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Mobile Packaging Design Service

A solution to releasing large, sensitive, confidential or expensive items for the design process

A successful packaging design always starts with a complete understanding of the product to be protected, transported and / or displayed. Everything from the surface finishes, fragility and, most obviously, shape, dimensions and weight.


For many businesses and products, this can be ascertained at the initial consultation, or by supplying a sample product for a packaging designer to analyse.

Mobile design service

However, many companies cannot release a sample. The product may be a prototype that is still under wraps. It may be a sensitive or confidential item. It may be too fragile (which is why it needs engineered packaging). It may simply be too large to transport, or too expensive to leave your offices or production facility.


The solution is a mobile packaging design service.

What do you mean by mobile packaging design service?

In essence, if you request a mobile packaging design service, then a highly experienced design engineer will visit your business to fully “digitise” the products that you need packaging.


Using the latest portable digitising equipment, your product will be accurately captured into advanced design software. Every contour, curve, dimension and profile will be mapped in virtual 3-D, creating an exceptionally accurate representation of your product within the CAD system.


Having also ascertained other important characteristics – such as weight, surface finishes etc. – the 3-D model can then be analysed before a packaging solution that is perfectly tailored to your product and application is created.


The bottom line? There is no need for your product to ever leave your offices / facility, yet the packaging is guaranteed to perform to an engineered level.

The full mobile design process

Whilst this all sounds simple in principal, GWP Group have developed a robust, proven method for ensuring that your packaging will exceed your requirements and expectations.


In fact, this innovative mobile packaging design service is just the start of a process designed to ensure your total satisfaction.


As the first step of this process, a product engineer / designers will visit to discuss the various options available and ascertain the level of protection your products, tools or components required.

Mobile design team

Once the best option has been selected, factoring in budget, intended use and a raft of other important considerations (all of which you can discuss with your allocated engineer), your products will be digitised as detailed above.


Following acceptance of quotes and production timescales, if required, you can receive a conceptual design in 3-D (subject to materials used) in order to guarantee you are happy with your proposed product before production commences.


Following the conceptual approval of the design GWP can also produce a pre-production sample. This dual approach (supplying both 3D visuals and a physical sample) not only eliminates any issues prior to full production, but also ensures the packaging is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

But is it accurate enough?

The short answer is yes! By investing in a Faro Gage, GWP Group can offer your business the advantages that come with exceptionally accurate digitisation.


In fact, within the wider engineering industry this equipment is seen as the number one portable “Coordinate Measuring Device”, mainly due to both its exceptional accuracy, ease of use and wireless (Bluetooth) operation.


It also has a superb range of features that allow your allocated designer to develop protective packaging within much tighter tolerances than had previously been achievable.


These features include:


  • A 1.2m (48”) working volume, perfect for various parts, moulds, components & assemblies
  • Exceptional accuracy of up to 0.018mm (±0.0007”)
  • Bluetooth® cable free operation allowing inspection & digitisation from up to 10m
  • Absolute portability and fast set up

A complete design service…

Please view the video below for details of the full design process your business can benefit from – including the mobile packaging design service.

In summary – a unique packaging design service

At GWP, we understand that it is not always possible for you to release sensitive, extremely large, very delicate or items that are simply too expensive or rare for the process of designing foam or other forms of packaging / protection.


As a result, GWP can offer your business a unique mobile design service – whereby an experienced packaging designer can visit your premises to fully digitise an item on site.


Following investment in the latest portable digitising equipment, this is a service that has been embraced by a large number of companies just like yours, across a broad range of industries and markets. In effect it has, in many cases, simplified the process of providing highly accurate, engineered packaging solutions.

Packaging consultation and advice
  • No need to release large, expensive or sensitive items for the design process
  • Exceptionally accurate profiling
  • Easy setup and operation – non intrusive when on site
  • Backed up by a robust design process
  • Specialist Packaging Design Engineer allocated to your account

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