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Foam inserts and dunnage options to minimise handling damage during production / shipping

Foam dunnage can take a number of forms. Usually however, it describes foam inserts used to prevent the movement and damage of components during handling in manufacturing operations.

They are often designed to be used within an outer tote bin, tray or box. Ultimately, they assist in not only protecting parts and components, but with manual or automatic handling within a manufacturing environment, or returnable supply chain packaging.

Please see below for the various foam dunnage items your business can source from GWP

Foam Trays

Foam Trays

Foam insert colours

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Container foam inserts

Container Inserts

Foam dunnage colours

Custom Sizes
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Foam divisions

Foam Dividers

Foam dunnage colours

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Foam drawer liners in a tool chest

Foam Drawer Liners

Foam insert colours

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Tool control shadowboards


Foam insert colours

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Foam packaging blocks

Foam Blocks

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Alternative foam packaging / inserts

Besides the foam dunnage that your business can use as part of your handling and production processes, there are a number of other foam products your business can take advantage of.

This includes foam packaging for high volume, single trip shipping, performance foam inserts for protecting specialist equipment, or even high-quality presentation foam for added value or retail packaging applications.

Peli case foam inserts

Foam Inserts

Foam inserts and linings for a range of protective cases

Ethafoam packaging inserts

Foam Packaging

End caps and custom single trip foam packaging

Retail foam packaging

Retail / Presentation

High quality foam packs for added value retail applications

Pink anti static foam pads

Anti Static Foam

Protect static sensitive devices susceptible to shock

More info on Foam Dunnage

Improving efficiency and part protection at your business

Foam dunnage is widely and typically used to help with the protection of parts or components whilst they are being moved around a production environment or between supplier, sub contractor and customer.

Utilised within Correx® or moulded plastic handling containers, foam inserts of this type can provide protection in a number of ways.

Firstly, they prevent items from colliding with each other when being transported, potentially causing damage to one another. Secondly, they provide a level of cushioning if a tote container is dropped or knocked. And finally, the soft nature of the foams surface can also help with preventing surface scratches and blemishes, which can result in parts being rejected or returned.

Improvements to productivity

As well as protection for parts and components, foam dunnage can also help with productivity too.

For example, the use of foam dividers can allow for more efficient packing of parts within the outer container. Foam trays can take this a step further, by enabling layering of components to further maximise space within the tote box. By making more efficient use of space within the container, it allows for more parts to be moved more efficiently.

Conversely, it can also mean that containers are not overloaded, preventing health and safety issues for staff and / or damage to the contents.

But besides this, with parts or components neatly organised it can allow for those working on an assembly line to check much more easily whether a specific item is running low. This can in turn prevent items running out, slowing or even halting production.

And finally, as parts are considerably less likely to be damaged during movement around your premises, there is less likelihood of production operatives waiting for replacement, undamaged items.

Foam Dunnage FAQs

Frequently asked questions about handling foam

See below for a number of common questions regarding the foam dunnage products available from GWP Protective.

Can’t see the answer to your specific question? Please contact a member of the GWP team – on 01722 416 440 or – who will be happy to help!

What does dunnage mean?

The dictionary definition of dunnage (and original use of the word) is “material used to keep a cargo in position in a ships’ hold”. However, the term has been adapted to cover packaging or container inserts which keep the contents of said packaging in position during handling or transportation. As such, it covers a range of foam products, dividers, inserts and even vac formed trays.

What is foam dunnage made from?

Foam dunnage is typically manufactured from Plastazote® polyethylene foam. This foam provides excellent durability at a low cost, can be easily machined, and offers excellent levels of protection / cushioning. All of this means it is widely used for a whole range of packaging applications.

How will this protect items during handling?

Foam dunnage can prevent damage to items during handling / transit in number of ways. This includes preventing overloading of the totes, eliminating damage caused by collisions between the contents themselves and the outer walls of the containers, and also preventing surface scuffs and scratches to surfaces too.

What applications is foam dunnage suitable for?

Foam dunnage can be used in virtually any manufacturing environment. This makes it ideal for industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics (anti-static dunnage is available), consumer goods and much else besides.

Are there any other dunnage options?

There are typically 4 types of dunnage – fabric dunnage, plastic dunnage, cardboard dunnage and foam. Other dunnage options available from GWP includes vac formed trays, die cut inserts and fixed or adjustable divider sets. This latter option is typically manufactured from Correx® (or sometimes cardboard) but can also be produced from specialist material such as cloth or foam laminated bubble board.

Will foam dunnage fit my existing containers?

GWP Protective can manufacture your foam dunnage to virtually any size, shape, or configuration. This means that not only can it be manufactured to fit your existing totes, but can also be tailored to match the requirements of specific parts, components, or products too.

Where can I purchase compatible outer containers?

Besides foam dunnage, GWP have vast experience of supplying a huge range of outer containers. This includes everything from Correx® totes to SSI Schaefer boxes, corrugated packaging and a range of protective case options too.

Buy Foam Dunnage Inserts

Advantages of working with foam and handling experts

GWP Protective, as part of the larger GWP Group, are uniquely placed to provide your business with specific products and a level of service that isn’t available from other foam suppliers.

For starters, working closely across all divisions of GWP means that you can source both your containers, totes and trays alongside your chosen foam dunnage. Whilst this may sound insignificant, it not only reduces your costs (and admin), but also means that the compatibility between them is vastly improved as well.

A less tangible benefit – but crucial nonetheless – is the expertise across different disciplines. Whilst most foam converters can produce foam dunnage products, they may not have the knowledge of the processes and requirements of handling parts and components as part of a production / assembly line, or when used in a larger supply chain. GWP does.

Your business can lean on this knowledge, asking for free impartial advice alongside no obligation quotes.

The bottom line? By sourcing your foam dunnage and handling containers from GWP, you can be certain that you will benefit from the most suitable option for your specific application, as well as the most cost effective too.

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