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Supplying sheet plants with coated corrugated material

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Packaging for Manufacturers

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Corrugated cell dividers

Transit Packaging.

By manufacturers, for manufacturers

As manufacturers ourselves, GWP understand the challenges faced by companies that design and manufacture their own products.

This includes everything from cost pressures, maximising efficiencies in production and even reducing components being damaged during usual in-plant handling processes. Perhaps surprisingly, your packaging can help with all of this and more.

01: Packaging for Manufacturers Overview.

Full spectrum of packaging / handling products to improve your business performance

GWP intrinsically understand the challenges and pressures faced by manufacturers every day.

This is why, by working with GWP to analyse your entire packaging and handling processes, you can start to identify any inefficiencies, wasted spend and opportunities to streamline your operations.

Plus, if you are looking to source a product you have never used before, then a team of experienced packaging designers can offer impartial advice on the best solution for your specific application.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Improve packaging efficiency

Improve Your Efficiency

Improve handling, stock checking and retrieval, part identification and more

Reduce packaging costs

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Product protection

Minimise Damage

Specialist materials, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects / returns

Increased lifespan

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your aerospace packaging

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your corrugated, foam & Correx® items from a single supplier, lowering costs

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

02: Manufacturing Companies

A selection of companies GWP work with…

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03: Corrugated Packaging.

Corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturers

Regardless of the product, component, tool, equipment or other item being manufactured one thing is certain – once produced it will need protective packaging before being shipped to the end user.

When taking account the broad range of items being manufactured in the UK, the packaging requirements for these obviously vary hugely. This is where GWP’s experience and expertise as packaging manufacturers becomes invaluable to your business.

Corrugated cardboard packaging for manufacturers
Corrugated cardboard packaging is usually used extensively by manufacturing businesses

GWP can design and produce high performance corrugated cardboard packaging to suit almost any application.

As well as engineering a superior level of physical product protection GWP can also increase the performance of your packaging through a wide range of specialist coatings.

Through anti abrasion, VCI (corrosion inhibiting) and water / oil resistant surfaces, you can further protect components, assemblies, tools, equipment and finished products during manual or automatic handling.

Corrugated packaging manufacturer
Cardboard can be designed and engineered in such a way as to eliminate the need for secondary packaging such as bags, inserts and void fill

Whether a cardboard box needs to be low cost and single trip, strong and re-usable, or have specific attributes to protect your products, GWP Packaging can both design and manufacture it to your exact requirements.

Besides this, a range of specialist services – such as fully managed inventory to reduce your storage space, or rationalisation to reduce your packaging lines and enable cost efficiency – can help the efficiency of your business.

GWP can even reduce your costs through reducing the time it takes to pack your products – increasing productivity & efficiency. This is something a merchant or re-seller simply wouldn’t be able to – and another reason to work with genuine packaging manufacturers.

Advantages of using corrugated packaging

  • Single or multi-trip options
  • Print options for instructions, branding or health and safety
  • High quality retail packs for end users
  • Protection levels tailored to your products or application
  • Boxes designed specifically to reduce packing times and aid productivity
  • Inventory management to reduce storage space and meet peaks in demand

Case Study: Batten & Allen

Batten and Allen are a specialist, UK based manufacturer of precision stamping and metal pressing solutions.

Having worked with GWP for over 15 years, the company initially contacted GWP to discuss the production of corrugated cardboard reels for various wound products. Whilst these reels are fairly unique (most packaging manufacturers use more costly and heavy wood or plastic), many of GWPs’ other services were soon being used to Batten & Allens’ advantage.

Corrugated cardboard reels
GWP have developed a number of unique products from corrugated cardboard, including replacements for plastic spools / reels

For example, the company use GWP’s “Just in Time” inventory management service. This sees GWP monitor usage patterns and plan production accordingly in order to completely avoid stock outages (which would halt production – at great cost).

It also allows Batten & Allen to call of products on very short lead times using a simple to use online ordering service.

