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SKB Cases

Custom Design

Foam inserts, printing and more

UK trade supplier

Tailored pricing on all orders

Case and foam experts

More than 25 years experience

Official SKB Industrial Case Suppliers

Waterproof and rotationally moulded transit cases for a huge range of applications

Initially established in 1977, SKB cases have quickly built up a positive reputation which remains just as strong today.

Initially producing specialist cases for instruments (their very first was a guitar case), they soon expanded into producing a wide range of industrial cases and containers. These are now used across military, medical, sports, broadcast, and huge range of other diverse applications.

As an official SKB cases UK seller, your business can source and customise the full collection of these waterproof cases by working with GWP. Please see below for the SKB cases available.

SKB Cases

SKB iSeries

SKB 3i case colours

45+ Sizes
IP68 Rated

SKB MP series cases

SKB MP Series

SKB MP Case Colours

5 Sizes
Max Protection

SKB MR cases

SKB MR Series

SKB MR Case Colours

10+ Sizes
Vacuum Formed

SKB 3r cases

SKB R Series

SKB R Series Case Colours

35 Sizes
Versatile Option

SKB RX series cases

SKB Roto-X

SKB Roto X Case colours

10+ Sizes
Easy Stacking

SKB 3s cases

SKB 3s Cases

SKB 3S Series Case Colours

10 Sizes
Durable Construction

SKB Case Alternatives

Similar heavy duty / roto molded case options

There are a number of alternative rotationally and injection moulded protective cases that may be more suited to specific applications. Please see below for these SKB case alternatives.

B&W Cases

B&W Cases

B&W case colours

25+ Sizes
Low Cost Option

Explorer 4419 Case



30+ Sizes
Extra Durable

Nanuk cases


Nanuk case colours

15+ Sizes
Feature Packed

A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2

Peli ISP2 Case Colours

70+ Sizes
Stacking Pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ Single Lid

Peli Single Lid Case Colours

250+ Sizes
Hardigg Developed

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector

Peli Protector Case Colours

40+ Sizes
Industry Leader

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

Storm case colours

20+ Sizes
GWP Recommended

EXOCase waterproof flight case


Nanuk case colours

Custom Sizes
IP*6 Rated

More Info on SKB Cases

From instrument cases to industrial transit / protection

SKB cases started from humble beginnings. In fact, the first case – used to transport a guitar – was manufactured in a garage in California in 1977.

Over the next 30 years, SKB cases have earned themselves a reputation for being amongst the toughest, most durable and feature packed equipment and transit cases currently available.

Producing a selection of vacuum, rotational and injection moulded cases, SKB cases cater for a huge range of industries and applications. Whilst this still includes cases for musical instruments, the range of specialist SKB cases also incorporates options for sports, photo and video, drones, electronics, and military applications.

This is also in addition to the range of standard industrial cases. With the SKB i Series range being seen as true Peli case alternative, the range of rotomolded cases and rack units also provides competition to the Hardigg options.

Put simply, whatever your application or industry, there is an SKB case to suit.

Custom SKB Cases

For the majority of SKB cases (and particularly the SKB iSeries) there is a wide range of customisation options that you can choose from. This is addition to the standard range of colours (including, uniquely, a very bright pink) and perhaps the widest range of different sizes too.

Whist accessories including shoulder straps, lid stays, divider sets (similar to the Peli Trekpak offering), organisers, and even bezel kits for mounting electronics are all to be considered, there are further options beyond even this.

Whilst standard cubed foam inserts are available for nearly all SKB cases, the inclusion of custom foam inserts can really take the performance and protection to the next level.

Tailored to be an exact fit to not just the case but also your specific products, tools, or equipment, Plastazote inserts can also be manufactured in your brand colours, utilise a shadowboard effect (aiding productivity) and include laser etched branding and instructions. They can even be designed to include calculated levels of cushioning protection.

Therefore, if your business requires high performance protective cases – and are looking for an alternative to the Peli case options – SKB cases with foam inserts could be the perfect solution.


The most common questions regarding SKB Cases

The below section covers a number of commonly asked questions regarding SKB cases.

However, if you cannot find the specific information you need then simply get in touch – one of our protective case experts will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Are SKB Cases any good?

SKB cases are one of the largest and most well-respected case manufacturers. Their cases have been developed across more than 3 decades, with various refinements over the years making them cost effective, exceptionally tough and hardwearing, and boasting a wide range of great features.

Who makes SKB cases?

Established in 1977 by company founders Dave Sanderson and Steve Kottman, SKB Corporation manufactured its first case (a guitar case) in a small Anaheim (California) garage. Today, SKB is recognized globally as an industry leader in the design and manufacture of moulded plastic transport cases.

What are SKB cases made from?

Since approximately 2006, the majority of SKB cases have been manufactured using a proprietary blend of hi impact co-polymer polypropylene. This plastic material is as much as 3 times stronger than plastic that the majority of SKBs’ competitors use for comparable injection moulded cases.

Are there different type of SKB case?

SKB use vacuum forming, rotational moulding and injection moulding in the manufacture of their cases. This means there is a wide variety of case options, including the i Series, R Series, S Series and Roto X cases (amongst others). And this is before considering the specialist cases for specific applications (such as sports, musical instruments, drones etc.).

What colour SKB cases are available?

Different SKB case ranges are offered in different colours (with nearly all being available in black). However the iSeries also offers green, tan, yellow, orange and – uniquely – a bright pink (making it more noticeable if a case is missing or being stolen).

Can I purchase SKB cases with foam inserts?

Virtually all of the SKB cases available can be enhanced with custom foam inserts. These will provide the highest levels of protection for any application / requirement.

Which are best – SKB cases vs Pelican?

There is very little to choose between SKB cases and Pelican cases. Both offer outstanding protection, a huge range of sizes and customisation options, and have undergone extensive testing. Which option you choose really depends on which has the most appropriate size for your equipment, or which appearance you prefer.

SKB Cases for Sale

UK trade / business supplier of SKB cases

GWP Protective specialise in the supply of custom protective cases (including the full SKB range) to UK business users.

In fact, our business has been shaped by the requirements of this market.

Need custom option such as branding and foam inserts? No problem. Require advice on the best case option for your business (including those from rival brands)? As independent suppliers, we can provide truly impartial advice. Like a no obligation quote on any volume? We can provide a competitive price on any case you require.

To find out just how much working with one of the UKs largest independent case suppliers (and foam converters too) could benefit your business, please get in touch today. We are happy to help with any SKB case or alternative protective case requirement you may have.

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