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Full Colour Retail Packaging

High quality digital / litho printed boxes to grab attention

The success of your retail and product packaging is now more critical than ever. In fact, with online sales in the UK now topping more than £130 billion, the knock-on effect is that the competition for shoppers visiting the high street has seen a marked increase.

Printed using digital or litho lamination, your custom product packaging can offer a wide range of designs, bespoke sizes, plus integrated features (including windows, hanging tabs etc.) Read More

Available Colours:

Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options
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Detailed information on Retail Product Packaging

Virtually all retail market sectors are highly competitive, with various brands – established and new alike – vying for attention and sales. This is why your retail product packaging is crucial to your success.

GWP focus on producing branded packaging (and supporting POS displays) that reflect the personality of your brand and that will boost sales,. This is true whether you are selling high value consumer electronics, food, niche items or mass market products. Your business can expect to enhance brand awareness, positioning, and ultimately drive sales.

Available in a limitless combination of styles, structural designs, sizes, material options and colours, your printed retail packaging can also include features such as hanging tabs (for use with Euro hooks), windows to view products, internal fittings and inserts to keep items in place, and even tamper evident features.

Besides these product packaging ideas, it is of course possible to ensure any boxes and retail packs produced are fully compatible with your POS displaysshelf ready packaging and FSDUs.

And by utilising the latest in CAD software and a modern production facility, all of your retail-ready printed packaging is designed with the ultimate aim of improving sales and increasing brand awareness.

Visually striking retail packaging

With the main purpose of consumer packaging to be visually eye catching whilst displaying your products, the print that you choose can have a significant impact on sales of your product.

This means that typically there are two types of printing that are most suitable.

Lithographic printing (also referred to as litho printing or litho laminated) is a process whereby high-quality print is added to paper, which is then laminated onto the cardboard material of the packaging.

Digital print on the other sees the print applied directly to the corrugated material.

Both provide excellent clarity and colour accuracy, with litho print typically used for higher volumes / digital for shorter runs.

Using either of these advanced manufacturing / printing techniques means you can be certain of adherence to the strictest of brand guidelines (including accurate colours, logo placements etc.) whilst still producing product packaging that stands out from your competition.

Key Benefits of full colour product packaging

  • Bold, striking, photographic quality print to capture consumer attention
  • Consistent colour reproduction (crucial for brand recognition)
  • Options for high and mid-low volume runs (litho and digitally printed boxes)
  • Huge range of box styles, including tuck end, pizza style, telescopic etc.
  • Can also include fittings and inserts to maintain product appearance
  • Additional options including hanging tabs, windows, tamper features etc.
  • Can be sourced alongside POS for improved compatibility
  • Ultimately can drive sales of product in your target market


Commonly asked questions on consumer boxes

Whilst the below list of questions aims to cover the most common FAQs regarding retail / product packaging, it may be the case that you have a specific query not covered.

If that is you, please feel free to get in touch on 01793 754 444 or email for further assistance.

What is the difference between solid board and corrugated retail packaging?

There are 2 main types of product packaging. Solid board (also referred to as carton board) is a solid material used to create boxes such as those used by Apple (for its iPhones / iPads etc.). Corrugated packaging is made from cardboard – effectively corrugated material sandwiched between two outer layers of paper). Both are suitable for retail applications, although which one you choose will depend on your specific product / market (GWP will be happy to advise on this).

What print options are available for my retail packaging?

With full colour graphics and photographic imagery usually being required, there are two main types of print option typically used for product packaging – litho or digital. Both of these can accurately reproduce full colour graphics and photographic quality imagery, with digital tending to be used for lower volumes, and litho for mass produced products / higher runs. It some circumstances simple branding of your packaging (using flexographic print) may also be appropriate for your brand positioning / market.

What box type / design is best to use for product packaging?

The style of box chosen for your product packaging depends on a number of factors. This includes the sizes / shape / weight / fragility of the product, your target market, where these will be displayed in store and even what competitors are doing. GWP can offer the full spectrum of box styles, as well as being able to customise widely used templates / standards and even create completed bespoke options.

Are you also able to include inserts / cradles inside my retail packs?

Cardboard fittings and inserts offer a number of benefits for retail packaging. Alongside windows in the outer box, these inserts or cradles can display the product to its maximum potential, helping drive sales. It can also offer increased protection, especially if material such as foam packaging inserts are utilised.

Can my packaging be a custom size?

All of the product packaging that GWP manufactures is bespoke to your specific requirements. This can mean improved protection for your products, increased prominence on retail shelves, minimised transit costs or even to act as “added value” packaging whereby the consumer retains the box for future use or storage.

Can I get compatible POS units too?

It is possible for your business to source both your retail packaging boxes and all of your POS – such as CTUs, FSDUs and dump bins – from GWP. By taking advantage of this single source opportunity, it not only reduces costs, but also ensures much improved consistency in terms of colour, compatibility, and quality.

Source Product Packaging

Free quotes, advice, and design / sampling service

Already working alongside numerous house-hold names across the retail sector, by choosing to work with GWP Packaging you can take advantage of a dedicated design team with vast experience of creating successful product and retail packaging.

A thorough design process will maximise the opportunities your brand has for visibility and success, with pre-production samples, and impartial advice ensuring your custom packaging is truly tailored to your product, market, and target consumers. And you can source any supporting POS – such as FSDUs, Dump bins, Counter units etc – at the same time.

The aim is always that your product and promotional packaging is innovative, eye catching, cost effective and drives sales.

Alternative Printed / Retail Packaging

Packaging to both protect and enhance sales of your product

Different products require different types of packaging. This is why GWP can offer your business a wide range of retail packaging options, all of which can be tailored to your exact requirements…

Retail packaging with cut-out

Window Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Hanging tab boxes

Hang Tab Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Printed Sleeves

Printed Sleeves

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Branded boxes

Branded Boxes

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf Ready

Retail & POS colour options

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Retail packaging

All Retail / Printed

Printed packaging for product, retail and ecommerce

Compatible POS / Packaging

Other packaging and point of sale suitable for your business

Cardboard Dump Bins

Dump Bins

Ideal for promotions and smaller products with high volumes of sales

Cardboard counter display units

Counter Units

Cardboard counter top units designed to encourage impulse purchases

A freestanding, printed point of sale display stand


Free standing display units to drive sales and awareness in high traffic retail zones

Image coming soon

Pallet Displays

Large displays in a number of formats, that can be easily re-positioned in store

Cardboard POS

View All POS

Wide range of cardboard point of sale displays to boost sales

Ecommerce packaging boxes


Delight your online customers with printed ecommerce packaging / boxes

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