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Shell Case Hybrid 500 (Carry On Cases)

Custom Design

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UK trade supplier

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Shell case hybrid 500 carry on case
Professional carry on case
Shell Case Hybrid 500 cases
Lockable cabin cases
Business rolling luggage case
Extra tough carry on case

Lightest Professional Carry-On Case

Foam suitcase / hard travel case for business applications

Perfect for international travel with expensive equipment or sensitive items, or for a professional appearance at client meetings, the Shell Case Hybrid 500 “carry on cases” provide a wealth of benefits.

Being exceptionally lightweight, but with better scratch, drop, and stretch resistance than injection moulded cases (due to a polycarbonate shell), you can also add inserts for these hard travel cases to create a high-performance foam suitcase. Read More

Available Colours:

Black foam
  • No obligation (and no pressure) quotes for any case
  • Impartial advice from UK based experts
  • Competitive pricing and full customisation options


More info on Shell Case Hybrid 500 carry on cases

Typically, any professional taking important items to international meetings – but who didn’t want to check their kit in to the hold of the aircraft they were travelling on – would have 2 choices. A plastic carry case (such as Peli, Nanuk, WAG, etc.), or a standard hard travel case / suitcase (such as those manufactured by brands including Samsonite).

Moulded plastic cases however tend to be heavy and bulky for use as cabin cases, limiting the space available for your items. Hard suitcases on the other hand will usually not offer the requisite protection and can be difficult source with custom foam inserts.

So, what is the solution?

The new Shell Case Hybrid 500 is ideally suited to this type of application, being the lightest (yet one of the toughest) carry on cases currently available.

With a polycarbonate shell, Shell Case Hybrid 500 provides a heavy duty and impact resistant outer construction that is also resistant to scratches, scuffs, cracking, and general mishandling.

Besides this, a layer of internal foam offers shock absorption and protection for your contents. This construction however does not affect the internal space available, with the Hybrid 550 case providing internal dimensions of 495 x 320 x 175mm.

It is also possible to add custom foam inserts (manufactured in house by GWP to ensure the highest levels of compatibility). Foam of this type will provide the highest levels of cushioning protection for your equipment, samples, prototypes, or other items that you need to transport. In effect, it can act as a high spec foam suitcase.

Advanced features for usability

However, the protection for your items does not stop there, and is in fact complemented by a range of additional features.

A built in TSA lock as standard ensures that you can secure your contents should the case travel in the hold or be separated from you at any point. It also allows for much greater ease of use, rather than having to purchase and use separate locks.

Other usability features include the durable telescopic handle, the additional pull handles on the sides of the case, as well as feet for improved stability. Alongside foam inserts, you can also add insert pouches / lid organisers for storing parts, documents and more.

Durable and long-lasting wheels also make the case easy to transport, with these wheels being more robust and – crucially – replaceable if they do somehow become damaged. This makes Shell Case Hybrid 500 carry on cases a serious alternative to traditional travelling bags with wheels / rolling carry-on luggage.

And, as these carry-on cases are generally aimed at professional / business users, it is possible to add a range of branding options too.

This includes adding custom lids (including logos), zippers, colours and more. It is of course possible to brand any foam inserts that you choose to add to the cases too.

All in all, this range of features, the levels of performance, and the customisation options, makes Shell case Hybrid 500 the leading carry-on case / rolling luggage option for professional travellers.

Key benefits of Shell Case Hybrid 500 carry-on cases

  • Lightest professional carry case currently available
  • Heavy duty 100 % impact proof polycarbonate shell
  • Internal layer of shock absorbing foam
  • TSA lock as standard
  • Padded lid organisers, pouches, and other custom options
  • Excellent branding potential, including custom lids, zippers, colours etc.
  • Durable telescopic pull handle for ease of use
  • Multiple additional handles for versatile storage / handling
  • Feet for improved stability
  • Durable and replaceable wheels

Key Features

Advanced case construction

The diagram below shows just a small selection of the features / advantages that Shell Case Hybrid 500 can offer your business.

