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Heavy-duty packaging is your best option if you need the highest level of protection in transit for your products or components.

Heavy-duty packaging is typically manufactured using double or triple-wall cardboard. It also frequently includes additional materials, such as timber, foam and barrier films, to ensure it provides the optimum level of protection during handling and transit. Heavy-duty packaging is widely used for bulky, high value and fragile products, parts and equipment.

At GWP, we design and manufacture custom heavy-duty packaging precisely tailored to your requirements. This approach ensures you get the most cost-effective and sustainable solution, alongside maintaining your packs’ performance through the supply chain.

Heavy duty corrugated

Triwall triple wall cardboard box

Triple wall boxes

Custom sizes
Extra durable

Tri-Mite boxes

Tri-Mite system

Custom sizes
Taped joints

FSC double wall cardboard boxes

Double wall boxes

Custom sizes
Various strengths

Specialist heavy duty boxes

Composite packaging

Composite packaging

Custom sizes
Multi-material packs

Fibreboard boxes

Fibreboard boxes

Custom sizes
Def Stan 81-15

Timber frame wraps

Timber frame wrap

Custom sizes
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UN approved packaging

Custom sizes
Dangerous goods certified

Alternative industrial packaging

Cardboard pallet boxes

Pallet boxes

Standard and bespoke
Various fittings

Wooden shipping crates

Wooden shipping crates

Custom sizes
Various options

FSC Pallet optimised boxes

Pallet optimised boxes

Custom sizes
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Correx® boxes

Custom sizes
Various styles/options

Euro containers

Tote boxes

Stock and bespoke
Returnable solution

What is heavy-duty packaging?

Heavy-duty packaging is any form of cardboard packaging used for safely transporting heavy, bulky or expensive items. It usually uses a double or triple-wall corrugated material but can also incorporate wood, foam, films and pallets. Heavy-duty packaging using multiple materials is also referred to as composite packaging.

What materials does heavy-duty packaging use?

Heavy-duty packaging typically uses a double or triple-wall cardboard material. However, adding foam, timber frames, wooden pallets, barrier films, bags and even specialist coatings to heavy-duty packaging can provide specific levels of protection and performance.

What is heavy-duty cardboard called?

Heavy-duty cardboard is often called double wall or triple wall. These materials use two (double wall) or three (triple wall) layers of corrugated paper in their construction, proving increased strength compared to single wall material.

What makes cardboard heavy-duty?

Most double or triple-walled cardboard (i.e., has more than one layer of fluting) is deemed heavy duty. However, the weight (GSM) of the papers used in producing the corrugated board can also be varied to achieve different strengths.

What is the strongest type of cardboard?

Triple wall cardboard, such as Tri-Wall or Tri-Mite, is widely regarded as the strongest type of cardboard. It can provide strength and compression resistance similar to timber cases but is considerably lighter and easier to recycle.

What is composite packaging?

Composite packaging combines different materials to achieve a bespoke level of protection for a specific product, part or equipment. The most common type of composite packaging uses a combination of corrugated cardboard, foam, and timber. Composite packaging is popular in the manufacturing, medical, aerospace and industrial sectors.

Pallet box experts

GWP offer arguably the broadest range of heavy-duty packaging from a single manufacturer. The range includes heavy-duty corrugated packaging (including Tri-Wall and Tri-Mite), timber cases, Correx®, foam inserts, and fittings.

However, a crucial benefit of GWP’s heavy-duty packaging is the ability to combine these materials and options to create composite packaging unique to your business.

Our team of designers will assess your requirements before creating heavy-duty packaging that matches your requirements. Your packaging provides the optimum level of protection and usability and is within any budget constraints you have.

Ultimately, your export packaging can withstand the conditions it faces during shipping, with your products, components or equipment arriving at their destination in pristine condition.

If this approach would benefit your business, please get in touch today to discuss your export packaging with our team of experts.

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