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Shell Case Hybrid 500

Shell Case Hybrid 500

Professional suitcase with foam inside

If you travel internationally for business purposes with important tools, equipment or products, the Shell Case Hybrid 500 is the perfect suitcase with foam inside.

The Shell case Hybrid 500 is a professional carry-on case. Its unique polycarbonate shell makes it lightweight and scratch, stretch, and drop-resistant. It features a telescopic handle and wheels for ease of handling, plus a TSA lock as standard.

At GWP Protective, we are official UK distributors of the Shell Case Hybrid 500 range. And, being UK-leading foam converters, we can also modify them to provide your business with foam suitcases that are guaranteed to prevent damage and provide a professional appearance.

Suitcase with foam inside

Shell Case Hybrid 500 features

The Shell Case Hybrid 500, as well as being the lightest professional carry-on case, also offers a wide range of additional features and benefits.

Shell case Hybrid 500 Sizes

Currently, the only size available in the Hybrid 500 range is 495 x 320 x 175mm (internal dimensions). This size corresponds with the majority of airline and ATA carry-on luggage guidelines.

External Sizes

495 mm
320 mm
175 mm

Internal Sizes

600 mm
600 mm
250 mm

Weight / Capacity

Weight (empty)
3.1kg kg
Lid depth
35 mm 
Base depth
140 mm

Shell Case Hybrid 500 colours


Custom foam suitcases

There are several custom options that you can select when specifying your Shell Case Hybrid 500 cases.

Carry-on case foam inserts

Custom foam inserts

Bespoke Plastazote inserts provide engineered protection for your high-value tools and equipment.

Carry-on foam suitcase

Pick and pluck

Pre-cubed “pick n pluck” foam inserts are a low-cost option for creating DIY inserts in low volumes.

Dividers rolling luggage case

Padded dividers

Padded dividers in various configurations allow you to organise items during transit and meetings.

Shell Case Hybrid 500 carry-on case lid

Custom lids

For higher-volume orders, you can add durable, moulded branding and logos to your case lids.

Engineered foam inserts

foam for cases

Available for all cases

High-quality foam inserts can enhance any Shell Case (or alternative) your business uses.

expert design

Expert foam design

Work alongside an experienced design team to create custom-made Shell Case inserts.

branded foam

Aesthetic appeal

A vast range of colour and branding options (including laser-etched logos) enable a striking visual appearance.

UK manufactured

UK manufactured

All foam inserts/packaging are manufactured in house at GWP, ensuring the highest quality.

Buy suitcases with foam inside

At GWP Protective, we are the UK’s number one independent protective case supplier.

This is why literally thousands of businesses (including many just like yours) trust us to protect their essential tools, equipment, prototypes, products, sensitive items and more.

Offering the most comprehensive range of branded and custom cases – alongside impartial and unbiased advice on the best one for any specific application – you can also benefit by sourcing a wide range of bespoke options too.

Whilst this includes extensive branding opportunities, the inclusion of our custom foam inserts, in particular, can provide optimum levels of protection regardless of the items you need to transport.

In addition to all of this, you can also receive free, no-obligation quotes for whatever case and foam combo you require. Get in touch today to see how we can help with your Shell Case Hybrid 500 or other carry-on case requirements.

What are carry-on cases?

Carry-on cases are those you can carry onto an aircraft as hand luggage. While this is typically decided by size/weight, Shell Case Hybrid 500 combines the best features of cases aimed at leisure travellers (e.g., wheels, handles, TSA locks, etc.) with the durability and protection offered by industrial protective cases.

What is Shell Case Hybrid 500?

Shell Case Hybrid 500 is a heavy-duty rolling luggage case. It has been designed for professionals travelling via air or to sales meetings to store essential products, samples, prototypes, or equipment.

Couldn’t I use a regular suitcase or cabin case?

Whilst many professional travellers carry kit in standard cabin cases or suitcases, these do not typically provide the same protection as standard protective cases. They can also be challenging to enhance with custom foam inserts, making them less suitable for professional use. Shell Case Hybrid 500 addresses both of these points.

Are Shell Case 500 better than moulded plastic cases?

Whilst a Shell Case Hybrid 500 does not provide the same level of protection as a Peli case (although it will be similar to lightweight plastic cases such as those manufactured by WAG or Hofbauer), it offers features and increased internal space that makes it particularly suited for use as a carry-on case.

Can I use Shell Cases as a foam suitcase?

A crucial benefit of the Shell Case Hybrid 500 is that it can be enhanced with various inserts. These include standard dividers, pouches, pick-and-pluck foam, and even fully bespoke, engineered foam inserts.

Can these carry-on cases feature branding?

Shell Case carry-on cases offer several potential branding options. These include customised zippers, label areas, colours, and even changeable lids with moulded logos (although this is subject to order volumes).

What Jazz case alternatives are there?

Jazz is relatively unique in that it provides an outstanding balance between cost and durability, being more hardwearing than many of the traditional plastic sample cases. The nearest equivalents are the ProTec, Multibag and Heavy case ranges.

Shell Case Hybrid 500 alternatives

Besides the Shell Case foam suitcases/carry on cases, you can source a range of similar options from GWP.

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