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GWP Correx®

Correx® Totes, Bins, Boxes & Packaging.

Correx packaging experts

Plastic Container Specialists.

Boxes, bins, totes, dividers and other plastic containers

GWP Correx® offers design and manufacture of multi-use handling / packaging products. Put simply, you can choose from the widest range of stock or bespoke Correx® bins, totes, boxes, trays, dividers and transit packaging available from a single UK supplier. Plus, we can help if you want to boost sales and enhance your brand too…

Handling totes

Plastic Tote Containers

Line Side & Supply Chain Packaging

Your business can source either stock, moulded plastic containers, or custom sized Correx® totes that can aid handling and act as returnable packaging. Any tote can be enhanced with a range of options, including print, internal dividers, foam and various other inserts.

Printed Correx packaging

Printed Correx® Packaging

Retail and POS applications

Correx® is often overlooked as a packaging material, but is a great alternative to corrugated cardboard. It is durable, long lasting and can have full coloured print applied, making it ideal for DIY markets, delivery boxes and to add value to any consumer / end user packs.

Order picking bins

Picking Bins / Fulfilment

Correx® and moulded plastic picking / shelf bins

Stacking pick bins and small parts / shelf bins can have a significant impact on the success of the order picking. Ideal for ecommerce businesses, you can select from a range of standard options, or complete bespoke picking bins tailored to your exact requirements.

Correx® Packaging Products.

Durable, high quality corrugated plastic boxes, bins and handling products

Regardless of your industry, equipment, application or environment, you can source a suitable Correx® handling, picking or storage product from GWP. Please see below for some of the most common categories of corrugated plastic packaging items available.

Stacking picking bins

Picking Bins

Bespoke or standard Correx® stacking pick bins for easy sorting & handling of stock

Custom totes

Correx® Totes

The perfect materials handling solution, designed to your specific requirements

Correx dividers


Custom or stock dividers and partition sets for increased flexibility / efficiency

Correx boxes

Correx® Boxes

Hard wearing, durable Correx® boxes manufactured to specific sizes

Rapitainer returnable transit boxes


Returnable transit packaging that can reduce costs by up to 75%

Vial trays

Correx® Trays

Low cost solution for efficient movement and storage of vials / parts

Stock Products.

Moulded plastic containers & sheet material supply

Besides designing and manufacturing Correx® products, you can source a wide range of additional handling and storage products from GWP. This includes boxes, containers and bins produced by SSI Schaefer, as well as sheet material Such as Correx® & Bubble-board.

Euro containers

Euro Containers

Huge range of containers that are light, durable & easy to handle

Parts bins

Euro Bins

Rigid storage and picking bins that provide a versatile and durable solution

Vacuum formed trays

Vac Formed Trays

Vacuum formed trays perfect for safe handling and movement of parts

Component boxes

Component Boxes

Small yet durable small parts boxes that offer great branding potential

Correx sheet

Correx® Sheet

Stock holding of Correx® sheet allows competitive pricing, even on low volumes

Bubble board


Bubble-board material provides unique performance and properties

Performance You Can Trust.

Quality & service to directly benefit your business

Flexible volume correx supply

Flexible Volumes

With a large selection of material held in stock, it enables the manufacture of Correx® packaging solutions in both high and low volumes. This allows cost effective manufacturing on high volume orders, plus competitive pricing on low volumes. In fact, there are no MOQs (minimum order quantities).

This stock holding of material also allows for exceptionally short lead times, providing your business with the flexibility to respond to fluctuations in demand.

Correx design expertise

Custom Design

Custom Correx® products can provide you with numerous tangible benefits. They can be engineered to work within your existing setup, reduce shipping / storage costs through minimising wasted space, and aid your productivity.

An experienced team of Correx® designers will provide free, impartial advice on the optimum solution for your business, whilst focusing on reducing costs through efficient material use and the bigger picture of streamlining your operations.

Correx product range

Widest Choice

Any GWP Correx® product can be enhanced with various additional features. The use of Bubble-board to create dividers and inserts offers scuff and cushioning protection, whilst custom foam inserts can also protect from impact and improve efficiency.

Besides this, a choice of print options allows for logos, branding, graphics, part numbers and even instructions to be added. As well as aiding the end user, this also helps brand awareness and identity.

GWP Correx cost reduction guide

Free Guide.

7 Ways To Reduce Costs By Using Correx®

Get your free guide highlighting the 7 often overlooked methods of reducing your overall costs through the use of Correx®. Download it now!

Solutions for all businesses.

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Why GWP Correx®?

The full range of multi trip packaging and materials handling products

GWP offer unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of Correx® multi trip packaging and materials handling products. As well as supplying bespoke Correx® products and material for a multitude of applications, we are also an authorised distributor of SSI Schaefer rigid plastic products.

GWP provide the UK’s leading range of both Correx® and materials handling products. From resuable Correx® & corrugated plastic packaging, tote bins, trays, inserts and dividers, to the SSI Schaefer collection of rigid plastic picking bins and Euro containers, we offer a huge selection of both stock and bespoke products, in both high or low volumes, on exceptionally short lead times.

With design and manufacture of our Correx® products in house, we ensure the highest quality is guaranteed throughout our range of manual handling solutions.

We are confident that by working with us you will see improvements in the efficiency of your operations, lower lifetime costs associated with your packaging and, ultimately, a more profitable business.

A dedicated team of experienced Correx® designers focus on creating products to streamline your operations and boost productivity, whilst a range of additional services are provided to make your life easier and further reduce your costs. This includes a fully managed inventory, minimal lead times, no MOQs, free unbiased advice and no obligation quotes on any job.

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Whether you are looking for picking bins, Correx® boxes or rigid plastic material handling products, we can help…

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