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Correx® Layer Pads

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Correx layer pads

Plastic slip sheets

Standard or custom corrugated plastic layer pads

Correx® layer pads can improve your totes and packaging, primarily by enabling the use of Correx® dividers in multiple layers within a single tote container. Correx® is also suitable as a plastic slip sheet to improve stacking, separate individual products to minimise handling damage, and stabilise loads (i.e. pallet layer pads).

Correx® corrugated plastic layer pads are available in standard sizes to fit the majority of commonly used Correx® totes and Euro containers or can be manufactured in custom sizes. Read More

Available colours:

White Correx
Grey Correx
Black Correx
Blue Correx
Green Correx
Yello Correx
Red Correx
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More information on Correx® layer pads

Correx® layer pads, slip sheets, or plastic divider sheets, typically have two different uses.

Firstly, and most commonly, they are ideal for layer separation within an outer tote or handling container (or even corrugated transit packaging).

Adding them to boxes allows for separating products within the tote, which can help reduce damage. However, of potentially greater benefit is allowing for multiple levels of Correx® dividers within the container. Without the layer pads, parts or components would drop from one cell to the one below, potentially damaging the items underneath.

As such, layer pads within handling containers allow for much more efficient handling by your assembly or warehouse teams.

The second use for corrugated plastic layer pads is “slip sheets”.

You can use these pallet layer pads between layers of product stacked on a pallet, ready for shipping to customers or for transporting to another part of your factory or production line.

Plastic pallet divider sheets significantly improve the load’s stability, allowing more items to be safely stacked and minimising storage requirements (effectively allowing for more efficient use of space).

Why use Correx® layer pads?

Due to its low cost and availability, many businesses use corrugated cardboard layer pads for various handling and transit applications. However, these are typically used only for single-trip applications, and its performance reflects this.

Correx® layer pads, on the other hand, are exceptionally durable and long-lasting, being usable over hundreds (even thousands) of trips. Correx® corrugated plastic material is also waterproof, easy to clean, resistant to oils, grease, and most chemicals, and available in various strengths and thicknesses. All of this makes it ideal for industrial applications.

It is also possible to purchase Correx® layer pads with added ESD protection (i.e. they are anti-static). Called Corriplast, this material is effectively a Correx® impregnated with carbon black to provide conductive properties that help protect any static sensitive items.

Alternatively, layer pads can be created from Bubble board, adding material or foam laminates to protect delicate surfaces.

Ultimately, your business can choose to tailor your plastic layer pads, so they are perfectly suited to your specific application or requirements.

Key benefits of Correx® layer pads at a glance

  • Standard sizes to fit most tote containers and pallets.
  • Bespoke sizes and formats if required.
  • Surface laminates, including foam and cloth, for added protection.
  • Perfect for any rigid separation requirement.
  • Allows multiple dividers (and products) levels within a single container.
  • Flexible, durable, and hard-wearing.
  • Waterproof and resistant to chemicals, oil, grease etc.
  • Can be easily cleaned to enhance lifespan.
  • Available on short lead times.
  • Can be supplied with added anti-static protection (Corriplast).


Common questions regarding plastic layer pads

For a product which, on the surface, looks incredibly simple, it is surprising how many questions there are regarding plastic layer pads.

This section covers the most common of these queries. But, for any additional info you require, please contact a member of the GWP Correx team on 01793 754 457 or

What are layer pads used for?

Separating layers of products within a tote box or handling container (such as Correx® Totes and Euro Containers) is the most common use of layer pads. They also allow multiple levels of divider sets or custom inserts to be used (preventing parts or components from falling into the cell below).

Can these be used as slip sheets and pallet dividers?

Another common use for corrugated plastic layer pads is as “slip sheets”. These improve load stability when stacking multiple products on a pallet (commonly seen with large displays of beverages in supermarkets – although frequently used in industrial applications too).

What size layer pads are available?

Layer pads are available in standard sizes to fit the most commonly used handling containers or pallets. However, you can choose to have your layer pads manufactured to the exact dimensions your business requires.

Why should I use Correx® instead of cardboard layer pads?

Cardboard layer pads are a low-cost option for single-trip applications (i.e. shipping to the end customer). However, plastic layer pads are a better option for larger supply chains and handling applications as they are usable over many trips (making them more cost-effective over their lifespan). They can also be easily cleaned (ideal for industrial uses) and will not shed fibres (making them suitable for medical and pharmaceutical).

Can I source layer pads in different colours and thicknesses etc.?

Correx® material is available in various colours and thicknesses, meaning that you can tailor the performance to your specific application as required.

Is it possible to have conductive or anti-static layer pads?

It is possible to source Correx® slip sheets and dividers with anti-static / conductive performance (Corriplast layer pads). These are ideal if you are frequently handling sensitive electronics, PCBs etc. Similarly, you can also source layer pads with foam or fabric laminates that can enhance levels of protection from impact and mishandling.

Buy Correx® plastic slip sheets

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Whilst Correx® inserts – and certainly layer pads – could be viewed as a relatively simple product, by choosing to work alongside GWP Correx®, your business can realise a wide range of benefits.

Advantages include being able to source all of your packaging – from inserts to totes, dividers, bins, euro containers and even vacuum-formed trays and foam dividers – from a single source. Doing so reduces your costs and admin and improves the compatibility between products when compared with sourcing them separately.

Besides this, you can source fully tailored and even completely bespoke container inserts and handling products which are the specific size, strength or design you require.

Add this to the highest levels of customer support, impartial (and expert advice), plus no obligation quotes on any product, and you end up with a true packaging partner rather than simply another supplier.

Alternative insert options

Enhance your handling containers with a range of inserts and dunnage

Besides Correx® dividers, there are several alternative layer pads and various other insert options.

Corriplast layer pads

ESD layer pads

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Cardboard layer pads slip sheets

Cardboard pads

Cardboard packaging insert colours

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Foam packaging blocks

Foam pads

Foam packaging colours

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Correx dividers

Correx® dividers

Correx picking bin colour options

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Vac formed tray

Vac form trays

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Specialist dividers (bubbleboard)

Specialist divisions

Insert colours

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Outer trays and containers

Various options to suit any handling or returnable packaging application

Correx totes

Correx® totes

Correx picking bin colour options

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Euro containers

Euro containers

Plastic parts bins colours

5 Sizes
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Correx collapsible tray

Plastic trays

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Corriplast conductive packaging

ESD safe containers

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An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated boxes

Postal packaging colour options

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Multi trip packaging

All multi-trip

Largest range available from a single supplier

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