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Aerospace Packaging

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Protective case with foam inserts

Engineered Protection.

High performance aerospace packaging

Precision engineering. These two words sum up the aerospace industry pretty well.

It explains the pressures put on the companies operating in the industry. It can help understand the value of products and turnover produced by aerospace manufacturers. It can also help to describe how there is no space for error in this sector.

01: Aerospace Packaging Overview.

Experienced packaging designers & manufacturers

Luckily, GWP also take an engineering approach to your aerospace packaging.

This means an understanding that extremely valuable or specialist parts cannot be damaged in transit. An understanding that protection levels of your packaging may need to be calculated and tested before being acceptable to transport specific items.

That ultimately, quality of engineering and manufacture is hugely important in aerospace packaging.

Key ways a partnership with GWP can benefit your business

Product protection

Minimise Damage

Specialist materials, design & testing to eliminate damage, reducing rejects / returns

Reduce packaging costs

Lower Your Costs

Custom designed products & strategies proven to reduce costs to your business

Single source packaging suppliers

Single Source

Source your corrugated, foam & Correx® items from a single supplier, lowering costs

Increased lifespan

Long Lasting & Durable

Enhanced lifespan minimises lifetime costs of your aerospace packaging

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Get all your packaging exactly when you need it, meeting the tightest deadlines

Improve packaging efficiency

Improve Your Efficiency

Improve handling, stock checking and retrieval, part identification and more

02: Aerospace Packaging Companies

A selection of companies GWP work with…

Airline services logo
Allaero logo
BAE systems logo
Meggit logo
Moog logo
Qinetiq logo
Rolls Royce logo
Sigma Aerospace logo

03: Protective Cases & Foam.

Bespoke Protective Packaging and Cases for the Aerospace Industry

GWP Protective supply a vast number of companies in every sector and tier of the UK Aerospace industry.

Besides the direct supply of protective cases, engineered foams, flight cases and high performance aerospace transit packaging into some very high profile UK based Aerospace companies, GWP also has relationships with numerous customers designing and manufacturing a range of components for both commercial and military aircraft.

Effectively, your business can source transit aerospace packaging and cases that will guarantee to protect your equipment.

Protective cases for aerospace
Protective cases with foam inserts are used extensively in the aerospace industry, including for tool control as well as transit / shipping

Despite the associated costs of this high performance packaging, eliminating transit damage to protect your products can frequently reduce the costs to your business. The cost of replacing high value components or equipment. The cost of handling returns. The cost of delayed projects. Even the cost of losing future sales through damaged customer relations.

Besides designing and manufacturing specialist aerospace transit packaging for components including engines, electronics and communications equipment, your business can also tap into the vast experience in the design of re-usable supply chain packaging and in-plant handling equipment.

For example, CNC machined foam for tote trays are in use throughout numerous Aerospace component providers.

Shadow board foam
Shadow boards or tool control foam was originally developed to prevent tools being left in aircraft engines

The other main aerospace use of cases and foam is that of tool control and identification. In fact, shadow-boards were originally used in the aerospace industry to prevent engineers from accidentally leaving tools inside aircraft engines being serviced.

The use of coloured foams lets users see very quickly if a tool has not been returned to the case, not only reducing the potential for catastrophic damage (if left inside an engine) but also reducing the frequency and cost of losing specialist equipment.

Key benefits of GWP Protective cases and foam

  • Calculated levels of protection for expensive / delicate items
  • Reduction and even eradication of damage in transit
  • Huge selection of custom or standard exterior cases
  • Use of coloured foams for tool control purposes
  • Mobile design service for expensive or delicate items

Case Study: Balluff Sensors

Balluff, a leading UK technology company manufacturing a range of sensors and controls for various industries, recently approached GWP to redesign their current aerospace packaging to maximise performance.

Despite already using foam inserts / cases for transporting delicate parts and equipment between various locations (including internationally), they were still concerned about damage and breakages in transit.

