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The widest range of protective case options from an independent UK supplier.

Market leading ESD safe packaging for any static sensitive products and components.

Huge range of options and impartial advice on genuinely sustainable packaging for your business.

GWP Conductive

The UK’s largest manufacturer of conductive packaging, offering a huge range of stock and bespoke products that protect against static damage.

GWP Conductive

The UK’s largest manufacturer of conductive packaging, offering a huge range of stock and bespoke products that protect against static damage.

Corstat conductive packaging manufactured by GWP Conductive

Conductive packaging design and manufacture

Choose from the widest range of stock or bespoke conductive storage, packaging and handling products from a single UK supplier.

A stack of Corstat boxes printed with an ESD logo

Corstat®, exclusively from GWP Conductive, is the industry standard ESD packaging.

A conductive Corriplast tote box on warehouse racking

A robust, ESD-safe material that is also perfect for use in clean room environments.

A person placing dividers in an SSI Schaefer tote box

Exclusive distributors of moulded plastic bins and boxes by material handling experts SSI Schaefer.

ESD packaging experts

By working with GWP, you can expect a number of significant, tangible benefits.

Grow sales

Extensive choice

You can select from thousands of standard products in stock at GWP Conductive.

Short lead times

Short lead times

A large stock holding allows for delivery of your packaging within 48 hours of placing your order.


Custom design

Can’t find the perfect product? Our team of specialist designers can create it for you.

Protect your products

Unrivalled protection

Quality materials, “Faraday cage” design, and expert manufacture protect any static-sensitive product.

Reduce your packaging costs


All ESD packaging is cost-effective and can prevent significant costs resulting from damage.

Dedicated support

Get free advice and guidance from our UK-based team, with specific knowledge and experience of ESD.

Popular anti-static packaging

Best-selling conductive packaging products.

Trusted by leading suppliers

Our products are available exclusively through a UK-wide network of ESD specialist distributors.

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Manufactured responsibly

FSC certified packaging

FSC® material

The Corstat® products we manufacture for your business use FSC-certified material.

plastic free packaging


We take pride in offering fully plastic-free solutions for any ESD packaging application.

UK manufactured

UK manufacture

Your conductive packaging is produced in the UK, minimising carbon emissions from transport.

Recycled packaging

Recycled material

We produce your ESD packaging using recycled (and recyclable) materials wherever possible.

Conductive packaging guides and advice

A range of guides, articles and insights written by our team of experienced conductive packaging specialists.

Why GWP Conductive?

Need ESD-safe conductive boxes, anti-static packaging products or Corstat®? Have a special requirement that involves a high degree of expertise and knowledge? Do you require an ongoing supply of products?

GWP’s experience and knowledge of the ESD and anti-static packaging industry have enabled us to grow into a true market leader. Through the design and manufacture of conductive and anti-static packaging products, including an extensive range of stock items, our packaging provides the optimum level of protection for electronic, electrical and ESD-sensitive items.

Typically, all our stock products are available for shipment within 48 hours. Plus, with the design and manufacture of our Corstat and Corriplast products in-house, you are guaranteed the highest quality throughout our range of ESD-safe products.

Why should I use GWP Conductive products?

With over 80% market share in the conductive packaging market, GWP has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing ESD protection for static-sensitive items. Put simply, you can choose from the broadest range of stock or bespoke conductive storage, transit or handling products available from a single UK supplier.

Where can I buy conductive packaging?

Several specialists in anti-static equipment have been appointed official distributors for the full range of GWP stock products. Providing this range of products primarily through a distribution network ensures consistent supply and availability for your business throughout the UK and Europe. It also helps to reduce lead times and delivery costs.

Do stock ESD products have minimum order quantities?

GWP holds an extensive range of standard products in stock, allowing for the cost-effective supply of low and high volume orders on short lead times. As such, standard ranges have no minimum order quantities (MOQs).

Can GWP provide bespoke ESD packaging?

GWP can create custom-designed ESD packaging if a stock item is not 100% suited to your specific application. This approach enables the optimum level of protection, eliminating potential transit and storage damage. An expert team of designers – with vast experience in the nuances of anti-static performance – also provide free, impartial advice on the best solution for your business at every stage of the process.

What is ESD?

ESD stands for Electrostatic discharge. Commonly referred to as static, it is effectively the transfer of electrical charge between two charged objects. Whilst this is often harmless, static has the potential to cause significant damage to electronics, such as PCBs, assemblies, microchips and semiconductors.

What is Corstat?

Corstat®, exclusively from GWP Conductive, is well known as the industry standard for ESD packaging. It is effectively corrugated cardboard with a carbon black coating that channels any static charges along its surface. Corstat enables cutting-edge anti-static and ESD packaging solutions, including bins, boxes, reel racks, dividers, totes and more.

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