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The widest range of protective case options from an independent UK supplier.

Market leading ESD safe packaging for any static sensitive products and components.

Huge range of options and impartial advice on genuinely sustainable packaging for your business.

GWP Protective

Expertise in foam conversion and protective cases, designing and manufacturing protective solutions that completely eliminate costly damage.

GWP Protective

Expertise in foam conversion and protective cases, designing and manufacturing protective solutions that completely eliminate costly damage.

A yellow protective case with custom foam inserts manufactured by GWP Protective

High-performance protective cases and foam inserts

Whatever your industry, product or application, GWP can manufacture or supply – and fully customise – a protective solution that eliminates damage, is easy to use and is cost-effective.

A breeze-block falling on a yellow protective case

Waterproof, impact-resistant and durable protective cases for any application.

Black and orange engineered foam insert

High-performance, precisely engineered foam inserts that eliminate damage.

Three people in a sales meeting with a sample case

Gain a competitive advantage in sales meetings with professional sample cases.

A custom flight case on a cobbled street

Can’t find the case size you need? We’ll build them to the exact size that you require.

Two foam end caps protecting a electronic device

Protective foam packaging and end caps to safely ship high volumes of products.

Stacked wooden shipping crates in a warehouse

Custom wooden shipping crates and cases are ideal for industrial and export applications.

Case and foam experts

Working with GWP Protective allows you to take advantage of several value-added services and benefits.

Protect your products

Eliminate and prevent damage to tools, equipment and products with precisely calculated protection.


Experienced, knowledgeable designers create solutions tailored perfectly to your products and application.

In-house manufacture

A perfect fit

Source both your foam and cases together, vastly improving compatibility, fit and performance.

Improve efficiency

Solutions that are easy to handle, pack and unpack, and even help identify parts and equipment.

Grow sales

Grow your sales

Various options to enhance your branding and sales, including vibrant colours, printing, laser etching and more.


Let our team of experienced, UK-based experts handle every aspect of your case and foam requirement.

Protective equipment cases

A broad range of protective case options, available fully customised with foam inserts, exterior printing and more.

Branded protective cases

As an independent business, GWP can offer you the widest choice of branded protective cases – plus impartial advice regarding suitability – from a single UK supplier.

Foam inserts and packaging

Expertise in high-performance cost-effective foam inserts and packaging for unrivalled product protection.

Trusted by 100s of businesses

A small selection of the businesses that trust us with their cases, foam and packaging.

Aston Martin
BAE Systems
Rolls Royce
Williams F1
A printed guide on protecting equipment with cases and foam

Free Guide

15 crucial considerations for protecting your items

Get your free guide highlighting the 15 critical points to consider when protecting high-value tools, products or equipment. Download your copy now.

Guides and advice

A range of guides written by our team of case and foam experts providing insights, tips, advice and more.

Why GWP Protective?

GWP Protective is not only amongst the largest foam converters in the UK but is also a leading manufacturer of custom-built flight cases. Besides this, your business can also source the most comprehensive range of branded protective cases available from a single UK supplier.

As such, you can benefit from a fully integrated design service, with your chosen cases and bespoke foam inserts providing a precise fit and protection that eliminates damage to your vital tools, products and equipment.

With a specialist production facility in Wiltshire and over thirty years of experience, our team of experts can demonstrate knowledge and experience specific to various industries, including defence, aerospace, offshore, medical and automotive. You can also request genuinely impartial advice on the best solution for your particular application and free, no obligation quotes on any project or requirement. Get in touch to see how your business could benefit.

When was GWP Protective formed?

GWP Protective started as Eastman Packaging in the early 1990s before becoming part of the GWP Group in 2006. The business was rebranded to GWP Protective in 2009.

How does GWP eliminate product damage?

Damage to expensive or critical items can result in significant problems. But your products can benefit from having a foam insert designed to their exact size and shape. But unlike other foam converters, GWP Protective takes a scientific approach, with software accurately calculating the ideal material grade and thickness to protect your items.

How else can GWP Protective help my business?

Your business can see tangible benefits from working with our experienced designers and engineers. You can also take advantage of a range of services to make your life easier and reduce costs. These include a managed inventory, mobile design service (so you do not have to release items for the design process), free unbiased advice, and no obligation quotes on any job, large or small.

Can I buy just my case or foam from GWP Protective?

GWP are more than happy to supply you with foam for existing cases or empty cases for any project you are working on. However, a common issue when specifying cases and foam from different sources is that not only is the cost typically higher, but the fit and compatibility between the product, foam and exterior case are less than perfect. With a well-equipped, modern conversion facility, skilled production team and experienced designers, GWP can reduce your costs by being a genuine single-source case and foam supplier.

I need a specific protective case – can GWP help?

Being an independent supplier means that your business can source the most comprehensive range of branded protective cases from a single supplier in the UK. GWP is an official distributor for Peli, SKB, Hardigg, Zarges, Nanuk and many others. Moreover, we can offer truly impartial advice on the best option for your specific requirements.

What foam packaging products can GWP supply?

GWP are one of the largest foam converters in the UK. As such, your business can source a huge range of foam inserts, end caps and other forms of foam packaging that are cost-effective and precisely tailored to your requirements and application.

Can GWP help with presentation as well as protection?

First impressions – either in sales presentations or retail – are crucial. This is why you can source a wide range of stock or bespoke sample cases that wow potential customers in sales pitches and protect your samples.

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