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Cardboard pallet boxes

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Our range of standard and custom pallet boxes is perfect if your business ships bulky items, exports products, or manufactures large equipment.

Besides the standard and Euro-size pallet boxes, we can design and manufacture completely bespoke pallet boxes matched perfectly to your specific requirements. You can select from packs with or without pallets, in various material strengths, and with a vast range of custom options. Pallets can also be heat treated to make them suitable for export.

Our in-house, UK-based design and manufacturing team allows you to source high quality standard, Euro and custom size cardboard pallet boxes, including specialist industrial options and inserts/fittings. Plus any pallet box and other export packaging that you use provides optimum transport protection and is genuinely cost-effective, too.

Standard size pallet boxes

Image coming soon

Euro pallet boxes

1200 x 800mm
Various options

Half euro pallet boxes

Half Euro pallet boxes

800 x 600mm
Various options

Standard pallet boxes

Standard pallet boxes

1200 x 1000mm
Various options

Specialist pallet boxes

Image coming soon

Custom size pallet boxes

Custom sizes
Inc. custom pallets

Pallet box with fittings

Pallet boxes with fittings

Standard/custom sizes
Various options

Timber frame wraps

Timber frame wrap

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Windscreen packaging

Windscreen packaging

Custom sizes
Modular options

Plastic pallet boxes

Correx pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Standard/custom sizes
Various options

Other pallet packaging

pallet optimised boxes

Pallet optimised boxes

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Rapitainer returnable packaging


Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Plywood case

Wooden shipping crates

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Custom pallet collar

Custom pallet collars

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

Wooden pallet collars

Wooden pallet collars

Standard/custom sizes
Enquire for details

Custom size pallets

Custom-size pallets

Custom sizes
Enquire for details

What are pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes are typically large cardboard boxes affixed to wooden pallets. Pallet boxes are commonly used for shipping bulky items or for export. Pallet boxes are available in standard or Europa pallet sizes or in custom dimensions to suit specific products.

Do pallet boxes come with wooden pallets?

GWP usually supply pallet boxes with wooden pallets as standard. However, it is possible to source the cardboard tray cap and sleeve separately if required.

Are there standard-size pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes are available in four common sizes. These are to fit UK standard pallets (1200x1000mm) or Europa pallets (1200 x 800mm). Half standard and half Europa pallet boxes are also available.

Is it possible to get custom pallet boxes?

It is possible to manufacture pallet boxes in standard sizes, although this also requires the manufacture of a custom-size pallet. Custom pallet boxes are ideal for shipping large products or equipment. You can also ask GWP to customise standard pallet boxes in terms of their overall size (height), design, printing and other features.

What materials do pallet boxes use?

Pallet boxes use corrugated cardboard and wood in their manufacture. The cardboard element can be anything from a lightweight, single-wall material to a heavy-duty double-wall grade or even triple-wall corrugated. Considering the weight (and fragility) of the items to be shipped determines the material grade used.

Are pallet boxes suitable for very heavy equipment?

Pallet boxes can be highly durable and robust, making them ideal for heavy products and equipment. However, this would require a heavier-duty material grade, for example, a double wall cardboard.

Do pallet boxes require heat-treated pallets?

If exporting products, pallet boxes must use heat treat pallets (i.e. the timber part of the pack). This requirement is so the pallet boxes comply with ISPM 15 regulations that cover the spread of pests and diseases.

What is ISPM 15?

ISPM 15 is an abbreviation for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No.15. This is a set of regulations to help prevent the spread of pests and diseases through wood used in packaging materials as part of international trade. All non-exempt wood packaging material must be fumigated with Methyl Bromide or heat treated to the core for 30 minutes at 56 degrees Celsius.

Pallet box experts

As manufacturers of pallet boxes, GWP can offer your business several benefits.

Firstly, we can produce a pallet box that precisely meets your requirements. Whether this is a standard-size pallet pack or something completely bespoke, we can expertly design and produce both pallets and boxes to accommodate your products or application.

This level of flexibility and expertise also means that the strength of the material can be specified, including single, double wall and even triple-walled corrugated. There is also choice within the design of the pallet, including simple 0201 style boxes to the popular tray, cap and sleeve options.

You can even specify printing to the exterior and special features such as internal inserts, padding, and ramps for unloading large equipment or devices.

A team of experienced designers and engineers are happy to advise on the best option for your business.

Eco-friendly pallet boxes

Whilst a critical consideration for your pallet boxes is the protection they provide during shipping, it is also essential to consider their sustainability.

The pallet boxes you can source from GWP are made using recycled material where possible and are completely recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Due to their heavy-duty nature, many pallet box designs can be used over multiple journeys, reducing your costs and overall environmental impact.

Your pallet boxes also use FSC-certified materials (cardboard and wood), meaning the raw materials are from sustainable sources.

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If you need pallet boxes for your export or industrial application, please get in touch to request a free quote or impartial advice on the best option for your business.

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