Happy customers of GWP Group

We are very pleased with our JIT supply as it means we can react to spikes in production and get items the next day. This helps the business massively. GWP also holds stock on other items and so there is no delay getting stock to us. Beyond this, price is the key issue – BUT other companies may have good prices but not quality products, with many being very fragile. GWP provides a quality product but at a good price too.

R Allen | Batten & Allen

04: Correx® Products.

Correx® handling and in-plant solutions

Besides your transit packaging requirements however, GWP Can also help to improve the efficiency of your handling and warehousing operations.

Correx® is the perfect solution for in-plant, materials handling and multi trip packaging requirements, and is a product that has been growing quickly in popularity amongst manufacturing companies

Correx in-plant tote
Correx® totes, boxes and bins can all be used to improve the efficiency of your line-side and in-plant handling processes

GWP Correx® division offer a wide range of Correx®, corrugated and rigid plastic solutions, covering the entire spectrum of reusable packaging products for the manufacturing sector.

Tote bins, boxes and Correx® trays can be complemented with a wide range of inserts and dividers, including partitions, layer pads and numerous bespoke internal fittings. These products aid the efficient movement of parts, components and materials around your factory or production facility

Order handling tote
Totes with dividers allow for efficient handling of multiple items in a single outer container

The brand new Bubble-Board material, currently only being distributed in the UK by GWP, provides further benefits too. The anti scuff and cushioning Bubble-Board materials (laminated with fabric and foam respectively), are perfect for protecting fragile items or components with highly polished or painted surfaces in transit.

Ways in which Correx® can aid your manufacturing business

  • Totes, boxes and dividers enabling efficient movement of multiple parts / components
  • Stackable options to reduce required storage space
  • Bicell material to protect delicate items or specialist surface finishes
  • Picking bins to enable quicker identification of stock or parts
  • Durable, long lasting material reduces lifetime costs
  • Largest independent Correx® packaging manufacturers in the UK

05: Applications / Images.

A solution for every application, industry & challenge

View a selection of the packaging products designed, manufactured and supplied to manufacturing companies by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Foam Packaging.

High volume protective foam packaging manufacturers

There are of course occasions when corrugated packaging alone cannot protect a product. This may be for consumer items such as TVs, audio equipment or other retail electronics. This of course also applies to a lot of other specialist tools, equipment or products that may intended purely for B2B markets.

Whilst many companies would turn to Polystyrene, there are a number of inherent issues with this material. Firstly, the environmental impact is well documented.

Less well know is that whilst Polystyrene protects well on the “first drop”, subsequent impacts or are absorbed much less well.

This in turn can lead to significant transit damage, increased costs of returns and dissatisified customers.

An alternative option is the use of low density foams. Both Stratocell and Ethafoam end caps can offer exceptional protection to your products in transit. Through clever engineering, the amount of material used can be minimised, whilst maintaining a specific level of protection tailored to your products.

Advantages of foam packaging

  • More environmentally friendly than Polystyrene
  • Offers greater protection over multiple trips and occurrences of mis-handling
  • Can be engineered to minimise material usage
  • Production alongside corrugated outers can reduce costs whilst improving fit
  • Stratocell and Ethafoam options available

07: Anti-Static Packaging.

Static protection for electronics and technology manufacture

For businesses manufacturing electronics or technology products, static can cause significant problems. It can damage parts, shorten their working lifespan or lead to components or even finished products being written off as unfit for sale.

As such, GWP Conductive offers a massive range of stock ESD Packaging and scope for almost anything that is required for in plant and materials handling.

A wide selection of conductive tote bins, boxes, dividers, layer pads, reel storage and handling products are available from stock within 48 hours and can also be manufactured from Corriplast instead of Corstat coated corrugated board where high durability is of paramount importance.

Anti static packaging
Having packaging with anti static performance can be important for manufacturers of static sensitive items and electronics

All of these options can be fully customised by adding die cut or routed foams – either conductive or static dissipative.

