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The widest range of protective case options from an independent UK supplier.

Market leading ESD safe packaging for any static sensitive products and components.

Huge range of options and impartial advice on genuinely sustainable packaging for your business.

Protective Cases

Protect your Equipment

Market leading range of protective cases available with custom designed foam inserts

If you are looking for the widest range of protective cases – all available with custom foam inserts – then you have come to the right place.

With options ranging from heavy duty waterproof cases, to lightweight aluminium transit containers, aesthetically striking presentation and sample cases and even custom designed and built flight-cases, there is certain to be a protective solution perfect for your specific application.

Please see below for the entire range of protective cases and engineered foam products.

Waterproof Cases / Hard Cases

Tough, durable equipment cases for ultimate protection

Please see below for the range of market leading waterproof cases your can source and customise through GWP Protective.

B&W Cases

B&W Cases

B&W case colours

25+ Sizes
Low Cost Option

Explorer 4419 Case



30+ Sizes
Extra Durable

Nanuk cases


Nanuk case colours

15+ Sizes
Feature Packed

Peli air cases

Peli™ Air

Peli Air Case Colours

10+ Sizes
Up to 40% Lighter

Peli Protector Cases

Peli™ Protector

Peli Protector Case Colours

40+ Sizes
Industry Leader

Peli hardback case

Peli™ Hardback

Peli Hardback Case Colours

5 Sizes
Laptop / Tablets

Peli micro case

Peli™ Micro

Peli Micro Case Colours

7+ Sizes
Extra Tough

Peli ruck cases

Peli™ Ruck

Peli Ruck Case Colours

3 Sizes
Moulded Bumpers

Peli Storm case

Storm Case™

Storm case colours

20+ Sizes
GWP Recommended

SKB Cases

SKB iSeries

SKB 3i case colours

45+ Sizes
IP68 Rated

Aluminium Cases

Versatile, lightweight and easy to clean aluminium containers / kit skips

The following aluminium cases are available through GWP Protective, and can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Zarges K470 aluminium cases

Zarges K470

Zarges Eurobox case colours

25 Sizes
Durable Construction

Zarges Eurobox size chart

Zarges Eurobox

Zarges Eurobox case colours

10 Sizes
Durable Construction

Zarges Box aluminium case

Zarges Box

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
Cost Effective Option

Bott case

Bott Cases

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
Cost Effective Option

Zarges K411 case

Zarges K411

Zarges Eurobox case colours

5 Sizes
With / Without Lining

Zarges K410 40765 aluminium case

Zarges K410

Zarges Eurobox case colours

4 Sizes
Basic Range

Aluminium kit skip

Kit Skips

Zarges Eurobox case colours

20+ Sizes
Used by Sports Teams

Aluminium case being used as lithium battery packaging

Battery Cases

Zarges Eurobox case colours

Single Sizes
Various Insert Options

Roto Molded Cases (heavy duty)

Extra tough shipping and transit cases for extreme environments / handling

Rotationally moulded cases are the toughest, most durable waterproof hard cases currently available. Please see below for the range of extra tough transport cases you can select from.

A blue Peli Hardigg ISP 2 case with stacking pattern on lid

Peli™ ISP2

Peli ISP2 Case Colours

70+ Sizes
Stacking Pattern

Peli hardigg single lid cases

Peli™ Single Lid

Peli Single Lid Case Colours

250+ Sizes
Hardigg Developed

Carry Cases

Medium duty plastic sample and equipment cases for everyday use

Regardless of your industry, application, tools or products, there is a carry case that is perfect for your requirements. Please see below for the options available.

Hofbauer Megabag cases

Hofbauer Megabag

Hofbauer Megabag case colours

4 Sizes
Double Walled

Hofbauer Multibag cases

Hofbauer Multibag

Hofbauer Multibag case colours

2 Sizes
Double Walled

Hofbauer Quantum T cases

Hofbauer Quantum T

Hofbauer Quantum T case colours

8 Sizes
Double Walled

Maxado Excellent cases

Maxado Excellent

Maxado Excellent case colours

24 Sizes
2 x Options

Rose Plastic ProTec cases

RoseCase ProTec

Rose Plastic Protec case colours

9 Sizes
Torsion Stiffened

Shell case hybrid 500

Shell Case Hybrid

Shell Case Hybrid 500 colour

Carry On Approved
Polycarbonate outer

WAG Heavy case

WAG Heavy

WAG Heavy case colours

13 Sizes
Double Walled

WAG Jazz cases

WAG Jazz

WAG Jazz case colours

15 Sizes

Sample Cases (light weight)

High quality cases to aid sales presentations and pitches

Give your sales team an edge in sales presentations with sample presentation cases that will wow potential clients.

