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Supplying sheet plants with coated corrugated material

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Coated cardboard

GWP Coatings

Specialist Cardboard Coatings for UK Sheet Plants.

Trade service to sheet plants
Low Volumes
Runs from 200 sq. m
Sheet Plant Association Members
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More than 25 years experience

Corrugated Board Coating Experts

Confidential trade coating services to sheet plants across the UK

GWP Coatings has been helping sheet plants like yours improve their sales, productivity and customer relationships for over 25 years.

From corrugated boxes with resistance to water, pantone matched colours and even packaging that inhibits corrosion, you can benefit from the unique opportunity presented by up-selling to your existing customers and winning new business.

Spectrumcoat Pantone flood coating

Pantone Colours

Spectrumcoat Pantone matched colours, flood coated onto corrugated board

Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating

Water Resistant

Liquiguard oil and water resistant cardboard coating approved for food use

Corstat conductive cardboard coating (anti static)

Anti Static

The market leading anti static coating for protecting electronics & sensitive devices

Bio-VCI corrosion inhibiting coating

Corrosion / VCI

Eliminate the need for, and the cost of,  VCI papers using Corrust anti corrosion coating

Nomar anti scuff cardboard coating

Anti Scuff

Protect painted, decorative & polished surfaces during transit with Nomar anti scuff

A Genuine Business Partner.

Quality & service to directly benefit your sheet plant

Confidential corrugated cardboard coating service for UK sheet plants


By working with GWP Coatings, your sheet plant can offer a wider range of products and advantages to your customers through the utilisation of coated board with enhanced properties.

Supplied under a confidential trade agreement, all coated board is easily converted using standard equipment, is safe to handle, fully recyclable and manufactured in an ISO accredited environment.

GWP Coatings are Sheet Plant Association (SPA) members

SPA Members

GWP Coatings is pleased to announce an on-going membership of the Sheet Plant Association, allowing members of the SPA to easily access our entire range of board coatings and related consumables quickly and easily

GWP Coatings has taken an active role in providing services, presentations and seminars, as well as offering advice and complimentary services that may be beneficial.

Low volume coated cardboard on short lead times


With runs from 200 sq. metres and lead times within 48 hours, you can be responsive to urgent enquiries, minimise your material stock-holding and provide a higher level of service to your customers.

We’re also confident you will see improvements in your operational efficiency, benefit from free, unbiased advice, conversion guidance, plus no obligation quotes on any job.

GWP Coatings datasheets and resources


Datasheets and technical info on all coatings

Download all of the GWP Coatings technical resources and datasheets, covering the entire range of coatings and services, in one convenient location.

Why GWP Coatings?

UK leaders in applying specialist coatings to corrugated cardboard

At GWP Coatings, our expertise offers your sheet plant a range of specialist coatings onto corrugated board, including waterproof, anti abrasion, anti corrosive, pantone colour matching and much more.

GWP Coatings supply sheet plants throughout the UK – within confidential trade arrangements if required – and are proud to be official members of the SPA. This includes low volumes (down to 200 sq metres) onto heavy board weights and with fast lead times.

When coupled with the GWP Groups’ packaging expertise (also offered to sheet plants and converters), this provides you with a range of bespoke options way beyond your customers typical expectations.

With the coating of corrugated board undertaken in house at GWP Coatings, you can be certain the highest quality is consistently achieved – even on short runs. By doing so, your business can benefit from a colour to match your environment, or a finish to meet your application.

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Improve performance and offer your customers greater choice by utilising GWP's specialist corrugated cardboard coatings...