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Correx® Totes

Low and high volume stock or custom Correx® tote bins designed and manufactured on short lead times

Widely used throughout automotive & manufacturing, Correx® totes provide a versatile alternative to rigid plastic containers. They also offer the added benefit of being tailored precisely to your required dimensions, finish and strength.


GWP are the only company to offer a range of different Correx® tote designs to suit differing applications. Each type is available with no MOQ,  short lead times and very competitive prices. And your Correx® tote bins can also be customised with division sets, layerpads, foam inserts and be created from an anti static material.

Ways your business can benefit from Correx® Totes

Correx® totes can have a significant impact on your business – in terms of productivity, efficiency and reducing costs. Please use the links below to jump to your particular area of interest.


3 Differing Tote Options

GWP are the only company to offer your business a defined range of different Correx® totes to suit your specific application.


So whether you are looking for a heavy duty option as an alternative to moulded plastics, a general purpose tote, or even if weight is your biggest concern, you can source a tote that is perfectly suited to your requirements.


Please see below for the range of Correx® totes that you can specify. If you cannot see a tote that you feel is one hundred percent perfect for your specific requirements however then please get in touch. An experienced design team will be able to advise and create a custom tote that is perfect for your needs.

Heavy Duty Correx® Tote

Heavy Duty Correx Tote

Comparable in strength to moulded plastic totes, but at much lower cost and maintaining a lighter weight, these cross fluted, 5mm Correx® totes are perfect for manufacturing applications where heavy items need to be safely handled & stored.

  • 5mm, 1050 gsm material
  • Double skin, cross fluted
  • Extremely tough & durable
  • Ideal alternative to moulded plastic

Medium Duty Correx® Tote

Lightweight Correx Tote

The perfect general purpose handling solution, these medium duty totes are ideal for a wide range of uses. They are also very cost effective, offering low tooling costs and a wealth of customisable options too.

  • 4mm, 700 gsm material
  • Double skin, cross fluted
  • Low tooling costs
  • Perfect general purpose tote

Lightweight Correx® Tote

Lightweight Correx Tote

Using a 4mm, single skin construction, these lightweight totes are perfect for the easy movement and handling of light objects, parts and products. Extensively used in ecommerce fulfilment & order picking applications.

  • 4mm, 700 gsm material
  • Single skin construction
  • Closed or open handles
  • Lowest cost option
Free Guide: A 21 point checklist for successfully sourcing totes

Streamline your handling operations and productivity

In essence, the Correx® totes that you can specify and source from GWP Correx® are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workforce and processes concerned with in-plant and line-side handling.


This can be achieved in a number of ways.


For example, by specifying the most appropriate type and size of tote, you can ensure that any manual handling will be improved through the lightweight nature of Correx® material.


Integrated handles also ensure easy lifting and movement of your totes, whilst they can also designed / sized to work perfectly with not only your products and parts, but your conveyors, racking and automatic handling equipment.


Stacking corners also mean that your totes can be safely stacked. This is not only a health and safety benefit, but also makes the most efficient use of the storage space at your production facility or warehouse.

Plastic tote boxes

Perhaps most importantly however, is the use of internal dividers and inserts.


Through use of Correx® or Bicell dividers, it allows your workforce to easily handle or even ship multiple items in a single outer container. The dividers also help to eliminate damage during handling, by preventing components or parts from colliding with each other.


This easy identification of parts also allows for quicker “at a glance” stock checking, and can help improve assembly times in line-side applications.

Designed to enhance your efficiency

  • Stacking corners and strength allow for safe and efficient storage
  • Standard sizes to work seamlessly with your existing racking / conveyors etc.
  • Custom sizes and designs to suit your specific products or application,
  • Inclusion of divider sets and / or foam inserts can further aid handling efficiency
We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP, including tote bins as well as boxes, foam, dividers and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. As a company, GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

J Weyman | Managing Director, Bondline Electronics Ltd

Reduce the ongoing costs to your business

Besides the impact of increased efficiency on your business, there are a number of ways Correx® totes can reduce your costs.


Firstly, whilst Correx® totes display similar performance to moulded plastic boxes, the unit costs are significantly lower.