If none of the stock products are suitable for your specific application however, a team of ESD specialist designers, all with exceptional knowledge of conductive packaging requirements and properties, will create a completely bespoke solution to suit.

All this of course is backed up by the market leading ESD protection provided by both Corstat and Corriplast, plus UK exclusive products from SSI Schaefer.

Reasons to consider ESD safe packaging

  • Eliminates damage to electronics and components by creation of a Faraday cage
  • Huge range of boxes, totes, dividers and packaging in stock
  • Market leading Corstat and Corriplast brands
  • True market leading knowledge – over 85% of the UK anti static packaging market
  • Also aids general handling of products in your production facility
  • Custom designs service to meet and specific requirements
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08: Manufacturing in the UK.

Current conditions / organisations in the UK manufacturing sector

The industrial revolution took place from the 18th to the 19th century, seeing a shift to powered machinery and factories with mass production abilities. Before industrialisation, manufacturing effectively took place inside people’s homes with hand tools or basic machinery.

Today, manufacturing contributes £6.7 trillion towards the global economy. With manufacturing making up 11 percent of the UK’s GVA (Gross Value Added) and 54 percent of exports, the UK is the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world. It has also seen typical increases of 1.4 percent per year since 1948.

Packaging manufacture
GWP Packaging equipment manufacturing cardboard boxes at the Cricklade production facility

This has seen it remain important in overseas trade with the key markets of Europe and USA. Both the volume and value of manufacturing has increased since the Second World War, as it has in most developed nations.

Over 2.6 million people are directly employed in the manufacturing industry. It has been suggested that a higher skilled workforce, increased R&D, and a shift in production from low to high productivity goods has attributed toward the sustained growth of the industry.

Corrugated packaging
More than 6 million people are employed across the various manufacturing sectors in the UK

The biggest names in UK manufacturing include ‘Unilever’ who produces food, household products and personal care. Unilever generates £41.8 billion in revenue every year, being the world’s 3rd biggest consumer goods company – Ben and Jerrys, Lynx and Dove is just a few of the 400+ brands owned by them.

GlaxoSmithKline, based in Brentford, is also another major brand of UK manufacturing – the 6th largest pharmaceuticals company in the world. It also owns a various consumer brands such as Sensodyne, Nicorette and Horlicks. Pharmaceuticals producers generate revenue of £26.6 billion per year.

Key facts and figures

  • Manufacturing is worth £6.7 trillion towards the global economy
  • 6 million people are directly employed in UK manufacturing industries
  • The North West of the UK creates the most revenue based on output
  • Manufacturing making up 11 percent of the UK’s GVA (Gross Value Added)
  • Accounts for 54 percent of UK exports
  • UK the 11th largest manufacturing nation in the world

09: About GWP Group.

Your packaging manufacturing partner

As packaging manufacturers, rather than just suppliers, GWP know and understand the challenges your business faces. That is why we have become partners to a wide range of large, multi-national manufacturing companies and smaller SMEs alike.

GWP have supplied companies including Dyson, Honda and Renishaw with corrugated packaging for many years. GWP are the largest independent converter of Correx® in the UK. GWP have more than 85% market share in the anti static packaging market.

And perhaps most importantly, GWP Will always take the time to understand the intricacies of your business and how this can impact the success of your packaging.

As a result, one of the key advantages your business can expect from GWP is the varied services available to improve your operations. This can include fully managing your inventory, rationalising your packaging to take advantage of manufacturing economies of scale, reducing packing times to boost your productivity and even a full packaging audit to identify where you could save money.

This is in addition to the highest level of customer service that will see an individual allocated specifically to your business. Plus an experienced design team that will offer impartial, unbiased advice on the best packaging for your application. And a commitment from everyone at GWP to ensuring your total satisfaction.

So whether you need corrugated transit packaging, Correx® line-side totes, picking bins, foam protection, anti static boxes or even all of the above, GWP are certain we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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