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Medical Packaging

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Anti staic medical packaging

Specialist Protection.

Clean room & pharmaceutical packaging

Pharmaceutical and medical packaging faces a number of challenges that other industries do not. What’s more, the consequences of poor performing packaging could even be the difference between life and death.

As a result, it is critical to have complete trust in the clean room, medical and / or pharmaceutical packaging that your business uses.

01: Medical Packaging Overview.

Wide range of clean room, sterile and medical approved packaging and handling products

Medical packaging usually needs to be sterile. Handling products often need to be approved for use in clean rooms. Any re-usable item needs to be easy to clean. Specialist medical devices – which can often cost thousands of pounds – need to be protected.

Packaging can even help with ensuring that tools or equipment are not lost or mislaid – which can be crucial to patients’ health.

If any of the above is relevant to your business, then GWP can help. Through careful analysis of your current packaging products and processes, any weaknesses or cost savings can be identified.

And if you have never sourced a specific product before, an experienced team of designers will create a packaging solution tailored to your exact requirements.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Reduce packaging costs

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Product protection

Minimise Damage

Specialist materials, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects / returns

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your corrugated, foam & Correx® items from a single supplier, lowering costs

Increased lifespan

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your medical packaging

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

Improve packaging efficiency

Improve Performance

Clean room, sterile and anti-static options for varying applications

02: Medical Packaging Companies

A selection of companies GWP work with…

Latis Scientific logo
NHS logo
Owen Mumford logo
Prima dental logo
Spec Savers logo
Spectrum medical logo

03: Correx® Packaging.

Clean room Correx® for handling, packaging and waste control

GWP Correx® has a wealth of knowledge in producing clean room packaging and Correx® solutions for the medical and supporting industries. This includes manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and instruments, as well as hospitals and private care organisations.

Materials handling trays, divisions systems and re-usable tote bins have all proven to be successful for this sector when manufactured from Correx®.

Pharmaceutical correx
Correx® is widely used in medical and pharmaceutical industries due to it's suitability for clean room applications

Correx® is ideally suited to clean room environments as it is low-shedding, easily cleaned, is suitable for printed instructions or warnings and is very sturdy and durable.

Correx® boxes and totes can also be further customised through dividers and inserts or, for delicate and fragile surgical or metrological equipment, with fully bespoke engineered foam inserts. These solutions will ensure that critical equipment or instrumentation will arrive safely and in perfect condition, fully protected against mishandling in transit.

Correx medical device packaging
Correx® can also be combined with foam to create successful medical device packaging

Besides this, by supplying specialist trays, Correx® inserts and dividers for storing and transporting vials, tubes and other equipment, Correx® handling products have proven invaluable to the Pharmaceutical industry too.

Other products suitable for clean room applications in the medical sector available from GWP, includes rigid plastic euro bins, trays and cases.

Advantages GWP Correx® offers to the medical sector

  • Vast experience of medical and clean room applications
  • Huge range of stock Correx® packaging and materials handling products
  • Exceptionally short lead times and very competitive pricing
  • Custom designs produced by a dedicated design team
  • Boxes, Tote bins, Trays, Dividers and other dunnage options
  • Customisation through inserts, layer pads and foam interiors
  • Conductive and ESD safe options for sensitive equipment

Case Study: NHS Tooth Fairy Boxes

Correx® can be used for a variety of applications, as proven when the NHS approached GWP Correx® to manufacture some new packaging.

Instead of the usual requirement of trays or bins for the safe handling of tools or waste, Correx® was used to create boxes which were used as a “give-away” pack for young patients at one of the NHS’ oral health clinics.

NHS correx boxes
GWP Correx® manufactured promotional Correx® boxes for the NHS as part of their "Tooth Fairy" campaign

The finished design was further enhanced with graphics, branding and key messages about the service.

Happy customers of GWP Group

I just wanted to say how delighted we are with the Tooth fairy boxes for the Oral Health Promotion Team. I would like to express our sincere thanks to you and the team at GWP for all your help and for making our idea a reality! I will be contacting you again in the near future as we would like to ask you for another quote!

Sue Bevan-Jones | NHS Senior Oral Health

04: Foam Packaging.

High performance foam packaging for medical devices

It can often be of critical importance (sometimes even life and death) that any surgical or medical equipment and instrumentation arrives in perfect condition.

This is why many organisations operating within these sectors are increasingly turning to GWP Protective for their protective storage and transportation applications.

