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Large wooden storage containers

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Large wooden storage containers

If your business manufactures or supplies oversized items, large wooden containers are perfect for storage, handling and transit.

Large wooden storage containers are widely used for storing and shipping industrial parts, products and equipment. Available in custom sizes, they typically use a combination of plywood and timber battens to provide strength and durability. A range of additional options, including hinged doors, lifting gear, integral pallets and interior fittings such as foam inserts, can also help to improve usability. Read more


Reusable packaging product
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol
  • No obligation and no pressure quotes for any case.
  • Free and impartial advice from UK based packaging experts.
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options.
Reusable packaging product
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol

Large wooden storage containers

Large wooden storage containers are one of the few options available to your business if you manufacture or distribute particularly large industrial products, parts or equipment (another being GRP containers).

Especially popular in the aerospace and medical equipment industries but suitable for many applications, large wooden packing containers are manufactured in custom sizes to accommodate your specific items.

As with all of the wooden shipping crates you can source from GWP, this bespoke sizing minimises your storage and transport costs due to improved space efficiency. Crucially, it also provides excellent protection for your product.

Besides the strength and durability of the plywood and timber batten construction, your wooden storage containers can also benefit from a range of custom options.

These include hinged doors (with optional gas lift struts), lifting gear, integral pallets, and a range of interior fittings. You can also choose to have company branding, part numbers, instructions and other important information stencilled onto your containers.

A team of designers with vast experience in industrial packaging design your large wooden storage containers to the exact specifications your product needs to arrive undamaged at its destination. As every product, application, and even transit conditions can differ significantly, we consider all these factors before creating a genuinely bespoke composite pack that guarantees protection during transit.

Key benefits of large wooden containers

The key features and benefits of large wooden storage containers include:

  • Custom sizes tailored to your products or equipment.
  • Durable and robust to protect contents during transit.
  • Wide range of options, including lifting gear, straps, pallet bases and internal fittings.
  • Option to stencil company logos, instructions, part numbers, etc., to external surfaces.
  • Custom sizes to accommodate oversized items while maintaining transit efficiency.
Biodegradable packaging


The timber used in the manufacture of this packaging is biodegradable.

Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of wooden shipping crates means they can often be reused over multiple trips.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Large wooden containers are recyclable at appropriate recycling facilities.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your timber packaging in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

50 FOR wood packaging symbol


Large storage containers use wood in their manufacture.

FSC® certified

You can choose to have your crates made using FSC certified materials.

What size can wooden storage containers be?

Wooden storage containers can be manufactured in almost any size to suit your specific product, equipment or application. In fact, the main limitation is to ensure that the pack can fit on your chosen method of transport.

Are these suitable for shipping large items?

Wooden packing containers are amongst the best options for shipping large industrial items. They can be produced in bespoke sizes, are durable, and can feature a range of specialist features (such as lifting gear and internal fittings). The closest alternative is GRP cases, which offer similar size flexibility but with increased protection and water resistance.

Do wooden containers protect their contents?

Wooden containers offer a high degree of protection for their contents. It is possible to tailor their performance to your products, with expert packaging designers able to select specific material grades and thicknesses as required. Large wooden storage containers can also have a range of interior fittings added (including foam) to increase protection further.

What materials are used to make large wooden containers?

Large wooden containers typically use plywood in their construction. However, softwood battens are also commonly used, whilst some may use OSB instead of plywood (although this, whilst cheaper, provides less rigidity). It is not uncommon for large wooden containers to use a range of foams, Correx and other materials as internal fittings, effectively becoming composite packaging.

Bespoke large wooden container pricing

Due to the very bespoke nature of these large wooden storage and shipping containers, it is simply not possible to list prices on this website. A huge range of factors – everything from size, product weight and fragility, mode of transport, environmental considerations, and more – all impact the proposed solutions that our team of designers put forward.

Free quotes and advice

However, you can request a free, no-obligation quote for any industrial or export packaging you may require for your business. The process includes an initial consultation with one of our packaging specialists, impartial advice on the best solution for your specific application, and a detailed design proposal.

We also understand that it is critical that we are fully aware of the challenges you are likely to face and the requirements of your business before creating your packaging.

If this approach could provide the service and packaging your business requires, please get in touch.

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