Shell case hybrid 500 features

Durable telescopic handle


Logo plate (to add branding)


Robust, shock absorbing Polycarbonate shell


TSA lock as standard


Durable wheels (also replaceable)


Stabilizing feet


Durable ergonomic pull handle

Carry-On Case FAQs

Commonly questions regarding carry on cases

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding carry-on cases.

What are carry on cases?

Carry on cases are defined as those which can be carried onto an aircraft as hand luggage. Whilst this is typically decided by size / weight, Shell Case Hybrid 500 combines the best features of cases aimed at leisure travellers (e.g. wheels, handles, TSA locks etc.) with the durability and protection offered by industrial protective cases.

What is Shell Case Hybrid 500?

Shell Case Hybrid 500 is effectively a heavy-duty rolling luggage case / carry on case. Effectively, they have been designed for professionals travelling via air or to sales meetings to store important products, samples, prototypes, or equipment.

Couldn’t I just use a normal suitcase / cabin case?

Whilst many professional travellers will carry kit in standard cabin cases or suitcases, these tend not to provide the same high levels of protection as a standard protective case would. They can also be difficult to enhance with custom foam inserts, making them less suitable for professional use. Shell Case Hybrid 500 addresses both of these points.

Are Shell Case 500 better than moulded plastic cases?

Whilst a Shell Case Hybrid 500 will not provide the same level of protection as something like a Peli case (although will be similar to lightweight plastic cases such as those manufactured by WAG / Hofbauer) they offer features and increased internal space which makes them particularly suited to use as a carry-on case.

Can I use this as a foam suitcase?

A key benefit of Shell Case Hybrid 500 / 550 is that I can be easily enhanced with various inserts. This includes standard dividers, pouches, pick and pluck foam, and even fully bespoke, engineered foam inserts.

Can these carry-on cases be branded?

Shell Case carry on cases offer a number of potential branding options. This includes customised zippers, label areas, colours, and even changeable lids (with moulded logos – although this is subject to order volumes).

What size Shell Case Hybrid 500 cases are available?

Currently the only size available in the Hybrid 500 range is 495 x 320 x 175mm (internal dimensions). However, 2 new sizes are expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Buy Shell Case Hybrid 500

Protective cases for every application

GWP Protective are the UK’s number one independent protective case supplier (which now includes the Shell Case Hybrid 500 carry on case range).

This is why literally thousands of businesses (including many just like yours) trust us to protect their important tools, equipment, prototypes, products, sensitive items and much else besides.

Offering the widest range of branded and custom cases – alongside impartial and unbiased advice on the best one for any specific application – you can also benefit by sourcing a wide range of custom options too.

Whilst this includes extensive branding opportunities the inclusion of custom foam inserts in particular can provide optimum levels of protection regardless of the items you need to transport.

And, in addition to all of this, you can also receive free, no obligation quotes for whatever case and foam combo that you require. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Customisation Options

Branding, foam inserts and more...

Even though Shell case Hybrid 500 cases provide a wide range of features and options as standard, it is possible to enhance them still further. Please see below for a number of customisation options…

carry on case foam inserts

Custom Foam

Engineered protection for high value tools / equipment

carry on foam suitcase

Pick & Pluck

Pre cubed “pick n pluck” foam for DIY inserts / low volumes

Dividers rolling luggage case

Divider Sets

Padded dividers to organise items during transit & meetings

Shell case hybrid 500 carry on case lid

Custom Lids

Add durable, moulded branding and logos to your cases

Alternative Case Options

Wide range of protective cases for any application

WAG Heavy trolley

WAG Heavy

Lightweight yet durable moulded plastic cases

Storm Case™

Heavy duty, extra tough protection for your items

Explorer 5140 Case

Explorer Cases

Waterproof equipment cases for industrial applications

Hofbauer Megabag cases

Hofbauer Megabag

Lightweight carry cases for business professionals

Shell Case Hybrid 300 Model 335

Shell Case (STD 300)

Soft shell cases perfect for sales meetings and presentations

All protective cases

Protective Cases

Huge range of branded or custom equipment cases

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