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Airline approved cases – a guide to selecting a suitable option

Last Updated 29th October 2020
Posted In: Guides & Advice | Transit Protection

Cases You Can Take on Flights.

Protective cases that guarantee safe transportation of your equipment

Whilst our GWP Protective division offer unrivaled expertise in all forms of protective cases, particularly with custom foam inserts, on many occasions we get individuals asking for single or “one off” cases to protect important items when travelling abroad.

As these cases are being taken onto flights they must meet a raft of regulations, and have therefore come to be known as airline approved cases.

With the summer holiday season now in full swing, it is now the perfect time to consider airline approved cases if you are travelling abroad.

Airline approved cases
Airline approved cases are ideal if you have expensive or sensitive items that you do not wish to place in the hold when travelling via air

What are Airline Approved Cases?

Whilst most airlines have a slightly different interpretation, hand luggage is defined as bags, containers or carriers that are allowed into the cabin of commercial flights. “Hold” luggage however is (perhaps obviously) any carriers, suitcases and containers that must be placed in the aircrafts’ hold.

Whilst the UK government itself no longer sets a maximum size for items of hand luggage, which was the case prior to April 2010, the majority of operators typically allow hand luggage, or airline approved cases, that are 560mm long x 450mm wide x 250mm deep.

Nevertheless, it is becoming more frequent that many airlines, particularly budget ones such as Ryanair and Easy Jet, have their own restrictions for hand luggage and airline approved cases.

Therefore, it is always wise to check with the specific airline you are travelling with before you depart to ensure that you can take your case onto the plane with you – it may also be the case that the airlines’ own rules have recently changed.

Airline approved laptop cases
Airline approved laptop cases from Peli Storm not only are accepted as hand luggage, but also offer unrivalled protection too

Another key advantage of using one of the many carry on approved cases from GWP is that should the airline deem the case too large, heavy or unsuitable to be taken on with you – and must be checked into the hold – you can guarantee that the equipment contained within that airline approved case will still be perfectly protected.

Airline Approved Cases

The airline approved cases, particularly the Peli Storm Cases, as well as being suitable for use when travelling abroad, also boast a wealth of additional features that make them ideal for either taking on to the plane or stowing in the hold.

They are manufactured from an exceptionally tough HPX resin exterior shell, are extremely sturdy, have strong and hard wearing hinges, press and pull latches for ease of use and are surprisingly lightweight too.

This last point is particularly useful as many operators also specify a weight limit to airline approved cases – commonly 10kg for taking on to the flight (including contents).

Besides this there is also a special laptop case that offers a lid organiser and foam cushioning, making it perfect if you are heading off on an important business trip or are catching up on work whilst travelling.

Carry on cases
For larger cases, there are options with telescopic handles, wheels and locking facility for placing with other luggage

If the airline approved cases are stored in the hold, then there are other additional features which are beneficial.

This includes a “vortex” pressure release valve to equalise pressure during the flight, being dustproof (and waterproof incidentally) and having pad-lockable hasps so that you can be certain no-one else can get in.

Each Storm case can also be supplied with PICK N PLUCK™ foam so that a custom foam interior to suit any contents can be easily and quickly made.

Finally, in the highly unlikely event that a Storm case is damaged during the flight (or indeed any-when else), Peli will replace it for you free of charge, thanks to their manufacturers lifetime guarantee.

If you are specifically looking for cases for to put in the hold, then the larger Storm Cases and the Zarges aluminium cases are perfect too – offering exceptional protection, easy handling and lots of storage space too.

Don’t ruin your trip with damaged luggage

Although it may be the least exciting part of booking a trip or holiday, ensuring that you know the specific hand luggage rules for your chosen airline before flying is essential.

Whilst they do vary between airlines, the general rule is if they fit in the overhead compartment (or indeed under the seat in front of yours) then they can be carried on.

Find out more.

Selecting an airline approved case

If you are heading abroad for some sunshine, attending an important business seminar or visiting friends or relatives living abroad, then make sure you have a suitable airline approved case.

Please click here to see the available protective cases you can source from GWP, or use the details below to contact a member of our team.

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About the Author: Richard Coombes

General Manager | GWP Protective

Having originally joined GWP Protective back in 2004, working on the factory floor, Richard now heads up the business as General Manager. [Read full bio…]

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