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Expertise in the design and manufacture of corrugated packaging, cardboard boxes and specialist products

With 25 years experience in the corrugated packaging industry, GWP Packaging take pride in offering your business a vast range of corrugated packaging, cardboard products and unique solutions.


Whilst this of course includes the manufacture of standard cardboard boxes and corrugated cartons (often using existing FEFCO layouts), a key focus of our operations is producing completely custom corrugated packaging to solve specific problems you may be experiencing or to tailor a solution to your exact requirements.


Please see below for the full range of corrugated cardboard packaging you can source from GWP, or alternatively get in touch to discuss your upcoming requirements.

Corrugated boxes

The complete spectrum of corrugated cardboard boxes & packaging

Custom corrugated packaging

Custom corrugated packaging designed to meet your exact specifications

Transit packaging

Durable and long lasting industrial transit packaging solutions

FEFCO standard cartons

Standard carton designs for quick turnaround and proven performance

Crash lock boxes

Easy assemble boxes to reduce packing times & associated costs

Korrvu packaging

Revolutionary suspension and retention packaging from Sealed Air

Pallet Boxes

Safe and efficient method for bulk shipping and export of products

Shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging for simplifying transportation and display

Cardboard FSDU

Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) providing striking retail display

Cardboard POS

Visually striking POS (point of sale) to increase sales and awareness

Consumer packaging

High quality printed packaging for superb branding and aesthetics

Dump bins

Boost sales with flexible, easy to assemble dump bins

Ecommerce packaging

Reduce damages and streamline fulfilment of online orders

Mail Order Packaging

High volume corrugated for mail order fulfilment

Tamper proof packaging

Tamper evident packaging for increased security

Crash lock boxes

Specifically designed to reduce packing times

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Cardboard spools

The, lightweight, cost effective alternative to wood spools / reels

Eco bins

Corrugated cardboard bins to aid & encourage recycling


Corrugated cushioning to protect items during shipping


Expert conversion of Sealed Air Stratocell foams


Low cost cushioning solution to reduce transit damage

Corrugated cushion packaging

A corrugated cardboard, eco friendly foam alternative

Advantages of working with a Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer

GWP take pride in being amongst the UK leading independent corrugated packaging manufacturers. By manufacturing – rather than re-selling stock products – it allows us to closely monitor and control the quality of packaging produced.


This guarantees that your corrugated boxes  are of the very highest quality.


Alongside a range of complementary services designed to streamline and improve all aspects of your packaging supply chain, it means that regardless of your requirement, industry or product, your needs will be met and surpassed from initial design through to delivery.

Corrugated packaging manufacturer

From reducing and eradicating damages in transit, to lowering your costs through materials savings or reducing packing times, a team of experienced designers can create bespoke solutions which simply aren’t available anywhere else.


When coupled with the range of specialist cardboard products – including spools, cushioning, bins and retail ready items – we are certain we can supply or create the perfect solution for your business.

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So how are corrugated boxes manufactured?

Please see below for a brief overview of the processes used when producing your corrugated packaging products, or alternatively watch the short video below to see them in action!

Die Cutting (Flat bed & Rotary)

GWP Packaging utilise both traditional flat bed and rotary die cutting techniques when producing your corrugated packaging, usually for complex shapes and layouts.


Rotary die-cutting is effectively the use of a cylindrical die (i.e. cutting tool). The cutting of the material takes place as the corrugated board passes through the press (usually at a very high speed) whilst the tool rotates with it, cutting against an anvil.

Packaging manufacture

This is in contrast to traditional die cutting where a flat cutting tool / die is pressed repeatedly onto the corrugated board.


Manufacturing corrugated boxes in this manner provides a wealth of benefits, including quick setup, accurate registration, in line printing (rotary method only) and is exceptionally cost effective for medium to high volume runs.

Case Making (Manufacture of Corrugated Cases)

GWP Packaging also run a state of the art case making machine, allowing us to produce standard case designs such as 0201 glued containers cost effectively on medium to large runs.


In one pass this machine will print, crease, slot, fold and glue corrugated boards into high quality boxes. It has computer set up for highly cost-effective changeover between each new order, making this an extremely popular method of corrugated packaging manufacture.

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Crash Lock Assembly & Multi Point Gluing

Thanks to investment in a multi point gluing and folding machine, GWP Packaging is also able to cost-effectively produce crash lock boxes in both low and high volumes.


Whilst cardboard box manufacture of this type can take slightly longer to setup and run, the cost savings in terms of assembly times for your packing operatives can by very significant.


Pre-glued crash-lock containers are available in runs from as low as 200 sq. metres.

Packaging cost reduction

Supplied flat, they can be quickly and easily assembled into the finished box / carton with very little folding. This ensures a large number of crash lock boxes can be assembled quickly, consistently and reliably at your factory or warehouse, reducing both time and the associated costs for high volume applications.


So whilst this method of corrugated packaging manufacture may be slightly more expensive, these additional costs are quickly offset in time and cost savings on assembly and handling times.

Hand Finishing & Complementary Features

Sometimes, the best method of corrugated packaging manufacture requires elements of hand assembly and finishing. Whilst often time and labour intensive, manufacturing cardboard boxes in this manner can offer a number of benefits.

Hand finishing and assembly

For example, it can guarantee a level of quality that automatic processes cannot always achieve. A visual check by GWP’s highly skilled and trained staff during this type of process also ensures that all of your packaging products reach the high standards required.


This method of manufacture also allows the addition of labels, foam inserts and other supplementary products to be included.

Experts in Corrugated Packaging Manufacture

Please note that the above information is not exhaustive, and throughout the 5 divisions of GWP Group a huge array of packaging manufacturing techniques are utilised to ensure consistent high quality.


If a specific product requires a certain manufacturing process to function perfectly, GWP are certain we will be able to help you.

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