Medical protective foam
Foams such as Plastazote® are ideal for protecting medical devices

Protective cases with custom foam inserts are increasingly used in Surgical Instrument hire applications, where the quality of engineering and manufacturing standards guarantee a longer lifespan for cases subjected to hundreds of uses over a period of several years.

Perhaps more importantly than this, the foam itself can be tailored to the exact size and profile of the items to be protected. This eliminates movement during transit and virtually eradicates damage. This is particularly true when utilising software that calculates the exact thickness of foam required to protect against specified levels of shock and impact.

Foam can have a number of other benefits too. Shadow-foam can help identify any tools or equipment missing from a case. And, through use of colours and laser etching of logos, it can also help to present products if the devices will be sold directly to end users.

Key benefits engineered foam can offer medical sector organisations

  • Single source for cases and foam, guaranteeing seamless compatibility
  • Clean room options and advice
  • Precisely engineered foam protection tailored to the profiles of your equipment
  • Wide range of custom or branded protective cases
  • Expert, experienced in house design team
  • Vast experience of working with medical and metrological clients
  • Mobile design service for sensitive items
  • “Shadow” foam to enable quick identification of missing items or equipment

Case Study: 270 Vision / BPM Pro

Focusing on products that are designed to measure body performance accurately, efficiently and in real time, BPM Pro turned to GWP to help them launch a new product into a very competitive market.

The “BPM Physio” was a brand new product, which for its’ launch required presentation in an attractive looking case. This involved not only selecting a suitable outer case, but also intricate foam fabricating techniques to ultimately create aesthetically pleasing presentation packaging for the company.

Initially, this included digitising the components and creating a 3D model within the CAD systems for initial proofing.  The main challenge was that there were lots of smaller items and the display of these in a neat, compact format (particularly leads etc.) was crucial.

270 vision medical device packs
Retail ready packaging that GWP manufactured for medical device company 270 Vision

However, the finished result was very clean and hid any messy cables, leads and adaptors, whilst also allowing all parts of the kit to be easily accessible and professionally presented.

Laser etching was also used to enhance the foam inserts, with a large logo being incorporated in an area that sometimes held a tablet and was sometimes empty. This complemented instructions and part numbers.

Jane Gossling, Manager at 270 Vision – the company behind the BPM Physio product – also commented on the excellent working relationship that developed between the 2 parties.

Happy customers of GWP Group

Everyone at BPM Physio enjoyed the experience of working with GWP Protective. GWP were very creative with regards to ideas for the inserts, and also offered advice on ideas generated by ourselves. GWP were quick, responsive, patient, eager to help and incredibly tolerant of gaps in our knowledge. I would absolutely recommend GWP to other companies looking for a similar service.

Jane Gossling | Manager, 270 Vision

05: Applications / Images.

A solution for every application, industry & challenge

View a selection of the medical / pharmaceutical packaging products designed, manufactured and supplied by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Medical Device Packaging

Anti-static packaging for sensitive medical equipment

Besides the use of foam for protecting delicate medical instruments, with many also featuring complex and and specialist electronics there is frequently a need to protect items from static damage too.

With the UK medical market itself growing by almost 10% in the last year, the emphasis within the supporting industries has focused on the next generation of technology, leading to an increased need for ESD safe transit, handling and storage solutions.

GWP Conductive is widely seen as a market leader in the supply of ESD safe and conductive packaging products into the medical device industry.

Anti static medical pcakaging
Sensitive electronics within medical devices can be susceptible to damage caused by static

In an industry where the reliability and condition of surgical equipment and instrumentation is of absolute importance, manufacturers of medical equipment are frequently contact GWP for ESD safe transit, storage and materials handling requirements.

This expertise in providing both stock and bespoke medical packaging solutions, re-usable Corriplast packaging and the SSI Schaefer range of conductive materials handling products provides businesses like yours with ESD solutions that not only have a longer life span, but also higher level of performance.

Ultimately, by protecting your products from static, you are prolonging their lifespan and avoiding potential problems caused by faulty or damaged equipment.

Advantages GWP Conductive can offer medical companies

  • Protect electronic devices/ equipment from damage caused by Electro Static Discharge (ESD)
  • Vast experience of working in medical industries
  • Conductive Corriplast also suitable for clean room applications
  • Conductive and ESD safe foam options for additional cushioning
  • Custom designs with a dedicated design team

07: Corrugated Packaging.

ESD safe packaging for high value electronics / components

There are many occasions when medical packaging is required in volumes that make very specialised packaging (such as engineered foam and anti-static) not cost effective.

