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Custom corrugated, Correx® and foam packaging designed to reduce cost and improve efficiency

Electronics face a “double whammy” when it comes to packaging.


Firstly, components, parts or even fully assembled products can often be fragile and / or expensive. This means that any damage caused in transit through mishandling can prove costly. Not only in terms of returns and replacements, but also in affecting customer satisfaction and repeat business.


Secondly, there is the hidden problem of Electro Static discharge (ESD). This can be harder to protect against as it can’t be seen. The damage it causes often cannot be seen. In fact, the first anyone knows about it is when a product will not turn on, does not function correctly, or suffers from a vastly shortened lifespan.

This also has the capacity to negatively affect your company’s hard earned reputation. And sales.


So your electronics packaging needs to protect against impact, shock vibration, mishandling in transit, moisture, dust, and static.


Fortunately, the way in which the GWP Group divisions cover a broad range of differing packaging disciplines, means that your business can source packaging that does all of this – and more.

Ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Lower Your Costs

Cost effective options that also reduce volume of returns and written off stock

Unrivalled ESD Performance

Market leading protection against static, including Corstat & SSI Schaefer brands

Minimise Transit Damage

Materials, design and testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects & returns

Single Source

Source your all your anti-static items from one supplier, enabling cost efficiencies

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your electronics packaging

Custom Design

Products tailored to your product / application for further performance gains

A Selection of Companies We Work With…

Tyco Electronics
National Grid
Mobile Phones Direct

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The industry standard for electronics packaging

GWP Conductive has established a market share of more than 85% in the electronics packaging market.


The reason for this?


The absolute reliability of the ESD protection that is provided. Corstat coated cardboard is specified by virtually all of the major electronics companies in the UK, America and many emerging markets too. Corstat, if correctly designed, provides a Faraday cage that channels static around the outside of the packaging, protecting the items within.

Electronics packaging

This enables the creation of boxes, handling totes, trays, bins, reel racks and almost any form of packaging with a high degree of static protection.


Besides this however, virtually any Corstat product can be successfully manufactured from Corriplast.


In essence a conductive Correx®, the added benefits are a resistance to moisture and dust, an enhanced lifespan, greater load bearing capacity and being easy to clean. This last point is particularly relevant, making the material suitable for clean room, medical and laboratory applications.

This material is also ideal for in plant handling of components during production, due to its’ inherent strength.


Finally, GWP Conductive is exclusive distributors of the SSI Schaefer range of conductive handling products. Providing the toughest solution available (being manufactured from moulded Polypropylene), these products is ideal for heavy duty applications.


And if one of the huge range of stock products is unsuitable for your specific requirements, you can call on an experienced design team who will create a custom solution with integral static protection.

Why work with GWP Conductive?

  • Genuine industry leaders – over 85% market share
  • Vast experience of working with companies in the electronics sector
  • Reduce costs through eliminating damage caused by static
  • Huge range of stock conductive & ESD safe products
  • Full packaging inventory management service for high volume users
  • Custom designs with a dedicated design team
  • Selection of UK exclusive products, including Corstat & SSI Schaefer

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Custom anti-static foam for twice the protection

Electronic chips, components, parts, tools and finished products can all be damaged through mishandling during transit, storage, or even during the manufacturing process.


As a result, GWP Protective are able to provide customised foam inserts that offer precise levels of cushioning protection against shock, impact and vibration.

Conductive low density foam

Already producing custom foam inserts for protective cases, GWP Protective can combine this expertise and precise design with a range of ESD safe foams too.


From pink anti-static to conductive Plastazote, static dissipative to the conductive grades of Ethafoam and Stratocell, an expert allocated to your business will be able to provide knowledgeable and impartial advice regarding the best solution for your specific application.

Electronics foam packaging

The result? Protective foam inserts that offer protection from both physical and static damage. This translates in to fewer returns, minimises the costs of replacements and vastly reduces written off stock.


It even boosts long term sales through reliable supply, customer satisfaction and an enhanced company reputation.

