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Correx® bins, boxes, totes and handling products

Why GWP?

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Short Lead Times

Material & product stock-holding for vastly reduced lead times

High & Low Volumes

High and low volumes, including one off orders, all catered for

Expert Design

Custom Correx® products created by award winning designers

Correx® Packaging & Handling Products…

Bespoke or standard Correx® picking bins for easy sorting & handling of stock

Hard wearing, durable Correx® boxes manufactured to specific sizes

The perfect materials handling solution, designed to your specific requirements

Custom or stock dividers and partition sets for increased flexibility

Low cost solution for the efficient movement and storage of stock & materials

Custom Correx® inserts to provide protection, identification and ease of use

Other materials handling products…

Huge range of containers that are light, durable & designed to fit most standard racking

Stock holding of Correx® sheet allows for very competitive prices, even on low volumes

Selection of highly popular SSI Schaefer EF Series Euro Boxes held in stock, including UK exclusives

Bicell material provides exceptional performance and a range of unique properties

Rigid storage and picking bins that provide a versatile, durable and economical solution

Exclusive distributors of Corriplast – a conductive Correx® providing static shielding

The full range of multi trip packaging and materials handling products


GWP offer unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of Correx® multi trip packaging and materials handling products. As well as supplying bespoke Correx® products and sheet stock for a multitude of applications, we are also an authorised distributor of SSI Schaefer rigid plastic products.


GWP provide the UK’s leading range of both Correx® and materials handling products. From resuable Correx® & corrugated plastic packaging, tote bins, trays, inserts and dividers, to the SSI Schaefer collection of rigid plastic picking bins and Euro containers, we offer a huge selection of both stock and bespoke products, in both high or low volumes, on exceptionally short lead times.


With design and manufacture of our Correx® products in house, we ensure the highest quality is guaranteed throughout our range of manual handling solutions.

Whether you are looking for picking bins, Correx® boxes, plastic sheet materials or rigid plastic material handling products, we can help…