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Experienced Packaging Designers.

Custom packaging design & innovative ideas tailored to your exact requirements

Your packaging should always provide performance upon which you can depend.

It should protect your product or equipment through the distribution cycle. Perform smoothly on automated packing lines. Perhaps even provide maximum point of sale impact.

These requirements can rarely be achieved by using “off the shelf” packaging.

Produced in high volume, often with a lower unit cost and with no upfront tooling charge, the appeal of stock packaging is obvious.

Packaging designers
Working with experienced packaging designers can result in maximising the benefits - and cost effectiveness - of your packaging.

However, problems with damage in transit, higher shipping costs through using oversized packs and the need for secondary packaging such as tapes and void fill, can in fact lead to higher ongoing costs in your business.

This is in addition to missing out on various features including print, integrated fittings, and tamper evident openings, for example, that simply aren’t possible without purpose-designed packaging.

01: Design Partner.

How do you choose a packaging designer?

By working with GWP Group, you can tap into an in depth knowledge of every type of transit packaging design and product you can imagine.

From high-performance corrugated cardboard designs to protective foam engineering and from in-plant re-usable packaging to specialist anti-static boxes, GWP has it all covered.

A technical design team will maximise the performance and therefore cost-effectiveness of your custom packaging design. You can also take advantage of a free sampling service for many new products before commencing with production, ensuring you are completely satisfied before production commences.

In summary, your business can work alongside a dedicated and experienced packaging design team, equipped with the latest in CAD technology and supported by an active research and development program.

02: Packaging Design Process.

A proven process for creating successful custom packaging

There are a number of stages involved within the packaging design process GWP will undertake for your business.

Whilst this varies slightly depending on the packaging type (or types) you require, the same general process is usually adhered to.

Initially, an experienced packaging expert will visit you in order to ascertain the options available, and identify the best fit for your specific requirement. This will include consideration of your application, products, industry sector and budget (amongst numerous other factors)

GWP will then conduct a conceptual design process in house, including the digitisation of the products if necessary. The result of this will be a detailed quotation and then, if required, a full 3 dimensional drawing for pre-production engineering approval.

Packaging cost reduction through design
GWP's design software is closely integrated with manufacturing processes to ensure consistent high quality packaging

Following approval of the virtual design, GWP will then manufacture and supply a first-off prototype for final approval prior to volume manufacture.

By creating both a visual and production sample, you have two levels of assurance in place to ensure not only that you are completely happy with the design, but that any possibility of errors are removed.

Once this has been signed off, we will begin the manufacturing process at our modern, well equipped manufacturing facilities.

This approach ensures that your packaging requirement, whether protective cases with foam insertsCorrex®, traditional corrugated cardboard or anything in between, will be right first time, every time, eliminating costly mistakes and missed deadlines.

03: Corrugated Packaging Design.

Expertise in cardboard boxes and packaging for over 25 years

If you are looking for a new corrugated packaging design, perhaps for a brand new product, to resolve a problem with your existing packaging or to simply lower your costs, GWP’s corrugated packaging design team can help.

You can tap into the extensive packaging design expertise to specify bespoke designs to suit any brief, performance criteria, or budget.

However, more than simply designing corrugated packaging, GWP’s designers will always look to add value to your packaging. This could be done in a number of ways.

Packaging design expertise
GWP have a team of experienced designers that can create bespoke packaging tailored to your specific requirements.

For example, analysis of material used could highlight if your packaging is over-specified – creating an opportunity for cost savings. Any damage that your products are suffering in transit can be analysed and resolved. This itself could involve looking at handling, storage processes and even how high your packaging can be safely stacked.

It is even possible to reduce packaging times – improving the productivity of your business.

This is of course in addition to being able to advise on the best corrugated packaging solution for your specific application.

Design process in action

See how a full, in depth design process could benefit your business by watching the video below.

Reasons to trust GWP with your corrugated packaging design project

  • Utilisation of latest CAD software & systems
  • Innovative designs tailored to any brief
  • Packaging performance and product protection by design
  • Calculated stacking strength
  • Engineered cost savings
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Aesthetically striking product presentation
  • Objective appraisal and improvement of existing designs
  • Environmentally sound solutions

04: Foam Engineering.

Specific foam engineering knowledge and protective case design

GWP Protectives’ ethos is simple – providing your business with the highest quality of case and foam packaging, plus a unique level of service

As a result of this you will have a dedicated in house designer allocated to your business, who will have a vast knowledge of flight cases, branded protective cases, and expert engineering of foam inserts and cushion packaging.

Your designer will always look for ways of maximising the performance and cost-effectiveness of your chosen protective case solution. As with other divisions of GWP Group, you will be offered a first-off approval service too.

Innovative packaging design
GWP Protective design foam inserts using cutting edge technology that can calculate the specific cushioning performance required

This ensures that all new products, whether they be a protective case, foam insert or flight case, are optimised to achieve your specific requirements before commencing with full production.

Utilising cutting edge technologies and software, it is also possible to customise existing protective cases to provide optimised levels of protection.

The experience and knowledge of the GWP Protective designers and support team will also allow them to suggest alternatively engineered solutions that may not otherwise have been considered.

Using the most up-to-date cushion calculation software, it is possible to calculate precise levels of protection for almost any product, taking into account its weight and fragility for any given drop height. For further information on the calculations and service, please click here.

See for yourself…

See the full case / foam design process by watching the short video below.