Hofbauer Maxibag cases

Hofbauer Maxibag

Maxibag case colours

21 Sizes
Injection Moulded

Hofbauer Minibag cases

Hofbauer Minibag

Minibag case colours

4 Sizes
Lightweight PP

Hofbauer Xtrabag cases

Hofbauer Xtrabag

Xtrabag case colours

5 Sizes
Polypropylene / ABS

SPI Cases

Maxado SPI

Maxado SPI Case colours

8 Sizes
Lighweight Plastic

Rose Plastic Ergoline

RoseCase Ergoline

Ergoline case colours

20 Sizes
Lightweight PP

Rose Plastic RoseCase RCS

RoseCase RCS

RoseCase RCS colours

2 Sizes

Shell case Hybrid 300

Shell Case (STD 300)

Shell Case Hybrid colours

7 Sizes
Soft Shell PU

Custom Shell Case

Shell Case (Custom)

Shell case custom colours

Fully Bespoke
Enquire for details

WAG Beat cases

WAG Beat

WAG Beat case colours

19 Sizes
Narrow Format

WAG Swing cases

WAG Swing

WAG Swing case colours

6 Sizes
Narrow Format

WAG Tekno cases

WAG Tekno

Tekno case colours

15 Sizes
Popular Range

WAG Twist cases

WAG Twist

WAG Twist case colours

18 Sizes
Unique Design

Custom Cases

Flight cases, rack units and the revolutionary EXOcase built to your exact specifications

Beside branded protective case options, you can also have bespoke case built to your exact size, specification and requirements.

Custom flight cases

Flight Cases

High quality, traditional flight cases / road case options

N Case

N Case

Lightweight carry case range suitable for sales reps

N Case 2

N Case 2

Mid range, all round case offering looks and quality

Brand Index

Market leading cases trusted by millions

You can source the widest range of branded cases from a single source by working with GWP Protective. And being independent, it means that if you need a specific case – even if it isn’t listed below – GWP can help.

Please use the icons below to view the cases available from specific brand / manufacturer.

Bott case supplier
Explorer case logo
Hardigg case logo
Hofbauer case logo
Maxado case supplier
Nanuk case logo
Peli case logo
Rose Plastic logo
Shell case supplier
SKB case logo
Peli Storm case logo
WAG Case supplier
Zarges case logo

Foam Inserts

Customise any case with engineered foam to maximise protection / appearance

The performance – and therefore protection – of any protective case can be enhanced using custom foam inserts tailored to your tools and / or products.

Besides case inserts however, Plastazote® polyethylene foam, Stratocell and other widely used foams can be fabricated to help with tool control, line-side handling and even high volume packaging applications.

See all of the foam options and products that you can source from GWP Protective below.

Foam case inserts

Case Inserts

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Peli case foam inserts

Peli case Foam

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Foam lined case

Lined Cases

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Flight case foam

Flightcase Foam

Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Tool control foam shadowboards


Foam insert colours

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Convoluted egg crate foam

Egg Crate Foam

Custom Sizes
Enquire for details

Laser engraved foam

Laser Etching

Foam insert colours

Your Logo / Design
Enquire for details

Pink anti static foam pads

Anti Static Foam

Foam dunnage colours

Various Options
ESD Protection

More Info on Protective Cases

How to decide on the most suitable case for your specific application

Choosing the protective case that is right for your business or specific application can be a daunting task.

Whilst GWP Protective allows you to source the widest range of protective cases from a single (independent) supplier, this level of choice can – arguably – further complicate matters.

However, by identifying the most important factor when considering what you need from the case, you can quickly narrow down the suitable options.

These most typical 4 factors are as follows.

  • The items / equipment inside cannot break under any circumstances
  • The case must be light in order to minimise shipping / aid handling
  • The aesthetics and appearance of the case are critical
  • The case(s) must be the lowest cost reasonably possible

Please note however that this list is not exhaustive, so if you have a specific query or need help in finding the perfect protective case for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Please email or call 01722 416 440.

Protective cases to guarantee prevention of damage

If it is absolutely critical that your equipment, tools, or products cannot be broken, then usually the range of “waterproof cases” are the most suitable option.

Offering the highest level of protection of any case on the market today, all of the cases GWP Protective recommend are completely waterproof (IP 67 rated), crush proof, resistant to impact and also offer cushioning protection thanks to the optional foam inserts.

As a result, each of the waterproof protective cases you can specify comes with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee! So in the unlikely event you break your case, it can be repaired or replaced for free.

However, besides “physical” damage, these cases also protect from both dust and water ingress.

As anyone using electronic equipment or highly calibrated tools or devices on a regular basis knows, water can easily destroy an item causing delays and considerable expense.

As a result, these cases are particularly popular for applications such as tool hire, on-site service engineers, surveying and metrology, plus industries including automotive, aerospace, marine and any engineering sector. However, if water resistance is not such a crucial requirement, one of the heavier duty carry cases could also be suitable for this type of application.

Lightweight protective cases for shipping / ease of handling

If you are exporting goods overseas or are travelling with lots of equipment by air, the lightness of aluminium cases could be a critical factor.