Besides this, the longevity and lifespan of the material also ensures the costs across the totes lifetime are reduced as well. This is further reflected in the totes being easy to clean, and being resistant to water, oil, grease and most chemicals.

Stacking totes

These properties of the Correx® material also enhance the protection given to the contents of the tote. Items in storage will be protected from moisture and dust for example. The use of Bicell dividers can protect the surfaces of polished or painted parts. And foam inserts can be used for cushioning if mishandling is likely to occur (or will cause expensive damage).


A further cost saving can be realised through taking advantage of custom sized totes. Tailored to your products, it can enable more efficient handling, can prevent the shipping of “fresh air” if the totes are not completely full, and can also reduce required storage space too.


So whilst the generally lower unit costs will have a direct impact on your business, by reducing both handling damage and storage space you can see additional tangible cost savings too.

Correx totes datasheet

Correx® Tote Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and customisation options available with Correx® totes, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Ways Correx® totes can help to reduce your costs

  • Performance comparable to moulded plastic, but lighter and more cost effective
  • Strength and durability providing excellent longevity reduces lifetime costs
  • 3 options (light / medium / heavy duty) allow balance between cost, weight and strength
  • Resistant to water, oil and grease, minimising storage damage
  • Easily cleaned surfaces to further boost lifespan
  • Minimised damage from mishandling results in less written off stock

Options and Further Customisation for Bespoke Correx® Totes

Due to the wide range of manufacturing techniques used at GWP, plus an extensive stock of Correx® materials and components, you can specify a bespoke Correx® tote bin design to suit almost any application.


You can choose from a wide choice of moulded handles, edging, catches and stacking options on any of your Correx® tote bins, which of course can be manufactured to the specific dimensions you require.


This is also in addition to a range of separate (i.e. lift off) or hinged lids.


An in house design team also enables you to benefit from additional strength being engineered into a design to ensure suitability for your application and / or handling environment (for example through double layering and cross-fluting of material).


This can also allow for reduced costs through clever structural design and effective utilisation of materials.

Corrugated plastic totes

All of your Correx® tote bins can be also further customised with Correx® division sets and layer pads (or product separation and protection), routed or die cut foam inserts for additional cushioning, and can also be created from the market leading Corriplast conductive fluted polypropylene material.


This is ideal for the shielding of static sensitive items in the electronics manufacturing industry. All GWP Correx® tote bins can also be printed with instructions, branding, logos and safety details as required.


Please also note that the range of Correx® dividers and other internal dunnage can also be manufactured from Bicell.


Bicell is a new material which as well as being stronger due to a unique honeycomb centre can also be laminated with fabric, for an anti-scuff finish or with foam for additional cushioning. Both of these materials are ideal for products with highly polished, painted or delicate surfaces.

Your Tote, Your Way…

  • Wide range of dividers and inserts, including foam and Bicell
  • Different material colours for product identification or branding
  • Exterior print for logos, instructions, part numbers etc.
  • Wide range of fixtures including handles, stacking corners, edging etc.
  • Anti-static versions also available
  • High or low volumes available on short lead times

Images of / Applications for Correx® Totes

View a selection of the custom Correx® picking bins manufactured and supplied by GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view

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Free Guide: A 21 point checklist for successfully sourcing totes

Why work with GWP Correx®?

Put simply, you can source not only tote bins but your entire handling product requirements, from a single supplier. And these will not be off the shelf products, but will be tailored to your exact needs.


Your Correx® totes, bins, boxes, dividers and supporting products can be also be manufactured and supplied on exceptionally short lead times thanks to an extensive stock holding of sheet materials.

Correx tote with dividers

Stocking a wide range of standard materials also helps us to keep the prices very competitive – even on low volumes and one offs.


An extensive design expertise also means you can specify – and be involved in all stages of the design and manufacturing process – hard wearing, durable corrugated plastic products for almost any requirement.


Plus, with a dedicated support team offering free, impartial advice at all stages of the process of sourcing your products, you can be certain that any Correx® totes you specify will not only be perfect for your specific requirement, but will exceed your expectations too.

Why not find out more about how custom Correx® totes can impact the performance of your business