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Corrugated Cardboard Mailing Boxes

Manufacturers of postal boxes for business / wholesale supply

GWP understands that requirements for shipping orders, products or goods can vary significantly from business to business. As a result, you can source – and customise – a wide range of postal packaging boxes and cardboard mailers to suit your specific application.

With a mixture of PIP, BDC and BDCM mailing boxes manufactured to pre-defined sizes and specifications, plus a wide range of bespoke options to provide your business with exactly the packaging you need, GWP Packaging supply postal packaging that will not only protect your products in transit, but help to reduce your ongoing costs as well.

Couple this with a wide range of customisation options – including print, inserts, dividers and material grades, and you can source truly bespoke packaging at truly cost effective prices.

BDCM box

BDCM Boxes (Retail Standard)

Postal packaging colour options

4 Standard Sizes
Enquire for details

BDC boxes

BDC Cartons (Retail Standard)

Postal packaging colour options

3 Standard Sizes
Enquire for details

Long cardboard boxes

Long Cardboard Boxes

PiP Box colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Custom mailing boxes

Custom Mailing Boxes

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Bespoke sizes, styles and features

Postal book wraps

Postal / Book Wraps (5 Panel)

PiP Box colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Large letter boxes

Large Letter Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

353 x 250 x 25 mm
Max Size (L x W x D)

Small parcel boxes (PIP)

Small Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

450 x 350 x 160 mm
Max Size (L x W x D)

Medium parcel boxes

Medium Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

550 x 350 x 310 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Void fill packaging

Paper Void Fill Packaging

Void Fill colours

Perfect for safe ecommerce shipping

Integral fittings

Inserts, Dividers & Foam

Cardboard packaging insert colours

Improved packing and transit protection

Large parcel boxes

Large Parcel Boxes (PIP)

PiP Box colours

550 x 350 x 380 mm
Internal (L x W x D)

Ecommerce packaging

Ecommerce Packaging

Packaging material colours and print options (swatches)

Packaging for any business selling online

More Info on Postal Packaging

Ecommerce, mail order and retail fulfilment options

For any business sending out ecommerce orders, mail order goods or even supplying retail outlets or consumers, sourcing cost effective postal boxes can provide significant benefits.

Whether using industry standard ranges of BDC and BDCM boxes, or opting for sizes and styles tailored to maximise your shipping efficiency, selecting the right mailing boxes can not only reduce your shipping costs, but help to minimise product returns caused by transit damage.

With most postage boxes available in either single or double wall material – depending on the weight of the products to be sent – it ensures a suitable level of performance and protection for your goods.

As well as bespoke sizes and materials however, there are a number of other options available that you can use to enhance your packaging.

This includes exterior branding, logos and even printed instructions or part numbers, plus a range of inserts and dividers. These not only allow for improved protection (as they eliminate movement within the outer container), but can also improve efficiency of packaging (both in terms of packing speed and making use of the available space).

Whatever option you require for your business, a team of experienced designers and engineers at GWP Packaging will be happy to not only advise on the best option for your business / application, but to create bespoke postal packaging that is tailored perfectly to these requirements.

Postal Packaging FAQs

Common questions about cardboard mailing boxes

See below for a list of frequently asked questions on the topic of corrugated cardboard mailing / postal boxes.

Don’t worry if you can’t see the details you need however. Simply contact a member of the GWP team on 01793 754 444, or email for for further information.

What are postal boxes?

As the name suggests, postal boxes are a form of single trip packaging used for shipping products, goods or orders from your business to your customers. Usually manufactured from corrugated cardboard, postal boxes can be produced in a wide range of styles, sizes and offer a number of custom options as well.

What is the difference between a postal box, mailing box and shipping boxes?

Essentially nothing. Postage boxes, mailing boxes, shipping boxes and even postal packaging are all interchangeable terms used for the same type of product. Saying that, due to the number of options (sizes, styles, material etc.), it is possible to create a huge number of variations within this broad categorisation.

Can mailing boxes be printed?

Mailing boxes can be easily and cost effectively printed during usual manufacturing processes. This can be to add simple company logos and branding, to include handling instructions, health and safety information, or to even wow your customers with full colour graphics that are only revealed upon opening the package (creating a unique unboxing experience).

What grade of cardboard is used to manufacture postal boxes?

The grade of cardboard used to manufacture postal boxes can (and should) vary depending on the type and weight of products to be shipped. One advantage of specifying bespoke postage boxes is that it allows the material grade to be matched to the intended application. For example, lightweight products such as clothing may only require a single wall material, whereas heavier items may need to be packaged in double wall boxes.

What are BDC / BDCM boxes?

BDC stands for “Bulk Distribution Carton”, whilst BDCM means “Bulk Distribution Carton Metric”. Both of these are effectively a range of standard sized boxes used for shipping items. Traditionally used in mail order, catalogue, fashion and retail applications, they are commonly supplied with a printed area that allows for the contents to be clearly marked.

What are PIP Boxes?

PIP stands for “pricing in proportion”. This terminology relates to the Royal Mail pricing structure that was introduced in 2013, whereby postal boxes of certain sizes would qualify for specific pricing bands. As a result, it is possible to specify PIP mailing boxes that meet the large letter, small parcel, medium parcel or large parcel requirements.

Should I use stock or bespoke sizes?

There is not really a simple answer to this question, as it will depend on the application, the volume of boxes you send, the types of product you ship and many other factors. As a rough rule of thumb, stock sizes will be best if you only use low volumes, or need to adhere to any specific industry guidelines / sizes. Custom packaging will usually provide better performance, will frequently be cheaper in the long run, and can offer numerous other benefits too.

Can postal boxes be customised?

Any postal boxes sourced from GWP (or indeed most manufacturers of packaging) can be customised and enhanced in a number of ways. This can includes print (as detailed above), but also through a range of inserts, dividers fittings and even foam cushioning. These can allow for more efficient packing, better protection for your items in transit, and improved presentation too.

Can I buy one off or low volumes of postal boxes?

Unfortunately, being focused on supplying business packaging means that GWP are not able to offer one off or low volumes of packaging / postal boxes. For requirements such as these, we would recommend buying stock products from an online shop, which can cater these kinds of volumes. However, if you are in any doubt please ask – we will be happy to advise of the best option for your specific application.

Buy Postal Packaging

Trade / B2B supply, including free, no obligation quotes

GWP Packaging focus purely on supplying businesses with custom designed and manufactured packaging.

Virtually every product you source from GWP will be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether this is the size, style, inserts, print or other customisation options, it means that your business benefits from packaging that only offers the optimum level of protection for your products, but that you receive genuinely cost effective prices too (you don’t pay for material or features you don’t need).

Having taken this approach for almost 30 years, you can be confident that working alongside GWP will result in tangible benefits for your business. Reducing transit damage, minimising costs and improving presentation, all of this and more is possible.

This is coupled with a knowledgeable design and support team that will be happy to advise on the best packaging solution for your specific application, as well as provide free, no obligation quotes on any postal boxes or other packaging requirements.

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