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Colour Flood Coating


Trade service to sheet plants

Low volumes

Coatings from 200 sq. metres


Sheet Plant Association members

Colour flood coating
Spectrumcoat coated cardboard
Pantone retail packaging
Pantone coloured cardboard
Flood coated retail / POS
Colour coated packaging

Pantone Matched Cardboard

Spectrumcoat brand matched colours for packaging / POS

Spectrumcoat colour flood coating is a superior alternative to printing overall solid colours using flexo or silk screen methods. Perfect for retail packaging and POS, Spectrumcoat coated board can be easily converted, overprinted and varnished.

When combined with the ability to match any Pantone colour, it allows for packaging that matches brand colours exactly and is consistent across an entire packaging inventory. Read More

Available Colours:

Pantone logo
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More info on colour flood coating

Spectrumcoat is an overall, colour flood coating that has been developed for use predominantly in retail / Point of Sale display industries.

An overall colour flood coating, Spectrumcoat coloured cardboard can be matched to any Pantone reference. This ensures brand guidelines are adhered to, as well as allowing for consistency of colour and appearance across your full packaging inventory.

Offering a high quality and consistent finish, it is suited to corrugated retail packaging, Point of Sale (POS) and Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs). Pre-print quality is easily achieved allowing Spectrumcoat coated board to be easily converted, overprinted, and varnished.

The ability to match any Pantone colour also allows you to manufacture packaging so that it matches your customers brand colours exactly and is consistent across an entire packaging inventory. This in turn can aid brand awareness, recognition, and sales.

Operational benefits for sheet plants

Colour flood coating using Spectrumcoat can provide your sheet plant with a number of operational advantages.

For example, using coloured corrugated cardboard sheets is more cost effective and faster than attempting to print solid colours with flexo or silk screen processes. Spectrumcoat eliminates the need for this “preprint” process, lowering your costs, the time taken to produce packaging and offering a better finish too.

Another benefit of utilising board coated with Spectrumcoat is that it can be ordered in both high and low volumes, with a minimum run of 200 sq. m (dependent on board grade). You can either supply your own board for coating or purchasing pre-coated corrugated material from GWP.

Besides this, Spectrumcoat flood coated board is available on short lead times (usually within 48 hours).

Finally, Spectrumcoat is completely safe to handle and as such requires no PPE or specialist handling measures to ensure the safety of your workforce.

Colour consistency / finishing

Whatever the colour of your customers‘ branding or corporate identity, Spectrumcoat allows you to offer them corrugated packaging that is an exact match.

With inks created using an in-house ink kitchen that can replicate any pantone colour, it also guarantees consistency between manufacturing batches and across your customers’ entire packaging inventory.

An additional benefit of Spectrumcoat is that it can be easily overprinted. Company logos, contact details, instructions, part numbers, illustrations, barcodes and more can all be added successfully. This not only enables your customers’ branding to be accurately and professionally recreated, but also ensures creating visually striking appearance is easily achievable.

As well as overprinting, there is a number of other finishing options you can offer your clients.

For example, Liquiguard waterproof cardboard coating can be applied over Spectrumcoat to produce resistance to oil, grease and moisture. This makes it perfect for packaging oily industrial components as well as foodstuffs such as vegetables or fish.

Spectrumcoat coated board can also be finished with either a matt or a gloss varnish.

Not only will this give the board an enhanced appearance and help with aesthetic properties, but the varnish can add an additional layer of protection which will boost the longevity of any items made from the coated board too.

Key benefits of Pantone coloured cardboard at a glance

  • Pre-print quality is easily achieved, improving the appearance of the finished packaging
  • Eliminates the need for printing solid colours using flexographic or silk screen methods
  • Minimised lead times whilst improving quality
  • Easily overprinted to add logos, illustrations, instructions, bar codes and more
  • Pantone colour matching ensures customers’ branding is reproduced with total accuracy
  • Option to add Liquiguard to ensure protection from moisture / grease
  • Can be over-varnished (matt / gloss) to add additional protection and boost longevity
  • Cost savings when compared to flexographic / silk screen to improve margins
  • Safe to handle, eliminating the need for PPE or special processes
  • Fully recyclable, with no additional disposal costs incurred
  • Available in volumes from 200 sq. m, so that you can supply any volume competitively


Perfomance & Conversion Info

Spectrumcoat is an overall, Pantone matched coloured coating that has developed for use predominantly in the Point of Sale display industry.

This colour flood coating can be over varnished to give either a matt or gloss protective finish or, alternatively, it can be coated with Liquiguard, a water resistant coating.

Spectrumcoat can also be easily overprinted using standard inks.

Spectrumcoat colour flood coating is also available from 200 sq. metres (although please note if GWP Coatings are also supplying the board, some grades are only available from 500 sq. m), and can be matched to your specific pantone reference.

The minimum board size is 250 x 600 mm and the maximum 1500 x 4000 mm. This large sheet size means that Spectrumcoat is cheaper than the equivalent silk screen process and quicker lead times are normally achieved due to the high speed of the coating process.

Typical materials coated with Spectrumcoat are clay coated liners, fully bleached kraft, white top kraft and brown kraft.

It is recommended that pale colours are coated onto a white surface whereas the darker colours can successfully be coated onto a brown kraft liner. Both matt and gloss varnishes can be applied over any Spectrumcoat colour.


Commonly asked question about Spectrumcoat

Not sure if using Spectrumcoat would make sense for your sheet plant? Have technical or conversion queries? Or just need some assistance?

The below covers the most frequently asked questions on flood coating corrugated board, but if you cant find the answer you need, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Why would I need coloured cardboard?

Coloured cardboard is commonly used for the creation of visually striking point of sale displays. Cardboard stands of this nature often have large blocks of solid colour, which can be difficult to consistently reproduce using standard printing methods.

Couldn’t large blocks of colour just be printed?

Most converters faced with printing an overall solid colour will attempt to print on their flexo printer slotters. This is not usually successful however, particularly in comparison to preprint quality. With Spectrumcoat coating, preprint quality is easily achieved, meaning that any additional wording can be overprinted onto the material’s surface.

Can’t I just buy cardboard with coloured liners?

Whilst it is possible to source corrugated cardboard material with coloured liners (and this is becoming increasingly popular), doing so severely limits the choice of colours available. This then means you can only select and / or offer customers the nearest alternative to their brand identity. Spectrumcoat allows you to match any Pantone colour exactly, regardless of board grade or quantity required.

What is Pantone?

Pantones are effectively a library of colours / standards that can be used as references for brand identity and product colours. When referring a specific colour, this can be found in the Pantone Matching System (or PMS). This effectively describes colours by allocating them with a specific number (e.g. PMS 225) which can then be accurately reproduced across various items (such as packaging, POS, instore banner s/ posters etc.).

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GWP Coatings takes pride in providing the widest range of specialist coatings onto corrugated cardboard available in the UK marketplace, including waterproof, anti-abrasion, pantone matching, anti-corrosive and many more.

With an experienced team who will work closely with you to identify the best solution for any intended application, it effectively offers you a wider product range that you can use to win new business and up-sell to existing customers.

A confidential trade service to sheet plants across the UK and being active members of the SPA, coupled with low volumes (minimums from 200 sq. m) and short lead times, it allows you to be responsive to urgent customer requirements without compromising quality.

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