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3PL Packaging

Single source

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Tailored to your requirements

Reduce costs

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Distribution and logistics packaging

Whether you look after large eCommerce businesses, are a logistics manager for a third-party logistics company, or are just looking to speed up the packing times at your business, a range of 3PL packaging products can help.

Logistics packaging is used by 3PL (third-party logistics) providers to fulfil orders. 3PL packaging is typically single-trip corrugated boxes used for eCommerce but also applies to heavier-duty options for industrial applications. 3PL packaging must be quick to assemble and pack, protect items in transit, and be cost-effective.

At GWP, we have extensive experience supplying commercially successful packaging to 3PL providers. But we can also offer a much broader range of materials and products than most of our competitors. And this range of packaging complements several services you can benefit from.

3PL packaging

Fulfilment packaging

Single trip corrugated packaging for fulfilling eCommerce and catalogue orders.

Unboxing packaging (ecommerce)

eCommerce packaging

Custom sizes
Inside/outside print

Industrial transit packaging

Transit packaging

Custom sizes
Durable material

PIP Boxes

Postal boxes

Stock or bespoke
Royal Mail PIP

FSC cardboard bottle boxes with dividers

Bottle packaging

Various options
Custom sizes/print

Postal book wraps

Book wraps

Custom sizes
Easy pack

A flat box layout from the FEFCO cartons catalogue

FEFCO style boxes

100s styles
Trusted solution

Subscription box packaging

Subscription boxes

Fully bespoke
Print and inserts

Sealed Air Tempguard

Temperature controlled

Stock sizes
Range of options

BDCM box

BDCM boxes

4 sizes
Industry standard

Warehouse storage and handling

A range of picking bins and manual handling containers.

Correx stacking pick bins

Correx® stacking pick bins

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Correx shelf bins

Custom Correx® shelf bins

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

A semi-open front cardboard picking bin

Cardboard picking bins (K bins)

Stock or bespoke sizes
Corrugated cardboard

Plastic parts bins

Moulded plastic parts bins

5 sizes
Moulded polypropylene

Pick face wall

Multi container pick walls

Custom sizes
Corrugated polypropylene

Miscellaneous 3PL packaging

Secondary packaging for third party logistics applications.

Korrvu suspension packaging

Korrvu® packaging

3 options
Unique design

Removable dividers for bottles

Inserts and dividers

Custom sizes/designs
Corrugated cardboard

Paper void fill packaging inside an outer corrugated container

Paper void fill packaging

Fas-Fil system
Sealed Air

Cardboard pallet boxes

Pallet boxes

Stock or bespoke

Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

Foam end caps

Custom sizes/profiles
Enquire for details

Returnable logistics packaging

Multi trip packaging for use in supply chains.

Correx boxes

Correx® boxes

Custom sizes
Corrugated plastic

Rapitainer returnable packaging


Custom sizes
16x ROI

Euro containers

Euro containers

11 sizes
Custom inserts

Correx lightweight plastic totes

Tote boxes

Custom sizes
Various options

Correx dividers

Dividers and dunnage

Custom sizes/configuration
Improve handling

More info on 3PL packaging

The success of Amazon has moved the goalposts in terms of consumers’ expectations of delivery. eCommerce customers often expect orders to be delivered the very next day. Delays or extended delivery times are unthinkable for many shoppers and can even result in a loss of sales.

Products need to arrive quickly, undamaged and often in packaging that shows no signs of being mishandled in transit.

These demands have seen a rise in the demands placed on logistics and fulfilment companies.

Single trip fulfilment packaging

While businesses are growing, driven by the upward popularity of online shopping, the associated pressures are also increasing.

The widespread adoption of eCommerce has resulted in significant growth in the use of corrugated packaging, even leading to cardboard shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, businesses using corrugated packaging have been striving to reduce material use, promote recyclability for end users, and ensure packs are optimised for logistics (with minimal wasted space within the corrugated boxes).

Returnable 3PL packaging

The distribution and logistics market is one of the largest users of Correx® products within the UK.

This is predominantly due to the need for reusable totes, trays, and boxes to store and transport smaller parcels and goods. Multi-trip packaging allows distribution and logistics companies to easily sort and manage items with a durable and long-lasting handling solution.

The prevalence of picking bins to segment stock and products when in storage has also grown dramatically. If used correctly, these bins can improve picking rates, fulfilment times, and overall productivity.

Source 3PL packaging

With more businesses turning to third-party logistics to manage their supply chain fulfilment, GWP provides a single source for all your packaging.

We have been manufacturing successful corrugated transit packaging for more than 25 years. We are the largest independent manufacturer of Correx® handling products in the UK. We have over 85% market share in the anti-static packaging market. And we can offer high-quality, printed POS and retail-ready packaging, too.

So, regardless of the 3PL packaging you need, our team has the experience, knowledge and flexibility to help distribution and fulfilment companies prosper in today’s competitive landscape. This has seen us work alongside prominent household names and smaller, independent, local companies.

Distribution, transport and logistics companies we work with

Department for Transport
Kuehne Nagel

3PL packaging company

At GWP, we know that you need packaging materials that deliver supply chain efficiency, control costs, and support sustainability. While we do all of this, we can also offer your business much more.

For example, our design team works alongside your business with a genuine focus on reducing costs. From eliminating secondary packaging to reducing packing times, we analyse your logistics packaging to highlight cost savings that take a holistic view of your operations rather than focusing solely on unit costs.

Plus, with storage space a significant cost for any distribution company, we can help free up valuable warehouse capacity through a pioneering inventory management service. This service lets you call off your packaging as needed, with just-in-time deliveries and vastly reduced lead times.

So whether you are looking to improve the efficiency of your operations, reduce the number of products returned as damaged in transit, free up some warehouse space or all of the above, our range of services and products can help you achieve your targets.

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