus a telephone number providing a 24/7 emergency-response number.

Do other types of batteries require specialist packaging?

Although lithium-based batteries have been the focus of recent legislation, several other battery types require specialist shipping packaging. For example, lead-acid batteries—and those termed” spill–able”—are classed as dangerous goods under Class 8 (controlled by UN 2749). Besides this, nickel-based batteries, whilst having no specific transit limitations/regulations, require many of the same precautions as listed for lead-acid batteries to prevent electrical shorts that could result in fire.

Alternative case and packaging options

Besides Bott cases, at GWP we can offer you a wide range of alternative aluminium and protective cases.

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