Fortunately, in situations such as this GWP Packaging has the experience, knowledge and expertise required to deliver quality, reliability and innovation corrugated packaging products that still meet the demands of the industry.

For example, by adding water and oil resistance, plus anti scuff and corrosion inhibitor to corrugated cardboard, it allows the creation of clean room packaging for medical instruments that may otherwise become damaged or contaminated in storage or transit.

Medical product retail packaging
With the market for medical and "wellness" products being ever more competitive, any retail packaging must help in aiding sales

This is in addition to transit packaging perfectly suited to shipping finished retail products or parts / components between manufacturing facilities.

This expertise in providing bespoke corrugated cardboard solutions, re-usable Correx® packaging and a range of specialist coatings provides businesses like yours with medical packaging that not only has a longer life span, but also higher performance.

GWP can provide you with a solution however specialist the requirement. From clean room to transit, and sterile to multi use, GWP can meet and exceed the requirements of your brief.

Corrugated transit packaging
Corrugated cardboard transit packaging with dividers can be ideal for medical manufacturers

Advantages GWP Packaging can offer medical companies

  • Vast experience of working in the medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Full packaging inventory management service
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Enhanced properties through specialist coatings
  • Complementary products from our other divisions
  • Custom designs with a dedicated design team
Free download: GWP Group guide to reducing packaging costs

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08: Medical Industry.

The Medical and Pharmaceutical markets in the UK

The medical and pharmaceutical industries have a long and distinguished history in the UK. From the establishment of Beechams way back in 1842 to the discovery of Penicillin in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming, the UK has long been at the fore-front of innovation and technology.

Following the Second World War, social healthcare systems such as the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) created a unified medical service with a more structured system for the prescription of medicines. The service as we know it today has a budget of roughly £116 billion – with one in five of the world’s largest prescription drugs being developed in the UK.

Medical industry UK
Approximately 1 in 5 of the worlds major prescription medicines are developed in the UK

Home to both GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca (both within the world’s top ten largest pharmaceutical companies), the UK’s pharmaceutical industry directly employs around 72,000 people and is the UK’s largest export manufacturer worth £20.7 billion.

Pharmaceutical industry UK
The UK has the largest Research and Development (R&D) expenditure of any European Country accounting for 23 percent of the total.

The industry so far has invested almost £4 billion in Research and Development and has contributed roughly £8.5 billion to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The majority of the UK’s medical manufacturers are based in the south of the UK.

In addition, the UK has the largest Research and Development (R&D) expenditure of any European Country accounting for 23 percent of the total. This is closely followed by France with 20 percent, Germany with 19 percent, and lastly Switzerland with a smaller proportion of 11 percent.

Key facts and figures

  • The UK’s pharmaceutical sector dates back to 1842
  • The UK’s R&D expenditure amounts to over £30 billion
  • Employment in the UK’s pharmaceutical industry accounts for 72,000 jobs
  • UK’s largest export manufacturer worth £20.7 billion
  • NHS budget approximately £116 billion
  • £4 billion investment in Research and Development to date
  • Contributed roughly £8.5 billion to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

09: About GWP Group.

Your medical packaging partner

Put simply, GWP Group can offer your business the expertise accrued over more than 25 years in the packaging industry. This includes supplying medical and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes – from global brands to smaller SMEs alike.

This includes supplying Correx® packaging and easy clean handling products to the NHS. It includes a market share of more than 85% in the anti-static packaging sector – crucial for the protection of specialist medical devices and equipment. And GWP are one of the few companies in the UK that can accurately calculate the cushioning performance of foam inserts, offering your items the highest level of protection available.

Your company’s satisfaction is also of the highest importance to GWP. As such, you will have a customer satisfaction manager personally allocated to your business. You can call on design team with specific knowledge of the challenges faced by medical sector organisations. And all of your medical packaging will be manufactured in a clean, modern production environment.

By focusing on what your business needs from its packaging to be successful, a number of benefits can be realised. Analysis of your packaging and processes can often reveal significant cost savings. A fully managed inventory ensures you never run out of packaging and reduce storage space simultaneously. In fact, a huge range of services can directly impact your business.

All of this is achieved and delivered even within the most stringent deadlines, without ever compromising the quality or performance required of your packaging.

So whether you are looking to source trays, multi or single trip corrugated packaging, clean room boxes and cartons, or foam inserts for safe transportation and storage of your medical products / equipment, GWP can supply each and every one.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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