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Container Pick Walls

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Container picking walls
Container pick walls
Correx pick face bins
Correx pick wall

Custom Pick Faces

Range of specialist container bins to create a pick wall

Pick walls provide an extensive storage / picking area. Used within existing racking or as a stand alone unit, pick face walls enable you to improve organisation, increase efficiency and reduce fulfilment times.

Manufactured from Correx®, container pick walls can be produced to any size (inc. Euro standards), as well as various colours for branding or stock segmentation. The material is durable, easy to clean and cost effective when compared with moulded plastic. Read More

Available Colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
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Detailed information on Container Pick Walls

Container pick walls are a great option for providing a large, permanent area of storage within your warehouse or fulfilment centre.

Pick face walls can be created as either stand-alone areas, or can be incorporated into existing racking that you may have at your business. Either option will provide extensive storage that will also allow for efficient retrieval of items.

Manufactured from Correx®, the pick walls that GWP can design and manufacture for your business offer a number of specific benefits. The strength and durability of the Correx® material is comparable to that of moulded plastic bins, but is usually significantly more cost effective.

Why use Correx® bins?

The other major advantage of using Correx® stacking pick bins is that they can be tailored to your business. This can be as simple as using a specific colour to match your brand, but more importantly can be manufactured in sizes that maximise the available storage space (this can be achieved by tailoring the sizes to the available space, or your product inventory).

Saying that, you can select standard Euro sizes for your business if this is the most suitable option.

Both Correx® pick walls and moulded plastic Euro containers are resistant to moisture, grease, oil and most chemicals. This means that they can help to protect their contents, but individual bins can also contain any spillages or leaks (protecting their neighbouring locations). They are also easy to clean.

Using different coloured picking bins can also be a good tactic to segment stock, which can further aid efficiency of your picking staff. Labels and even printing can also help with this.

All of this adds up to mean that, by using pick wall containers, your business could considerably improve picking efficiency, boosting productivity and minimising fulfilment times (which can be passed on to happier customers).

Key Benefits of Pick Walls at a glance

  • Creates an extensive storage / picking area
  • Can be used with or without existing shelving
  • Durable Correx® material allows for enhanced longevity
  • Can be enhanced with labelling, internal dividers and even print
  • Choice of colours, which can be used to segment stock
  • Aids quick retrieval of items, enabling quicker order fulfilment
  • Euro standard sizes, or completely custom dimensions to suit your requirements


Common questions regarding Pick Walls

Below is a collection of commonly asked questions on Container Pick Walls.

However, if you still require further info, please contact us on 01793 754 457 or email

What is a pick wall?

A pick wall is large area of storage that allows for the contents to be easily retrieved. Widely used in ecommerce applications, pick walls not only keep similar and related inventory close together (whilst remaining segmented), but also allows order picking staff to quickly and efficiently find the items they need to fulfil orders.

Is a pick wall different to a pick face?

The terms pick wall and pick face are actually interchangeable (some businesses will actually refer to them as a pick face wall). Both refer to a collection of storage bins / picking crates, usually with open fronts, as detailed elsewhere on this page.

Aren’t these just lots of stacking pick bins put together?

In essence, a pick face wall is a large collection of stacking pick bins. However, the key differences are that pick face walls tend to be used as stand-alone units (whereas stacking bins are often used within existing racking). Pick face walls will usually take up larger areas (to maximise the use of space), and tend to be permanent fixtures, whereas stacking bins can also be used to create temporary storage during times of peak demand, such as Black Friday or Christmas periods.

How will a pick wall help my business?

Installing a pick wall will have a number of benefits for your business. Firstly, it will help to both protect and organise stock whilst it is being stored. It will also help to maximise the available space that you have in your warehouse or fulfilment centre for storage. And it will also you or your staff picking the items ready for dispatch to find them much more quickly and easily (helping with fulfilment times and productivity).

Should I use Correx® or moulded plastic bins?

Pick walls are available in both Correx® (corrugated plastic) and moulded plastic options. In fairness there is little to choose between both options, with Correx® being fractionally lower in cost, and moulded be marginally more durable. The main advantage with Correx® bins is that the individual bins / overall size can be created to any size you require – whereas with moulded plastic bins you have to select the nearest suitable size (which may not be exactly right).

Can our pick wall match our brand colours?

If you select Correx® material for your picking wall, then you can choose from a range of standard colours. This includes white, black, grey, blue, green, red and yellow. Other colours area available, but subject to MOQs (minimum order quantities). You can also add external printing (such as logos) to your pick wall containers too.

What other types of picking bins are there?

Beside pick face walls, there are a number of other picking bins you can choose from. This includes cardboard K Bin style bins (and Correx® shelf bin equivalents), rigid plastic parts bins, stacking pick bins and even anti-static options.

Buy Pick Walls

The perfect storage / picking solution, tailored to your business

Whilst it is possible to purchase “off the shelf” standard pick walls, GWP Correx® do not believe this is the best approach. In fact, in our more than 25 years of producing order picking and storage solutions, we’ve found the most successful solutions have been those which have been tailored to a business’ specific needs and requirements.

This is why GWP will design and manufacture your container pick walls to your exact specification. It is why we will look to understand your business before offering a solution. It is why we offer all forms of picking bins, so that we can offer you something that we feel best satisfy your requirements.

It is also why you can benefit from impartial advice, as well free no obligation quotes. Just contact a member of our team to see how we can help your business.

Alternative Picking Bins

Huge selection of picking crates, boxes and bins

Container pick walls are not always the optimum solution for a specific business or application. But if this is the case don’t worry – GWP can offer a wide range of ins and containers to suit any requirement.

Please see below for the widest range of picking bins / options available from a single, independent UK manufacturer, or contact us for a completely custom solution.

Plastic pigeon holes

Industrial Plastic Pigeon Holes

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx stacking pick bins

Correx® Stacking Pick Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Correx shelf bins

Custom Correx® Shelf Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Plastic parts bins

Plastic Parts Bins (SSI Schaefer)

Plastic parts bins colours

7 Stock Sizes
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Divided pick bins

Correx® Divided Pick Bins

Correx picking bin colour options

Custom Sizes
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Cardboard picking bins

Cardboard Picking Bins

Cardboard picking bin colours

Custom Sizes
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