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Softwood crate

Custom softwood crates are an excellent option for your export packaging if your business manufactures or supplies industrial parts or products.

Many businesses use softwood crates for shipping heavy equipment and products, particularly via sea freight. Softwood crates can be manufactured in custom sizes, using pine or spruce, to accommodate specific products and maximise space efficiency in transit. Different material thicknesses can achieve desired strengths, while inserts, including foam, provide additional protection during transit. Read more


Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol
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Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging
50 FOR wood packaging symbol

About softwood crates

Softwood shipping crates are a great option if your business requires wooden shipping crates.

Similar to plywood cases but using softwood for the cladding and the frame, softwood crates are perfect for storing and transporting industrial products and parts. They are also suitable for exporting as all wood is ISPM 15 treated.

GWP manufacture your softwood crates in the precise sizes you require to maximise the efficiency in both your warehouse and on your transport. Besides saving space, which reduces shipping costs and CO2 emissions, bespoke-sized softwood crates also provide improved protection for your items.

GWP can help you enhance this protection in several ways. You can incorporate custom pallet collars to brace your items, foam inserts (cuffs and collars) to provide cushioning, and even add features such as ramps for unloading heavy equipment (if they feature wheels or castors).

All softwood cases can also have an integral pallet (standard size options or completely bespoke) to aid manoeuvrability and handling. We can even add optional lifting gear for larger cases.

And, with sustainability in mind, all spruce and pine wood used in your softwood cases is sourced from FSC and PECE-approved suppliers.

Combined with fully boarded construction, softwood crates are one of the most popular (and efficient) industrial and export packaging options.

Key benefits of softwood crates

The key benefits of softwood cases include:

  • Manufactured in custom sizes and designs to accommodate specific products/loads.
  • Bespoke sizing helps to minimise transport costs and emissions.
  • Fully boarded softwood improves weight distribution and increases transit protection.
  • Crates can include integral pallets (for improved handling).
  • Various custom options, including internal fittings, ramps, handles, lids, etc., are available.
  • Optional lifting gear (for lifting with chains/straps).
  • ISPM 15 treated to ensure suitability for export.
  • Uses spruce and pine wood from FSC/PECE sources.
Biodegradable packaging


The timber used in the manufacture of this packaging is biodegradable.

Plastic free packaging

Plastic free packaging

Your softwood crates are free from plastic materials.

Reusable packaging product


The durable nature of wooden shipping crates means they can often be reused over multiple trips.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

Soft wood crates are recyclable at appropriate recycling facilities.

Packaging manufactured in the UK

UK manufactured

GWP manufacture your timber packaging in the UK, reducing emissions from transport.

50 FOR wood packaging symbol


Softwood crates use wood (spruce/pine) in their manufacture.

FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging

FSC® certified

You can choose to have your crates made using FSC certified materials.

What is the best wood for crates?

Softwoods, such as pine and spruce, are commonly used for manufacturing wooden shipping crates. These materials offer a good balance between strength, costs and availability.

What is the difference between a case and a crate?

There are many definitions of wooden crates and cases. Many suggest crates have gaps or spaces in the cladding, making the contents visible, whereas cases do not. However, this isn’t always true. Another definition is that crates utilise a frame that stands without the cladding, whereas cases (and ply-riveted boxes) do not.

What can I use instead of softwood crates?

While softwood crates are an excellent option for various industrial packaging applications (including export packaging), heavy-duty corrugated, such as triple wall and Tri-Mite, are viable alternatives. These paper-based options, whilst less durable, are considerably lighter and often lower cost whilst maintaining good performance levels in transit.

How are softwood crates manufactured?

Softwood cases typically use a frame manufactured using timber battens. The structure is then clad with softwood planks (or, in the case of ply-batten cases, plywood) to make the finished crate.

Are softwood crates suitable for export?

Softwood cases are suitable for export packaging provided the wood is ISPM 15 treated (to prevent the transit of insects, fungus, diseases, etc.).

Bespoke softwood crate pricing

GWP manufacture any softwood crates you need to your specific requirements. Options include the overall size, strength, inclusion (or not) of pallets, additional features or inserts, and more.

However, this level of customisation means it is impossible to list pricing on this site.

Free quotes and advice

However, whilst a team of designers, engineers, and highly skilled production staff can manufacture your softwood crates to the highest standards (and advise on the best option if required), you can also get an upfront cost by requesting a free, no-obligation quote.

This approach not only ensures you are getting value for money but that your products or equipment also benefit from the optimum level of protection during transit.

Sound good? Then please get in touch with one of our advisers today.

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