Whilst maintaining high levels of protection and being resistant to rust, using aluminium cases (including the Zarges range) can significantly reduce transit costs through minimising the weight of your consignment.

This makes them particularly popular for exporters, but also expeditions and even professional sports teams.

Besides this, the weight of a case can impact how easy it is to handle.

For smaller sized protective cases, the aluminium options are ideal thanks to their lightweight material and construction.

However, with larger cases where the contents can add to the weight considerably, moulded waterproof cases or even custom built cases can be a more sensible option.

This is due to the inline wheels and telescopic handle on certain cases, which means they can be easily pulled along instead of being carried. And of course, with custom cases, castors, handles and other features can also be added as required.

What protective case to choose if appearance is important

Put simply, if you are trying to make an impression on potential clients or even existing customers, there is only one choice – presentation cases.

Also referred to as sample cases, these usually plastic cases are designed with aesthetics in mind. Whilst this means that do not offer such robust protection as waterproof or aluminium cases, this not an issue as they would not be exposed to such environments or use.

Sample cases can also be easily enhanced. They usually feature printable surfaces to add company branding and straplines, whilst foam inserts can be tailored to enhance the presentation of your products.

It is also possible to specify custom built presentation cases, such as the N Case and Smart case range. These can be tailored to almost any size, with a wide range of additional options too.

This makes sample cases perfect for sales pitches, tradeshows, presentations and client meetings.

It’s all about cost!

If you are looking for a protective case and the most important factor is the price, then the range of lightweight plastic cases are the ideal solution.

Whilst still offering good resistance to moisture and rain, plus dust, being dropped and general mishandling, the cases are a low cost option if the items to be stored inside are fairly robust themselves.

As a result, they also make great presentation cases, are frequently used for value added packaging (e.g. sending tools or parts to your customers) and can even be used in conjunction with larger cases to form service “kits”.

However, it is important to bear in mind focusing on costs can be a false economy.

Sometimes, whilst a case may be of a higher unit cost than alternatives, by reducing damage in transit (plus the cost of replacements, returns and the negative impression for your customers) they can in fact offer overall cost savings.

Protective Case FAQs

Common questions regarding protective cases

With so many options when choosing a protective cases, making your selection can prove difficult.

However, in order to partly assist with this, a range of the most commonly asked questions – and their answers – are listed below. Still can’t find what you need? Then please get in touch with a member of the GWP team for further assistance.

What types of protective case are there?

There is a huge range of protective case options you can choose from. This includes incredibly durable waterproof options (e.g. Peli™), aluminium cases, lightweight plastic carry cases, sample cases and even custom built options (such as traditional flight cases)

Do any protective cases completely protect against water / moisture?

The range of tough equipment cases typically boast an IP rating of 68. What this means in practice is that can protect their contents from water (and dust) ingress, even if completely submerged. Beside this however, many of these cases are virtually unbreakable too.

Can I have case that matches my brand colours?

With such a wide range of options across all protective case types, it is usually possible to find one that is a good match for your brand identity. It is also possible on many cases to specify custom colours (although this is subject to relatively high minimum order volumes). Failing that, sourcing a neutral-coloured case (e.g. black, white) and enhancing with print is another option.

Can protective cases be printed?

Many of the protective cases – but particularly the plastic carry cases – can be printed directly onto their surfaces. Whilst this typically uses screen or digital printing methods, you can also choose in mould labelling on certain case options (where the design is moulded into the case walls during manufacture).

Can I add foam inserts to my protective cases?

Any protective case that you source from GWP Protective can be enhanced with foam inserts. Besides being one the UK’s leading independent case suppliers, GWP have also been foam converters for more than 25 years too – meaning you can be certain any foam inserts will be of the absolute highest quality.

I have a limited budget – what cases should I use?

With so many protective case options, there is a case to suit almost any application, whatever your budget. However, it can be a false economy to underspecify your case, with the resulting costs incurred by items becoming damaged soon outweighing any savings.

I need a very specific size – are any cases suitable?

Typically, there will be an off the shelf case option that will be a close match in terms of dimensions to what you require. However, if this is not the case, your business can specify custom built options (including traditional flight cases, N case and EXOCase™) to the exact size you require.

Why should I buy protective cases from GWP?

There are 3 key reasons you should buy protective cases from GWP Protective. Firstly, being independent means you can get truly impartial advice on the best case for your business. No hidden agenda. Secondly, you can purchase foam and case together, making the compatibility, performance, and appearance much better than sourcing separately. And finally, you get free, no obligation quotes on any requirement, which are incredibly competitive.

Buy Protective Cases

Get advice from a case and foam specialist

If you have any questions regarding the best protective case option for you, your business or any specific application, please contact a member of the GWP team who will be happy to help.

You can benefit from not only the widest selection of cases, but also completely unbiased and impartial advice, free, no obligation quotes on any requirement, full customisation with foam inserts, print etc,. plus the highest levels of customer service throughout.

Sound good? Then speak with a GWP Protective case expert today.

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