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Product Protection

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Eliminate Transit Damage

Engineered product protection ensuring your items do not suffer costly damage

Regardless of the value of the products you manufacture or distribute, by working with GWP Group you can benefit from strategies to improve product protection and reduce transit damage that are both relevant, and tailored, to your business.

This in turn can reduce the cost associated with returns, replacements and written off stock, can enhance your brand perception and even aid repeat sales through end user satisfaction.

GWP Group has a proven track record in designing and manufacturing a wide range of packaging that can significantly minimise and in most cases completely eliminate your products, parts, components and / or equipment being damaged in transit.

Product Protection Strategies

A number of ways in which you can prevent breakages

Please see below to discover how, regardless of your current packaging and product protection requirements, you can minimise the impact of transit damage on your business.

Engineered protection packaging

Calculated Packaging Performance

Precisely engineered protection from shock & impact

Your business can take advantage of powerful yet little known software for product protection. Utilising extensive drop test data and complex algorithms, it can precisely calculate the grade and volume of foam material needed to offer the optimum level of protection.

Eliminate transit damage

Shipping Damage Prevention

Reduce return costs & improve client satisfaction

The easiest way to lose customers is to supply damaged products. Whether retail, tools for niche industries or even mission critical components, the costs of returning / replacing goods – plus customer dissatisfaction – can have a negative impact on profitability and future sales.

Material analysis

Material & Construction Analysis

Optimum material and construction

Sometimes strength needs to be added to packaging for successful product protection. The opposite is also true, in that packaging may be over specified. Analysing material & construction can reduce costs without compromising the performance of your packaging.

The Importance of Product Protection

Tangible benefits beyond preventing returns and the costs of damage

Transit damage can mean different things to different companies.

If for example, you ship high volumes of low value or even perishable goods, there is always likely to be some level of goods arriving at their destination which cannot be sold (although there is obviously a threshold where this becomes an issue).

Alternatively, you may manufacture highly calibrated, specialist items worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. You may produce consumer electronics or luxury goods of high retail value. Your products may even be critical to a larger project or manufacturing process which cannot be stopped at any cost.

In this scenario, any transit damage can be catastrophic.

Regardless of the challenges you are facing as a business, your packaging should perform in such a way as to ensure that product damage (and the knock-on effect to your reputation) is not one of them.

Selecting the right protective packaging products / strategies

One of the key services that GWP Group offer to all of our customers is the knowledge, experience and ability to minimise and frequently eradicate damage caused to your products or parts during transit.

A team of designers and engineers will be able to provide guidance on the best form of packaging for your particular application, as well as being able to create bespoke solutions that are tailored precisely to your requirements.

That fact that GWP are able to offer such a wide range of packaging products also means that you can be certain the advice you receive is truly impartial (unlike other packaging companies that may try to steer you towards using something they stock or manufacture, but is not 100% perfect for your needs).

This level of expertise also extends to precisely tailored levels of protection, taking advantage of both theoretical and physical testing.

And, manufacturing your corrugated packaging, protective cases, foam inserts or multi trip handling items in house, ensures that the quality and performance of your chosen packaging solution exceeds your expectations.

Product Protection FAQs

Frequently asked questions on how to prevent transit damage

The topic of preventing damage to items during handling and shipping is, unsurprisingly, extremely complex. As such, there are numeorous commonly asked questions, a number of which are addressed below.

However, if you’re unable to find the answer to your specific question simply contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444 or email

How can I stop my products being damaged in transit?

Transit damage can be a real burden on your business and operations (not to mention the damage it can do to your customer relationships and ongoing business). Fortunately GWP can provide a range of solutions to and strategies to minimise transit damage – everything from analysis of material, suggestions on the type of packaging used, and even using software and physical testing to ascertain the optimum levels of protection for your specific items.

Is corrugated packaging suitable for shipping high value items?

Corrugated packaging (such as that used for transit or ecommerce applications) can provide a surprising amount of strength, durability and protection. However, where this may not be sufficient, GWP can engineer a range of specialist inserts, or use other materials (such foams, Correx® or moulded plastic cases) so that you can benefit from a packaging solution that is truly tailored to your business.

Should I consider using foam packaging to protect my items?

Foam packaging – when used correctly – can provide the highest levels of protection for your items. In fact, it is even possible to calculate the exact levels of protection specific foam grades / designs will provide using advanced software.

What is meant by calculated protection?

The design team at GWP utilise arrange of advanced software packages that allow for specific levels of protection to be engineered into your packaging. This software uses theoretical data to allow for precise calculations based on handling conditions, material type used and product fragility. GWP can also arrange for physical testing of samples as required.

I only ship low value items – can you still help?

Whilst there is obviously more of a focus on damage prevention when the value of the items being shipped is particularly high, GWP can design and manufacture packaging that will be suitable for protecting virtually any product (regardless of size, shape, value or complexity).

How can minimising damage reduce my costs?

The obvious way that minimising damage reduces your costs is through minimising the requirement of sending out replacement products, and the costs incurred in writing-off or repairing those which are damaged. However, this also reduces admin, and can also help your business perception (with reliable supply leading to increased customer loyalty, recommendations and repeat business).

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If you are fed up with customer returns, delayed projects, damaged tools and equipment – or simply want your packaging to perform to its full potential – then please speak with one of GWP’s packaging engineers today.

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