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GWP take part in prestigious Starpack Awards

GWP take part in prestigious Starpack Awards

GWP Packaging enter the prestigious Starpack Awards with high quality retail packaging

GWP Packaging has entered the Starpack 2013 awards, with the results to be announced this Thursday (6th June). GWP’s entrant, the design and packaging produced for Wildlife World Minibugs which has already won a GIMA (Garden Industry Manufacturers Association) Award, has been entered in the “Garden, Home and Other” category of this year’s Starpack Awards.

Chosen due to the clever construction, combination of printing and manufacturing techniques, plus helping the Minibugs brand to exceed sales targets, Mike Poynter (who has completed the lengthy entry process) is confident that the packs will impress the panel of judges who will determine the 2013 Starpack Award winners.

Mini Bugs Starpack awards

GWP Packaging’s entry into the Starpack Awards

GWP head designer, Mike Poynter, completed the in depth Starpack Award entry process and was keen to highlight the many advantages offered by the packaging.

Key to the packs success has been the on shelf visual impact. Aimed at the children’s market, it was ensured that the product is highly visible, in an open fronted format for tactile purposes. The purchaser, once captivated, has clear access to see and touch the product with ease. In addition, through clever construction the product is located firmly in position without the use of plastic ties, for both transit and retail security purposes.

We have incorporated Wildlife Worlds very clear brand message of sustainability and environmental awareness through the packaging. This has been achieved through clever use of materials, all components being made from 100% recyclable corrugated, the fact we have eliminated the use of acetate and or polyester windows to great effect and where possible used water based flexographic inks, without compromising on shelf presence or visual impact.

Mike Poynter | Head Designer, GWP Packaging

Through the structural design process, it was ensured that the outer aperture was suitable for various product ranges.  A seamless opening that suits all product variations on shelf was achieved, and the design of the individual fittings encompassed material rationalisation, rigidity for transit purposes yet still ensuring the products visibility and eliminating the use of additional packaging components such as cable ties etc.

In addition to, due to the nature of the products and their manufacture, a +/- 3mm tolerance in all fittings was worked to, in terms of how they hold the product. Taking the tolerance into account, the products still had to be located and housed for transit protection purposes without the ability to remove the item in store.

Finally, the packaging / products have already had success in the GIMA Garden Industry awards winning the new product gold award and was also a GIMA environmental award finalist.

Previous Star Pack Entries

GWP Packaging have a history of entering the Starpack Awards, and have been winners on many occasions. Perhaps the most successful previous pack entered, was one produced for Bendicks.

This pack acted as both a transit container – safely transporting the food products within – but once in store it also became the “point of sale” dispenser. By fulfilling both roles, the packaging cut down on waste, handling of the goods prior to sale, and was much more efficient for retailers and end users through simplifying the overall process.

This impressed the Starpack Award judges, resulting in the design being voted top of it’s category ahead of strong competition.

Starpack Awards

About the StarPack Awards

The Starpack Awards for industry have been running for 54 years, making it the longest running award event of its kind. Star Pack is widely regarded as the UK’s leading awards for all facets of the packaging industry, including manufacture, design and new technology. It is also run alongside the popular and highly successful schools and student event, which focusses on the next generation of packaging designers and innovation.

Organised by IOM Communications, the Starpack Awards are also endorsed by “The Packaging Society” (a division of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining – hence IOM3 on their website). Winning a Starpack Award, as well as providing recognition for a company’s designers, will also offers potential global recognition through entry into the Worldstar Awards.

In essence, the objectives set out by the Starpack Award scheme is to promote best practice amongst packaging designers and companies, focus on innovation in design, materials and construction, whilst also maintaining strong environmental credentials. Perhaps most importantly, it also aims to highlight and promote the needs of the consumer and end user, with the functionality and usability throughout its lifecycle (including disposal) being a key factor.

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To find out more about the Starpack awards, and GWP’s entry, then please keep checking our news section or visit the Starpack site by clicking the link below.



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