Balluff protective case
A protective case manufactured for Balluff, including different coloured foams and a laser etched logo

Through a redesign and re-engineering of the foam inserts, performance was improved dramatically. The redesigned case and foam now provide a precisely engineered level of shock protection – preventing transit damage and the problems this has the potential to cause.

Happy customers of GWP Group

I was very pleased with the quality and appearance of the cases and inserts, and would specifically mention the high quality engineering of the foam inserts. This was far better than anything that we have ever had before. GWP spent many hours designing, re-designing and speaking to us here at Balluff to absolutely nail the requirement, which has been achieved and then some.

A. Sorsby | Field Sales Manager, Balluff

04: Corrugated Packaging.

Corrugated cardboard multi and single trip packaging

Of course, outside of the global, household names that dominate the UK aerospace industry, there are numerous supporting companies manufacturing tools, parts and components for this sector.

As a result, GWP supply a wide range of both single and multi-trip corrugated packaging for the safe transit of these items between factories, warehouses and customers.

Corrugated aerospace packaging
Corrugated cardboard, if used correctly, can be engineered to provide a surprisingly high level of protection during shipping

Taking the same engineering approach to corrugated as with the foam packaging already detailed, a team of experienced designers will utilise software, testing and material knowledge to produce corrugated shippers, pallet boxes and trays that perform to specific levels.

Your corrugated aerospace packaging can be further enhanced with a range of specialist coatings. For example, for items with painted or polished surfaces, an anti abrasion coating will prevent scuffs and scratches during transit.  A VCI coating will help to prevent corrosion and rust in storage. And there is even a coating that enable to safe transportation of greasy or oily components / parts.

Advantages of sourcing corrugated aerospace packaging from GWP

  • Unique inventory management service to reduce your stock
  • Expert knowledge of corrugated material performance
  • High volume foam protection / inserts
  • Additional specialist coatings for enhanced properties
  • Custom designs produced by experienced designers
  • Various print and branding options
  • Focus on lowering costs and improving efficiency

05: Applications / Images.

A solution for every application, industry & challenge

View a selection of the aerospace packaging products designed, manufactured and supplied by the different divisions of GWP Group. Please click the thumbnails for a larger view.

06: Correx® Handling & Storage.

Moulded and corrugated plastic returnable packaging solutions

As with the need for corrugated transit packaging for aerospace parts and components, many aerospace manufacturers are increasingly using Correx® products for their inplant and line-side packaging requirements. This includes totes, boxes, pallet packs, trays and even picking bins.

Correx® re-usable supply chain packaging and in-plant handling equipment is in fact now frequently used for components including engines, electronics and communications equipment.

Correx totes aerospace handling solution
Correx® totes are widely used by manufacturers during production and assembly, and this is true of aerospace suppliers too.

Besides this, specialist materials such as Bubble-Board and fabric covered Correx®, can change and improve the properties of your handling totes, trays and dividers. Anti scuff Bubble-board for example prevents scratches and scuffs to polished or painted surfaces such as interior components or body panels.

Regardless of the in-plant or line-side packaging / handling solutions you require for your aerospace manufacturing business, GWP Correx® can provide you with a cost effective, long lasting solution that will have a significant impact on your operational efficiency too.

Reasons to source Correx® products from GWP Correx®

  • UK’s largest independent converter of Correx®
  • Wide range of Correx® packaging and materials handling products in stock
  • Exceptionally short lead times
  • Range of alternative, rigid plastic options also available
  • Custom designed products tailored to your exact requirement
  • Very competitive pricing and cost saving strategies

07: Anti-Static Aerospace Packaging.

ESD safe packaging for high value electronics / components

An increasing part of the aerospace (and indeed most engineering sectors) is the increasing use of specialist electronics.

Whilst these are revolutionising what is possible and the performance of the products they enhance, there are drawbacks and challenges. One of these is the threat posed by electro static discharge (ESD – in essence atmospheric static).