Advantages of case / foam design for your business

  • Expert designers with over 25 years’ experience
  • Utilisation of latest software and systems
  • Case and foam manufactured together for perfect fit
  • Digitising of products for accurate profiles
  • Calculated levels of cushioning performance
  • Full conceptual design & sampling service
  • Mobile design service available
Free download: GWP Group guide to reducing packaging costs

Free Guide

17 Ways to Reduce Your Long Term Packaging Costs

Get your free guide highlighting 17 actionable, but often overlooked, ways of minimising the ongoing costs of your packaging.

05: Correx® Designers.

The leading independent Correx® designers in the UK

GWP offer an unmatched design service, taking pride in the Correx® design expertise we can offer your business.

A team of highly experienced designers, all with a depth of specific knowledge in the fabrication of Correx®, ensures an innovative, well engineered and durable new design is created that exceeds your expectations and requirements.

Correx packaging design
Designing in Correx® is surprisingly different from cardboard, and poses many specific challenges and difficulties.

With an exceptional understanding of the unique properties of Correx®, your business can not only benefit from the right solution technically, but also new designs engineered to achieve the maximum possible durability at the lowest possible cost.

This is achieved primarily through applying the optimum combination of material selection and construction.

The result is custom Correx® bins, in-plant materials handling products and reusable packaging tailored to your exact requirements.

Why use GWP for Correx® design?

  • A unique depth of expertise in the use of Correx® materials
  • Utilisation of latest CAD software & systems
  • Innovative, bespoke designs for any new application
  • Exceptional performance and durability
  • Cost engineering for maximum customer value
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge of the latest materials and products, including Bubble-Board
  • Free advice on the optimum solution for your application

06: Anti-Static Packaging Design.

Market leaders in ESD safe packaging

GWP Conductive are the most experienced anti static packaging designers in the UK market.

As such, your business can tap into the vast amount of experience and knowledge in the design and manufacture of custom anti-static packaging and in plant handling items.

A designer allocated to your project will have extensive experience in working with Conductive materials, and can create a bespoke design using a range of ESD safe materials chosen to best suit your specific application.

Anti static packaging design
Anti static packaging, if not designed correctly to create a "faraday cage", will not be effective in protecting ESD sensitive items

GWP Conductive also work hand in hand with the other divisions within GWP Group to ensure that every new packaging solution will provide everything you need and more.

As well as creating fully bespoke designs from scratch, this also includes modification of a wide range of the products offered by the other divisions in order to make them ESD safe.

The close working relationships between divisions and their designers, customer service teams and production staff streamlines the design and manufacturing processes, ensuring you benefit from a genuine single source supplier across the range of packaging you require.

So when one of the stock anti static packaging products is not exactly right for your application, our engineers will evaluate your needs and using the latest CAD software and technology, design the perfect solution.

Your partner for conductive packaging design

  • A unique depth of expertise in the use of Conductive materials
  • Use of the latest CAD software & systems
  • Innovative, bespoke designs for any new application
  • Exceptional ESD performance as well as durability and strength
  • Cost engineering for maximum customer value
  • Over 25 years of experience

07: Packaging Design Awards.

A history of excellence and achievement

Your business can work in partnership with a team of award winning designers. In fact, GWP’s design teams have achieved industry recognition and awards for excellence, innovation and for exceeding the expectations of businesses like yours.

For example, GWP Group has won multiple Star-Pack awards (the industry gold standard), including designs created for, amongst others, confectionary brand Bendicks and household name Dyson.

The most recent awards included a gold, sustainability and “best in show” awards at the 2018 Starpack event.

The Starpack Industry Awards scheme, now in its fifty-sixth year, is widely regarded as the UK’s premier annual packaging awards scheme and recognises innovation in packaging design technology.

Your allocated design expert will take part in regular training initiatives, workshops and industry schemes in order to provide you with the latest ideas, solutions and material innovations.

08: Case Study.

The James Dyson Foundation

GWP Packaging worked closely with Dyson to re-engineer the James Dyson Foundation’s Ideas Box, a popular education resource pack for schools.

The Ideas Box is used to safely transport and store free educational equipment and materials that are loaned to primary schools across the UK. Once the school has finished with the Ideas Box, it is repacked and then returned to the Foundation for use by another school.

Dyson ideas box
GWP Packaging successfully redesigned the James Dyson Foundation ideas box, which has gone on to critical acclaim at the 2018 Starpack Awards

When tasked with improving the Ideas Box, the key focus that was being able to make it simpler to use whilst keeping it robust and cost effective.

Because many different individuals reuse the boxes, many times, it was important that it is easy and quick to repack so as to minimise the chance of damage occurring in the repacking process.

The pack proved so successful that it won multiple Starpack Awards in the 2018 competition.

Happy customers of GWP Group

Our education packs are very popular with teachers and we have hundreds constantly in circulation going out on loan to schools and then being returned. We’re very pleased with the redesign that GWP did for us, as well as the cost reduction they were able to achieve.

Danya Walker | The James Dyson Foundation

09: Summary.

The key benefits of working with experienced packaging designers

  • Utilisation of latest CAD software & systems
  • Senior designer allocated to your business
  • Innovative designs tailored to any brief
  • Environmentally sound solutions
  • Packaging performance and product protection by design
  • Value engineering for ongoing cost savings
  • Objective appraisal and improvement of existing designs

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