Ways in which ESD safe foam can help your business

  • Wide range of options, including anti-static, static dissipative and conductive
  • Branded options including Plastazote, Ethafoam and Stratocell
  • Precise levels of cushioning protection if required
  • Guaranteed reduction in damage caused by mishandling
  • Perfect fit between foam and outer container

A solution for every application, industry & challenge:

Corrugated Packaging for Electronics

Whilst the transit of electronics is obviously important, the packaging for retail goods can have an equally significant effect on the success of your business.


As a result, GWP Packaging are able to engineer and manufacture corrugated cardboard transit packaging with a high degree of strength and cushioning where static protection isn’t required (e.g. for supporting components or parts). This can take the form of boxes, cartons, internal dividers, specialist inserts and cradles.

Electronics packaging consumer goods

Besides your electronics packaging “transit” solution however, you can also source your retail and display packs from GWP too.


With vibrant full colour print and branding options to ensure your products stand out on the shelves, you can directly influence consumer behaviour with well designed, aesthetically pleasing packaging.


This can be further enhanced through the use of FSDUs, counter top displays and other Point of Sale units. These have the added benefit of increasing the likelihood of retailer adoption, gaining premium space in store, and being able to communicate brand or sales messages more clearly.

Advantages of corrugated electronics packaging

  • Range of transit packaging including boxes, dividers and inserts
  • Can be engineered to minimise damage in transit
  • Quality, printed retail packaging to directly enhance sales
  • Point of sale and display units to further promote your products
  • Managed inventory to meet your production schedules
  • Custom designs tailored to your exact requirements
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The Electronics industry in the UK

As an industry worth 16 billion every year to the UK economy alone, it comes as no surprise that the electronics industry is within the top five production industries across the world.


Defined as the generation, distribution, and sale of electric power or products to the general public – the electronics industry dated back to 1882 with the introduction of electric lighting. Subsequently, communications, broadcasts and recorded media integrated electronics into daily life.

Electronics market uk

Once the development of the integrated circuit brought down the cost of electronics to the point where they could be used in any household object – it began providing many of the household appliances we know today.


With the UK economy underpinned by a highly sophisticated technology infrastructure it’s inevitable that the average British consumer is amongst the most technologically advanced of any developed nation. Many have the latest smart phones, fibre optic broadband of up to 200MB, uncensored Internet, tablets, 3D TVs and much else besides.


Besides this, almost everything can be done online – from grocery shopping to buying a car to paying bills or watching movies and video.

Corrugated electronics packaging

This highly sophisticated engineering of electronics is now so broad it can be divided into an extensive range of subfields. This includes, but is not limited to, digital computers, power engineering, control systems and telecommunications.


As home to three of the world’s top ten technology and engineering universities, the UK employs over 300,000 people across 12,000 companies. Many of these companies are part of techUK – a leading trade association for the sector.  Large international companies such as LG, Sony and Samsung all have industrial design centres based in the UK.


As a result, the UK now accounts for 40 percent of Europe’s electronic design industry.

Key facts and figures:

  • The industry dates back as far as 1882
  • Now more than 12,000 electronics companies in UK
  • Sector employs 300,000 people
  • Over 95% of the sectors businesses are SME’s
  • The techUK association has over 900 company members
  • UK has a 40% share in Europe’s electronics design industry

About GWP Group

Put simply, GWP Group is established as leaders in the anti-static and electronics packaging markets.


Over 85% of all ESD safe packaging sold in the UK is manufactured by GWP.


Another reason to work alongside GWP would be the sheer range of electronics packaging you can source from a single supplier. Need boxes for storing products? No problem. Need totes for handling items during production. Easy. Looking for foam to prevent damage? We have that too. You can even get your retail packs and point of sale stands from GWP as well.


If this isn’t enough, you can also take advantage of a wide range of services. For example, GWP can fully manage your inventory, allowing you to free up valuable warehouse space. You can have a team work with you on rationalising and streamlining the packaging you use (which leads to improved economies of scale). And this is without mentioning a design team who can create products tailored to your exact requirements.


GWP have over 25 years experience in helping electronics manufacturers. From Siemens to Tyco, Sony to Motorola, a huge number of companies both large and small have come to rely on the service, quality and value for money GWP provides.


If you think that your business could benefit from a fresh approach to your electronics packaging, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products
  • Focused on reducing your costs

Can you see how improving your electronics packaging could benefit your business?