Anti static electronics packaging
Anti static packaging can be used to protect the sophisticated electronics prevalent in the aerospace sector

Static can cause significant damage to electronics and microchips during manufacturing, assembly or storage. This damage often cannot be seen until it is too late.

As a result, you can source a wide range of anti-static packaging to protect your components, tools and parts. The range covers everything from anti static cardboard, foam and even moulded plastic products from SSI Schaefer (which are exclusive to GWP Conductive in the UK).

Benefits of GWP Conductive anti static packaging

  • Huge range of stock anti static packaging and line-side products
  • Over 25 years of designing and manufacturing packaging for sensitive electronic components
  • Experienced design team to meet bespoke requirements
  • Further customisation through inserts, layer pads and foam interiors
  • UK exclusive products from SSI Schaefer
Free download: GWP Group guide to reducing packaging costs

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Get your free guide highlighting 17 actionable, but often overlooked, ways of minimising the ongoing costs of your packaging.

08: Aerospace Industry.

Current conditions / organisations in the UK aerospace industry

Influence from the United Kingdom within the aerospace industry has not always been the success it is today.

In fact, it was the Europeans who took an early lead in the manufacture of aircraft, the outbreak of World War One (1914) saw witness to the construction of more than 2000 aircraft by the French, 1000 by the Germans – both figures easily surpassing the efforts of Great Britain.

Aerospace industry UK
The aerospace industry in the UK is one of the most successful in the world

The 1930’s are regarded as an important stage during the construction of the aerospace industry. For example, the comfort, efficiency, and safety of travel were addressed resulting in cabin pressurisation, better instrumentation and improved navigational devices, leading to the aircraft we know today.

The aerospace industry in the UK is now only second to the United States of America in terms of size / turnover.

Aerospace engineering
Aerospace companies including Rolls Royce, BAE Systems and Meggitt are all based in the UK.

The number of direct employees in the UK aerospace industry was estimated at 128,000 in 2016, although this figure does not include the 4000 apprentices also employed. Additionally the industry has a turnover of thirty one billion, up by 39 percent since 2010*.

There are a number of UK companies which, despite often being quite specialist and technical in nature, are still seen as household names.

This includes, amongst others, BAE Systems (the world’s second-largest defence contractor), Rolls-Royce (the world’s second-largest aircraft engine maker), Britten-Norman, Cobham, GKN, Meggitt, and QinetiQ, all of which have a large presence in the both the UK and international markets.

Key facts and figures

  • The UK has the largest aerospace industry in Europe.
  • 1,443 commercial aircraft were manufactured in the UK in 2016
  • Industry turnover of £31 Billion (2016)
  • Since 2006 UK aerospace production has increased by seventy five percent
  • There are over 130,000 (inc. apprentices) employees in the industry.

09: About GWP Group.

Your aerospace packaging partner

To put it simply, GWP has the product range, design capability, engineering focus and experience (over 25 years) to be the perfect strategic partner to any company operating within the aerospace industry.

The engineering approach that is part of the culture at GWP, ensures that your aerospace packaging will offer the optimum level of performance for your specific application. And unlike other packaging manufacturers, this doesn’t mean over specifying your packaging to prevent transit damage whilst vastly increasing the costs for no reason.

Through testing and use of highly specialist (and niche) software, an experienced design team will be able to tell you exactly what your packaging needs to do to protect your products.

Whether this packaging needs to be manufactured from corrugated cardboard, Correx®, a variety of foams or even moulded plastic does not matter – the way in which GWP is setup ensures that we are one of the few companies that can supply all of these materials and even combine them too.

So whether you need multi or single trip transit packaging, line-side and handling products, foam inserts that guarantee to eliminate transit damage or even static protection for electronics, GWP can help your business.

Why Work With GWP?

  • Over 5m products manufactured annually
  • More than 25 years experience
  • Specialist design team
  • Focused on reducing your costs
  • Short lead times
  • Widest range of products

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